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Friday, December 30, 2005

Djibril Cisse's travel plans in January 2006

Djibril Cisse: "There is not truth whatsoever in this story [Cisse's brother is said to have claimed a deal to bring Cisse over to Marseille is 90% done] and I am really annoyed with my brother, who I have no contact with, for this. I cannot emphasise strongly enough how happy I am here at Liverpool. This is my club, I waited for a long time to come here and I'm here to stay. The fans are amazing, my team-mates and manager are amazing, and it's just a fantastic club. I have had no contact with Marseille and the ongoing speculation about my future is boring.

It has caused me a lot of problems but I won't let it affect me. My mind is focused only on doing my best for Liverpool. We have some tough games coming up and I am fully concentrated on them. To score in the derby was a special moment for me and one I will never forget. My confidence is high and I just want to continue playing well and scoring goals for this club. There is so much to look forward to here. We have a great team and we have a lot to play for in the second half of the season."

Rafael Benitez: "There is no news and we don't want to sell Djib. He is a very important player for us who has shown the kind of attitude I like in players. He is a good finisher and against Everton I knew his pace would give us options."

It's the kind of statement Liverpool fans have waited to hear for quite a while now. He doesn't want to leave, neither does Benitez, neither do the fans. Now we can get on further with the football and let that, rather than the media, do the talking.



Blogger T said...

A cynical observer may say that Cisse has timed this statement only after a fine run for the Pool... and he is clever enough to know not to jump a buoyant ship.

Benitez is also a very astute manager and if he sees that Cisse is performing for the team he will keep him.... no matter whether or not personal relations between the two is questionable.

I was impressed by his finish against Everton, and his screaming celebration shows his desire. Its defintiely a good time to be a Pool fan!

What do you know about Kronkamp, Redsman?

12/30/2005 7:51 pm

Blogger Skippy said...

I have noticed a change in Cisse's attitude for several weeks now. He is no longer runs like a headless chicken. He links up well with his teammates and shows great passion for the club.

I never rated Josemi, I think it is good that he has left Liverpool. I don’t know much about his replacement.

12/30/2005 8:56 pm

Blogger RedsMan said...

I can see how the statement can be adequately timed, but nonetheless he is staying and that is what the fans want. I wondered at the significance of Cisse throwing his shirt to the fans at full time, perhaps in sheer delight at scoring in a Merseyside derby. This player is a Liverpool fan from young, I'll have you know!

No, I haven't had any intelligence on Kromkamp myself, though I hear he is adaptable in defence and midfield. The exchange seems suitable to both he and Josemi, due to language barriers and also playability in their respective leagues. I hope he can follow like someone else whose Dutch name ends with 'kamp'! I am doing my research as I type.


12/31/2005 4:21 am

Blogger T said...

If Benitez positively compares him to Bergkamp - like he did Sissoko to Vieira - I'll be up the wall! :)

12/31/2005 10:08 am

Blogger RedsMan said...

Unlikely, being that Kromkamp plays at full back or in midfield!


1/01/2006 1:19 am

Blogger SKG said...

i am hoping RB signs a few more players in january. our squad is small and so rafa has not been rotating his players as much as he would like. i just hope this doesn't affect us cos we have a very tough game on monday away at bolton who will be very physical.

1/01/2006 9:40 am


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