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Sunday, March 13, 2005

FA Cup Semi's

Yet again we see Arsenal and Man Utd reach this stage. Are we yet again to see the two face each other at this stage? What a fitting finale it would be if the Millenium Stadium, in its last season as the FA Cup's temporary home, would see the two teams that have dominated the Premiership and FA Cup for so many years clash in the final. And yet how ironic that the team that has not won the cup for 50 years has reached the semi's as well. Will Alan Shearer in his last season fulfil his dream by lifting a trophy for Newcastle Utd? And what of Blackburn Rovers under the management of numerous FA Cup winner Mark Hughes?

The stage is set for two terriffic semi-finals whatever the draw.

The stage is set for what I'm sure will be a memorable FA Cup final.


Blogger T said...

Agree and agree. If Arsenal don't win the cup, I'd love to see Shearer lift the trophy. A fitting end to a legend's career.

3/16/2005 1:15 am

Blogger Abdul said...

An Arsenal v United match is always to be savoured - but a FA Cup Final - simply mouth watering.
(just one moment - let me wipe my dribble from the keyboard).

3/17/2005 12:25 pm


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