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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Tugay dismissal unfair; Reed is suspect in Dowie departure

Before the football continues into the European sector oer the following 48 hours or so, a mention of issues over the weekend. I wonder if I am the only one outside of Spurs who believes the contact of Blackburn's Tugay Kerimoglu with Spurs' Hossam Ghaly was not a foul, much less a penalty? Am I also the only one outside of Blackburn Rovers who believes Ahmed 'Mido' Hossam did not handle the ball in the area?

Firstly, the Turkish midfielder struck what simply was a superb volley as Ledley King headed out a Michael Gray cross to put the Lancashire side ahead. But on the hour Ghaly was played through by a sweet ball from Benoit Assou-Ekotto, Tugay found himself the covering player with the central defence split open and came to thwart off the Egyptian. Tugay dived across inside the box with his right leg as Ghaly flicked the ball over him, and Ghaly then went down. Referee Phil Dowd checked with the nearest linesman and not only judged the contact a foul therefore a penalty but Tugay as the last man, therefore his dismissal.

Replays showed it was Tugay's trailing leg that Ghaly fell over and for me the question is how could Tugay be in control of his trailing leg in that circumstance to intentionally foul Ghaly? Jermaine Defoe finished off the penalty. Later on the Spurs box was crowded during a Blackburn freekick by Gray, which came to Mido who appeared to have handled in controlling the ball. Penalty appeals were denied and replays showed the ball came off his upper chest mainly than anywhere else, at worst it was inconclusive. Coincidentally Ghaly was involved in another dismissal, that of his own, when he jumped up to challenge Gray for a high ball, leading with an arm which then came down and beside Gray's neck. It was deemed an elbow offence and a straight red and I have no qualms with that decision.

Another question that I wished I had posted earlier when I though about over the weekend and have now seen being suggested in the papers. Who thinks Charlton's new coach Les Reed had some influence in the decision to remove Iain Dowie? Perhaps it is no exclusive, though of course it is strictly my suspicion and perhaps more rumouring elsewhere on the net, but something doesn't fit right with me regarding Reed. He seems to relish the occasion, I expected he would don a tracksuit rather than a suit as it is now strictly football business to get Charlton off the bottom. Charlton have an immense mountain to climb to get out of relegation, and I would like to know who the fans are behind more, Dowie or Reed. Or if they are indeed behind another person to come in instead of Reed.

Stephen Hunt backheeled for Nicky Shorey to cross and Ki-Hyeon Seol easily headed in, and the second came courtesy of Steve Sidwell, with Glen Little passing to him and his mis-hit came to Keving Doyle to score. Reading should have had a penalty when the ever-busy Hunt kept the ball in by the touchline and round Talal El-Karkouri, who clearly had his arms around Hunt before the winger fell down. It looked a certain penalty and lesser appeals have been given but not that one. Charlton were not out of the game and they had their moments through Dennis Rommedahl, Mark Holland's shot cleared off the line and Darren Ambrose going close.



Blogger T said...

Correct me if I'm wrong Redsman but isn't Les Reed's previous career highlight that of being the writer of the offical FA guide to coaching? If this is the case I will be interested to see the sophistication of his impact on the Charlton style of football.

Yes, I share doubts as to Reed's role in the toppling of Dowie (a manager that I have said a few times on EFT that I rate) but at the same time I hope he does well because it will be good to see a virtually unknown English coach take over a Premiership club and get them playing good football... which I have heard from Charlton fans on the radio that they have indeed been playing this season. They have an important match at home to Everton at lunchtime and my prediction is that there will be celebrations for Les Reed as they gain a vital home win.

11/25/2006 11:21 am

Blogger EL said...

Wotchya redsman,

My tuppence worth is this: As far as I'm aware it doesn't matter whether or not a trip is intentional or not, it's still a foul and last man is last man. Ghaly's foot appears to me to have been 'swept' away from under him so your description of Ghaly falling over Tugay's foot sounds like an exercise in irony to me and one I much appreciate whether you were fully in control of it or not. As for the Mido 'handball' question, I've seen it from directly behind him and it unquestionably hits his arm near the elbow but from both side views it looks like it hit his chest so both the linesman and referee can be forgiven for not seeing it as they only saw it from the side angles.

Good stuff redders,

Up the Spurs!

11/26/2006 5:42 pm

Blogger RedsMan said...

Hi and thanks, EL.


11/26/2006 8:59 pm

Anonymous Abdul said...

Thanks for this Redsman.

I missed the spursgame, so will reserve comment on that.

What I will say is athat it is a real shame to see Dowie go. I think he was an intelligent and progressive coach. A good Charlton supporting friend of mine recently said to me that Charlton were playing some good football, but were just not getting the breaks to turn that into results. I think it was only a matter of time for that to change. Still, al the best to Les Reed.

11/27/2006 10:03 am


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