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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Tottenham Striker Mido's Punishment Is No More Than He Deserves

Ahmed Mido was this morning thrown out of the Egypt Squad in the African Cup of Nations and given a suspension of 6 months by the authorities for his one man tyrade against coach Hassan Shehata yesterday. Mido had to be seperated from Shehata by team-mates after he took offence at being substituted during the semi-final win over Senegal.

Its agreed by almost everyone that Mido was having a poor game yesterday and Shetata had made the correct decision in bringing him off. His decision was further vindicated by the fact that Amr Zaki scored with a brilliant bullet header with his first touch after replacing Mido.

Regardless of this, even if the substitution had backfired on Shehata, Mido's reaction was disgraceful. Mido's talent has never been in doubt, but if he is not willing to change his attitude, he will never fulfil his potential to be a major player in world football. His punishment will hopefully make him wake up to this fact. His time at Ajax was characterised by similar run-ins with Ronald Koeman and so, despite his impressive performances, he was forced out of the Ajax side. After largely unsuccessful stints at Marseilles and Roma, it appeared that he was finally maturing at White Hart Lane with Spurs and his all round game was benefitting as a result. Spurs fans must be hoping that Mido doesn't have any toys left to throw out of the pram once he gets back to North London.

I've really enjoyed watching the tournament generally and there have been some great goals. The tournament has also emphasised the changing footballing landscape in Africa first highlighted by the World Cup Qualifiers. The old guard of Ghana, Nigeria and Cameroon are no longer the dominant forces they once were.

Looking ahead to the final, Egypt appear to have more flair and guile whereas Ivory Coast are a solid outfit with the ability to wear teams down and hit them with a sucker punch. The two styles should make for an interesting match. Playing at home should make Egypt favourites - but I thought the same with Portugal against Greece in 2004.


Blogger EL said...

Speaking with the prejudice of a Spurs supporter I'm pleased that Mido has one less game in which to get injured and will hopefully return early but I agree with you that he deserved his punishment. I have some concerns about Martin Jol giving him a contract at the end of this season and worry that we might land ourselves with a liability once his need to keep control of himself no longer exists. Spurs are also clearly looking for a very high quality 2nd 'big' striker and I can't help but wonder what effect it will have on Mido when he's not automatic first choice.

Superb looking site fella's (ladies?)
How are you going to keep the plebs out I wonder. Good luck.

2/08/2006 12:32 pm

Anonymous spurs said...

If he gets like that with us he can do one. So much for being "more mature now" because he has a son. Disgraceful behaviour.

2/08/2006 12:56 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am impressed with the level of sportsmanship in Egypt, far better than the premiership

2/08/2006 1:08 pm

Blogger T said...

Great article Abdul.

I can't recall ever seeing a substitution greeted with more petulance by a player than by Mido yesterday. I've heard that he has temperament problems but thought to a large extent that he had overcome them given his good conduct for Spurs. Time to think again....!

Mido should publicly apologise to the Egyptian coach for his totally unacceptable actions.

As for the ACN- yep, it's a tournament that I've enjoyed watching. The Cameroon/Ivory Coast shoot-out on Saturday that saw all 22 players score before Eto's miss at 11-11 was extraordinary to watch!

John Obi-Mikel has also shown enough to me that he has fantastic quality and would be a major asset for either Man Utd or Chelsea.

2/08/2006 1:58 pm

Blogger T said...

P.S. Thanx EL for kind comments regarding the site.

2/08/2006 2:00 pm

Blogger RedsMan said...

Excellent article, Abdul, for I was due to write about the incident myself. Thanks to 'spurs', 'Anon' and 'el' too, amusing ending! But a number of comments on here are from the heart and there are those who speak more through passion, to a degree, than comprehension. Come back often, good to hear, too, from a Spurs fans' perspective on this issue.

Mido's actions yesterday was unprofessional and disrespectful for all, much less Shehata. Stepping off the pitch rather than jogging off, remonstrating at the same time, the focus of the match was turned towards the whole moment and took away from the game. It was woeful for Shehata to have to try and explain to Mido why he was coming off, when simply the Spurs man should come off and obviously make his protestations inside away from the public. This in turn then sent bad signals to the Egyptian fans watching and the Egyptian public in general, much less the football world. Mido was suffering from a groin strain (which put paid to his mobility in the game and emphasises even more the absurdity of his remonstrations) but was pencilled in for the final, yet the Egyptian FA officials must have felt compelled to act. As assistant Shawki Gharib said: "The Egypt team does not just mean Mido. He is just one player in a squad of 23." Too right.

It was the Zamalek striker Hossan Hassam who came to console Mido as he stepped off towards the bench and then came between Mido and Shehata as Mido seeked further explanation, Hassam eventually bringing the striker to the bench. Then to compound the substitution, midfielder Mohamed Aboutrika came down the left to send a delightful cross into the box that was headed unchallenged by Zaki, a goal that seemed very fitting for an ending where otherwise a stalemate and extra-time seemed likely. The Egyptian players in celebration then hugged and patted Shehata in a clear show of respect and Mido was urged to take part in the celebrations by others. If there was a hole in the pitch big enough, Mido would have dropped in it.

Now Mido plays for a moment of madness and I wouldnt be surprised if an apology is issued shortly to Shehata. I hope this sends yet another clear message to all players, because we have had examples of it in the Premiership and it sours what otherwise could be a superb substitution. Players don't want to go off, their passion for the game and the team means they feel they can make that difference but time is limited and even more so for a coach. Egypt had won twice and drew once in the group stages and haven't looked back since, and the home support is in droves so pressure is on Shehata to produce, and what was certainly not needed was Mido's behaviour.

As for the match, Senegal had what looked like a cast-iron penalty appeal turned away, Diomansy Kamara brought down in the box, but the Portsmouth man looked to drop just too easily for the official. Kamara said afterwards: "Things don't work as they should do in Africa. It was the turning point of the game as we would have drawn level. However Egypt is the host nation and that is clearly the advantage." Be that as it may, failure to score from open play otherwise must have also had a hand in the defeat too.


2/08/2006 4:09 pm

Anonymous Nturtle said...

Good article and comments all.

Some things certainly don't change and we knew about Mido's personality before this game I think - but is IS surprising considering that I thought he had grown up at Spurs...and apart from his sending off has had a good season so far.

The penalty claim was pretty good as there was contact, but like all things...hard to see and it was very fleeting.

As for Obi-Mikel T...I'm just not sure if any club is asking for trouble courting such a controversial player! HA! It gives him so much additional pressure to perform...and I read that in the Egypt Senegal match Okocha replaced him to better effect. No doubt he has quality...but I'm not sure how it fits in at ManU or Chelsea.

It actually turns me to the RESERVES of such big teams...there must be loads of good players and potentials on display...but it never gets shouted about really...any idea how Chelsea or ManU reserves are doing in their divisions?

OF course...what I know is about Arsenal...and here's a treat if you haven't seen it yet: Walcott! It takes (potentially) 12M to be picked out in England...

Walcott Warming Up

Walcott Highlights

Walcott Goal

2/09/2006 2:22 am

Blogger RedsMan said...

nturtle, is that £12m pre or post tax, with bonuses?? Must make sure, dealing with Eriksson!


2/09/2006 9:00 am

Anonymous Nturtle said...

LOL Redsman! Well...Walcott has been called up for not yet Eriksson territory!

BTW - back on topic...Mido has branded his coach...the Egyptian team, the Egyptian association...AMATEURS! Man...that'll take some beating in the unprofessional stakes.

He has no intention of apologising to hi coach nor wants to talk to him at all, and warns if Egypt lose...without Mido then it's their own fault! Laughable really...cos it might be likely if the Ivory Coast can continue their form.

I don't think he's going to feature for Egypt for some time I'm afraid!

2/09/2006 2:13 pm

Blogger RedsMan said...

I had read that too, Mido's comments, on Teletext last night and wondered if it was true. If so, it is more toys thrown out of the pram. The coach who always picked him, kept him on during the game where he was not as influential (to put it politely), the very same team-mates who played alongside him and help supply him the passes and crosses, two of whom had spoken out in his defence, and the Egyptian FA who can, it seem, control the exclusion of players. And after this he apologies anyway.

Didier Drogba is said to have stated he will prove he is better than Samuel Eto'o, current African Footballer of the Year, by leading the Ivory Coast to victory in the final. I would have enjoyed hearing this even more if it were said before the tournament had begun. Something tells me he may live up to those words. Yet Eto'o has been in sharp form for Barca, just more than Drogba. These two should hopefully meet soon, so it makes for more of the CL tie.


2/10/2006 4:08 am

Blogger T said...

Thanx for the Walcott links, Nturtle. Must say that reserve team football is not big in England, and I have no idea how the reserves at any club aside from AFC are doing.

Redsman, I too saw those Drogba comments on teletext. I like the confidence he has in his ability, and it was evident in his demeanour the first time I saw him which was scoring a champs league hat-trick against Belgrade in September 2003. As I've said before - and doubtless say again! - nine months before his move to Chelsea I was telling everyone at EFT about this forward at Marseille that I would really like Arsene to buy.

I remember a certain Redsman not sharing my confidence in the guy despite being responsible for knocking both Liverpool and Newcastle in the UEFA cup later that season!

Now he is on the verge of winning the ACN with Kolo and Eboue... and I for one will be supporting the Elephants today. Should be a big atmosphere and a good match to watch.

2/10/2006 10:41 am

Blogger EL said...

My initial reaction to Mido's outburst was that he deserves his punishment. On reflection I think I responded without thinking it through due to his past misdemeanours and my exasperation at his behaviour but actually, what did he do exactly? Argue with his manager at pitch side. So? I've seen far more vociferous arguments between players, players & managers, players & referees and managers & referees but I don't recall anyone being banned for 6 months for arguing. Sent to the dugout or the stand maybe but not banned. There wasn't even any pushing or shoving aside from the bloke who got in between them and I never really got the impression that they were physically going for each other. Mido's demeanour seemed more frustrated and bemused rather than 'keane' like aggression. Or maybe I'm missing something?

2/10/2006 11:16 am

Blogger RedsMan said...

T, I can confirm you mentioned Drogba before as a candidate for Arsenal some time before he was bought by Chelsea. At the time I wasn't convinced as he scored against Liverpool and NEwcastle but that didn't, alone, made for a consistency to purchase him. Possibly his time at Stamford Bridge has taught him to excel those qualities.

El, not really. I would be happy if he apologised afterwards and was in the team, for he can score goals and is an asset for Egypt. Sending him home, OK, banning him does seem excessive yet the Egyptian FA send a message that such behaviour will not be tolerated and I think the game is better for it. English, French or Dutch football may have viewed such an incident differently, the Egyptians consider it a disrespect to a fellow countryman, much less a professional of the game.

I understand that allegedly he has been stopped from returning to Spurs and reinstated into the team??


2/10/2006 4:55 pm

Blogger RedsMan said...

Correction, not the team but with the squad.


2/10/2006 5:01 pm


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