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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Owen playing mind games?

Owen has said he wants to start the season at Real but that if he leaves, he favours a move to Liverpool. However if Liverpool don't want him then he will have no choice but to go to Newcastle.

Owen has been very clever because he has placed the ball firmly in Liverpool's court and has piled the pressure on their current strikers to perform. Judging from Liverpool's last three games, their strikers are seriously misfiring and this may lead to want Benitez doesn't seem to want - Michael Owen.

I agree with the manager that his team need another centre half and a right winger, but at the moment they are in dire need of someone who will put the ball in the back of the net. I don't think Benitez can rely on Gerrard to keep scoring at the rate he so far has been.

So what do Liverpool do? Do they spend what's left of their transfer budget to bring back the boy wonder, or do they stand firm and let him go elsewhere? I think most of the players would like to see him back; I think the fans want him back and I think the board would splaash the cash on him without hesitation. So the question is will Benitez succumb to all this pressure?

My opinion - bring Owen home.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

nice comment well done you goon, obviously the European Champions are shite?!?!.

Well Owen seems to be forcing Rafas hand and now with a clearing with Baros outed it would seem to have paved the way. All depends on Madrid if Newcastle really have offered 18M then financially the European Cup champions cant compete but a loan is a very strong possibility until a financed deal can be sorted next year.....

8/24/2005 10:55 pm

Blogger RedsMan said...

I am finding this unusual. I commented before, Owen was due to sign for us and then suddenly Real came in for him and he was gone. Liverpool were confusing at the time as to where they were going in terms of achieving progress, while Owen had waited a couple of seasons to ponder. Part of me doesn't blame him for leaving.

Ironically, being the one-man team we were labelled as around Owen, we win a big prize without him in the first year of his absence. How he isnt being picked for the first Real team is bewildering, having shown what he can do from off the bench. Not regularly but he showed more than Raul and Ronaldo.

Now he wants first team action and Real cannot guarantee it. He is fighting with Robinho and Baptista, who, it has to be said, are Brazilians and seem to have better favour than the lone Englishman. The question is, if Liverpool weren't European Champions, and therefore in this season's campaign, would he have stated an interest in returning? Before, it was mentioned he turned down Newcastle because they are not in the Champs League. Now it's possible he may consider a loan move to St James' Park. I wonder what his opinion would be if the top three stated an interest?

At the end of the day, Benitez must consider what we need and who we need, and if Owen isn't in those plans at the forefront then we shouldn't be busting the bank for him. Our strikers have yet to really score, though I sense it is a matter of time as the manager isn't one for tolerance of under-achievement for long. We know he can be tactical, we know he can be inspirational, and once he states categorically for our players to start scoring without fail, we should see a reaction.

Right now, I sense Benitez is more concerned in having the players he needs to form the kind of squad mentality he wants, to be competitive. Once he does, he can then crack on with pushing Liverpool for honours. I don't think, between now and the deadline, that Benitez will be in a position to accommodate Owen.


8/25/2005 12:00 am

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Credit to Owen for stating he WANTS to come to Anfield. I do not view this as mind games. Owen is a professional and has clearly stated what he wants. By saying he wants LFC, Real Madrid would lose some of their negotiating power to LFC, should we choose to buy the lad. Owen would be an asset and the only people who do not see this are they ones who probably feel cheated that he left LFC when he did.

8/26/2005 11:37 am


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