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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Dowie and Johnson move on, but will Jordan?

Iain Dowie was unveiled at The Valley as their new manager, being one of a four-man team to make up a new management system at Charlton Athletic. Andy Johnson has passed a medical with Everton and completes a £8.6m move to Goodison Park, to be announced tomorrow. Crystal Palace Football Club are due to witness two main members of their cause for promotion joining two independent Premiership clubs. The thought I perceive at first was that either one of those two left because they heard the other was leaving. The media stated Dowie and Crystal Palace chairman Simon Jordan possibly fell out over not gaining promotion after being beaten comprehensively at their own ground by eventual play-off winners Watford. Then again, with the added fact that the media had built up Johnson's international prospects as Sven Goran-Eriksson contemplated his final squad members. Johnson may have decided he wanted to leave Palace to play in the Premiership to enhance his selection chances. Dowie announced he would be leaving Palace on account of his desire to be nearer to family and a yearning for a new challenge.

At the unveiling, it appeared Dowie certainly took on a challenge in taking over at Charlton and then received confirmation of another challenge, from Jordan. While the former Northern Ireland international contemplated new horizons elsewhere in South East London, again, a man attempted to enter the conference and serve a legal writ on Dowie on behalf of Crystal Palace Football Club, effectively on the instructions of Jordan. The man was prevented from serving the writ, instead he was, what I would call, ushered out through the door, not violently at all. Later on, a Sky Sports reporter interviewed the man briefly, who confirmed seeking to serve the writ on Dowie for the reason provided in the writ, that Dowie provided 'fraudulent representations' to Jordan before leaving Selhurst Park. This refers to a conversation between Dowie and Jordan where Dowie cited reasons for leaving, reasons which Jordan said, during a telephone conversation with Sky Sports News, he relied on for ending Dowie's contract. Dowie stating he wanted to leave to be further up north is therefore contradicted when he is managing within the same exact geographical location as he was before.

While the issue may come before the courts, it is yet another unsavoury moment in football. Palace fans are behind Jordan, while it is split with neutrals which way matters should have happened. For me, Dowie expressed a desire to leave, regardless of the reasons, and once he is adamant he wants to leave, then so be it. Serving a writ is to sue, and were the issue to go to court and be resolved in Jordan's favour, I would say it could go into Palace's coffers for future use, but I wouldn't bank on such an award being of a substantial level to aid Palace any further than they would have been without. From what has been said, Dowie left Palace to be out of Selhurst Park. Apparently Charlton approached Dowie the following day, when he was shown around The Valley, as mere coincidence. There is the lure of Premiership football, and as Dowie said himself during the leaving conference, while Jordan expressed he would not be happy if Dowie took over at Charlton, Dowie is not as wealthy as Jordan and needs to consider his next source of employment.

At the least, Dowie's appointment is a coincidence. At the most, he wanted to leave Selhurst Park. Jordan can prove false representations persuaded him to break off the contract that Dowie had to honour, it is a court issue. At the end of the day, Dowie wanted to leave and we know the old adage about that. Jordan should let it go.



Anonymous Kristof said...

im sorry u have missed the whole point. The axe jordan has to grind is regarding the £1M buy out clause in dowie's contract. If this had been done properly then cpfc would have been paid £1M. However dowie has engineered this move himself over the past couple of weeks...agreed "mutual consent" so charlton do not have to pay a penny...its a disgrace. At least Steve Bruce had the balls to quit and face upto jordan. I am acutally quite upset by this whole thing as i thought dowie's greatest attribute was his integrity. Obviously he should look this word up in the dictionary.

some quick facts

(1) Monday after playoff defeat all players and coaching called in for meeting to discuss next season. All players given fitness briefs.
(2) taylor turns down charlton job
(3) "managerless" charlton sign Gonzalo Sorondo - who coincedently played under (guess who?) dowie!!#
(4) rumours surface of a "fall-out" between the two and it is decided its best for both parties if dowie moves closer to his family up north.
(5) palace players absolutely stunned by dowie they had not seen this coming..

I hope jordan takes him to the cleaners.

5/30/2006 3:53 pm

Blogger BlindJak said...

Personally I support Jordan’s endeavours. While I agree it’s unsavoury I find Dowie’s lack of integrity even more so. If Dowie had just said to Jordan I fed up and want to leave Jorden could have negotiated with Charlton over a settlement, however Dowie made the excuse that he wanted to be closer to his family who still live in the north and talked Jorden to removing the requirement for any compensation.

Even if Charlton’s hands are clean and they didn’t tap up Dowie, Dowie stitched up Palace in a very underhand way. With contracts not being worth the paper they are written on these days he could easily have made the move to Charlton regardless of Jordan’s personal feeling and been up front about it.

5/30/2006 4:06 pm

Anonymous Peter K said...

If Jordan's story is correct then e has a right and I fully support him in this action.

If it is proved in Courtwe will at least get the £1m we would have been due in normal circumstances.

I thought Iain was a loyal wrong can you be?

5/30/2006 4:10 pm

Blogger RedsMan said...

Well, I did say if Jordan can prove he forfeited monies under Dowie's contract due to false representations then it's an issue for the court. Otherwise, therefore if not, then I see the action has pointless. Jordan has claimed specific words were said to forego the contract and any clauses to the club's deficit, Dowie claims conversations were overheard by his wife and he has prove of an agreement between the two.

But I must say Dowie made his statement during his leaving conference and there he is still in SE London. Jordan made his statement during and after that conference that he would be unhappy if Dowie went to Charlton. I would have expected Jordan to say something like 'Well, we have an understanding, an agreement if you wish, that would contradict Iain being appointed at Charlton Athletic. He has made clear his reasons to leave include being nearer to family further North up the country.'

If Dowie cited reasons in order to free himself to be in contention for the Charlton role, then that is devious. But it hangs on what can be proven.


5/31/2006 10:35 am

Blogger T said...

Thanks Redsman for highlighting Dowie's and Johnson's departure from Crystal Palace.

Aside from the issue of Dowie's integrity - which is definitely up for debate given the nature of his departure (and thanks to Kristof for highlighting the issue of the waived compensation clause) - I want to concentrate on what a good acquisition I think this is for Charlton.

I have been impressed with Dowie's highly analystical approach to football ever since I heard him commentate on matches before his appointment at Oldham. I feel this approach - combined with an obvious positive attitude - is going to serve Charlton very well. At the same time, I think Charlton will be good for Dowie because Curbishley has left him a club that has very solid foundations.

So all in all I think Dowie's arrival at Charlton is good for both parties.

I also found it interesting that Andy Johnson was the subject of £8.5m bids by Bolton, Wigan and Everton. This shows a lot of ambition by these mid-table sides to continue to progress.

I think the combo of Beattie and Johnson has the makings of a very compatible and prolific striking partnership- something which Everton have not had for a very long time. If they can also sign Huth to strenghen their ageing and slowing central defence, I would then start to consider the Toffeemen as having a strong chance to make a UEFA Cup spot next season.

5/31/2006 2:39 pm


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