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Thursday, May 05, 2005

Liverpool's trophy

The following is quoted from the official liverpool website and I hope Rafa uses it to motivate the players for the final (as if they need any more motivating!)

"European football's governing body has confirmed that the Champions League trophy will be Liverpool's for keeps if the Reds can defeat AC Milan in this season's final.
Should Steven Gerrard hold aloft the continent's most glittering piece of silverware at the Ataturk Stadium in Istanbul on May 25 it will signal Liverpool's fifth coronation as Kings of Europe. Only their opponents in Turkey, Milan, and Real Madrid have previously achieved this unique distinction. UEFA rules state that when a club wins the competition five times, or three times on the run, they keep the trophy for good and a new replica is produced."


On a separate note the FA have decided to hand the final Champions League spot to the 4th placed team (we all know it's going to be Everton). I don't know if anyone heard Phil Thompson on sky sports news just after the Chelsea game but he said and I quote "I don't give a toss about 4th place now".

I totally agree!


Blogger Skippy said...

Whether they get to keep the cup, it will be a disgrace if the winner of the champion's league is not allowed to defend their trophy.

5/07/2005 11:26 am


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