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Friday, April 06, 2007

When I think of Fredi Kanoute at Spurs....

I think of this!

I love this goal- it is a true belter! And the commentary is entertaining too!!

Last night Kanoute's Sevilla side beat his old club in a controversial UEFA Cup quater-final first leg in Spain. I was really looking forward to this match - which is something I rarely say when it comes to UEFA Cup matches! - as I anticipated an attractive encounter between two teams constructed with a big attacking mentality. The always-excellent Robbie Keane than scored after 68 seconds to underline what I felt about these match being able to guarantee goals, only for a terrible refereeing decision handed Kanoute an opportunity to equalise from the penalty spot- which he did with consumate cool.

It was an outrageous decision by the Luxembourg referee - really he could have no excuses because it was clear that Robinson dived and palmed away the ball with good timing before colliding into Adriano.

Sevilla scored a second before half-time and the score remained this way at full time to leave the tie nicely poised for the second leg next Thursday. It will be the biggest European night at White Hart Lane for some years and I expect Spurs in their current form to be able to score. What's more questionable is whether they can stop Sevilla from scoring an away goal or two.


Blogger Tarjei said...

What a useless ref! I appreciate it is one hell of a tough job, but that man should seriously consider a diferent part time occupation...
He ruined the whole match, which was set up to be an entertainig encounter; 49 free kicks in 94 minutes of football is one every 2 minutes, and this was by no means a violent match (at least not on the pitch)!
The sevilla players aslo faked and dived constantly, after they realized the ref would give freekicks to anyone in a white shirt asking, and just imagine how they would have reacted had one of the spurs players attempted to headbutt one of them fu*king cheaters, like their capatin did on keane in the dying seconds!

Hope we beat them well and properly at home, and continue our march on!!


4/06/2007 11:11 am

Blogger RedsMan said...

I concur with tarjei above, the penalty decision was shocking and incredible and you could see Robinson was nervous in diving down again after that. I must also mention the numerous times Sevilla players went down so easily under challenges and most of the decisions went against Spurs particularly in the first half.

And the crowd trouble seemed to have been instigated from heavy-handed measures prior to the kick off and inside the ground. Sky Sports Claire Tomlinson has stated in her report her dismay at the tactics employed by the Spanish police and noted a specific point that our police would not have had to have used such tactics at all.

That said, Alexander Kerzhakov was a main threat and justified that with his goal and the tie is equal to that of Man Utd, both sides behind but can use home advantage.


4/06/2007 8:11 pm

Blogger RedsMan said...

Great goal by Kanoute.


4/06/2007 8:24 pm

Blogger Pat said...

At the start of the season i expected Sevilla and Totenham to come top 4 in their respective leagues. needless to say i have bben more than disappointed with Tottenham and expected them to get walloped.

But hats off to the spurs players, a fantastic effort which was cruelly undone by horrible refereeing.

as an aside, "always-excellent Robbie Keane"?? as a follower of the Ireland national team i wish this were true

4/07/2007 12:03 am

Blogger T said...

Thanks Pat- I take your word on Keane's performances for the Ireland team!

I have really liked Keane ever since his Wolves days- he has a quality that really appeals to me... and I say this as a through and through Gunner!

4/07/2007 9:09 am


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