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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Milan continue Liverpool ridicule

At half time, two years ago in the Champions League final, Milan thought they had already won and were heard celebrating. The players came out in the second half impeccably manicured with huge smiles on their faces. This was the start of Milan's lack of respect for Liverpool and they paid the price on the night.

Switch to present day and we hear this from Gattuso:

"I feel there is a noticeable difference in talent between Manchester United and Liverpool.
Liverpool are like an Italian team of 10 years ago. Every ball a long ball. All they try to do is defend with everybody behind the ball and one striker. United have far more technical players, who are quick and able to do things on the ball. Liverpool do not have those individuals. This final will be different - that I promise. It is important to put the record straight."

And this from Ancelotti:

"Technically, Liverpool are the worst team of the three English sides who reached the semi-finals. Milan are a strong Italian team. There is a strong Italian culture running through the team. Liverpool do not have the DNA of an English side. It is more of a Mediterranean team because of the coach."

Even Sir Alex Ferguson has had a say:

"I'd bet for sure that Milan will win the Champions League. I'm absolutely certain of it. I told their manager Carlo Ancelotti at the end of our semi-final that there is no way he cannot win it now. Carlo gave me a magnificent bottle of wine, but I immediately told him I would only drink his wine once I see him lifting the Champions Cup."

Now you would assume that Milan had learnt their lesson. You thought wrong. I am astonished how they (and others) continue to mock Liverpool in the build up to next week's game. If this is mind games then Milan are playing it very dangerously because this is just the sort of thing that will spur Liverpool on even further to beat them.

Let's face it, Milan shouldn't have even been allowed to play in the Champions League this season. I hope Liverpool make them wish they hadn't.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Benitez does his talking on the pitch where it counts. I dont know why Ancelotti and Fergie are suddenly bosom pals but after the other side have stepped over your own side by 3-0 I would say well done and get on the next plane. Milan are hurt from 2005 and want revenge, it's normal, let them talk.

5/17/2007 9:48 pm

Blogger RedsMan said...

Well, as Anon (9.48PM) said, the talking is done on the pitch where it counts. I always say victory is achieve in a single football game via one goal more being scored than your opponents. You can be as technical, as flamboyant, as strategic as you wish but there can be a sucker punch unaccounted for that puts you down.

Remember Buster Douglas v Mike Tyson, February 11, 1990, Douglas the 42-1 outsider to beat Tyson and did?


5/17/2007 9:55 pm

Blogger Marcus said...

Milan are the better side on paper, however Liverpool are not to be underestimated.

Anyway, Milan will emerge victorious!

5/18/2007 12:33 am

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looks like Fergie wont be drinking that wine for a while..

5/18/2007 1:14 am

Anonymous Anonymous said...

To compare this to Douglas and Tyson is retarded! And for the comment about Milan should not even be allowed in the CL is your reaction to fear. If I remember correctly you shouldn't have been it last year. You couldn't even qualify but for beating Milan (which I will give you dildos was one of the greatest come backs EVER! Your all lucky I hate Chelsea and Man U with a passion or I would dig deeper. But I respect Liverpool and may the best team win! (MILAN being that team)

5/18/2007 2:00 am

Anonymous Anonymous said...

UEFA rules previously allocated a set number of places to each country for champions league qualification. qualification for nomination in these places was to be determined by the governing body of each country. The english FA when they thought that another big name club may win the champions league but not qualify in the top 4 stated its policy would be to enter the champions league winning side in place of the number 4 position. this has occured in the past in spain also. Of course they backtracked when this eventually occured affecting liverpool instead. Therefore UEFA was forced to change the rules so the defending champions will automatically receive rightful qualification thus removing the right of nominaion from idiotic FAs. AC Milan on the other hand were involved in match fixing and thus Uefa desired them to be banned. However Uefa rules don't currently give a legal standing to reject an FAs nominations which no doubt will be changed in future. its time Italy sorted out the cheating, violence and racism. england is attempting to deal with the violence but italy seems to think it is immune to fair play. Nevertheless good luck to both teams on the day. i hope we can all appreciate the game and respect the passion on both sides

5/18/2007 7:09 am

Blogger RedsMan said...

Anon (2.00AM), explain why the Douglas-Tyson point was 'retarded'.

There is a big difference between Liverpool's qualification then and AC Milan's this season. We had an outright claim to defend the trophy while Milan were found guilty of match corruption. You can dig deep if you wish, though you say you respect Liverpool.

We are once again the underdogs particularly from Milan's 2nd leg display in the semis' and we play our own style, our own game. We have no fear. Note the non-reply from Liverpool to Gattuso, Ancelotti and Ferguson.

Why the hatred for Chelsea and Man Utd?


5/18/2007 7:20 am

Anonymous Anonymous said...

No offense but theDouglas-Tyson point is not retarded but beyond retarded. It‘s like comparing Wolves vs Man Utd in the final or something. Fact is Liverpool have 5 champions league and is just one short of Milan. Looking down on your own club or an attempt at down playing Liverpool as favorites is bad. Well sure Milan played a great game against Man Utd but they are weaker then the team they had on the field in 2005 as they no longer have Crespo and Sheva as well as the majority of the squad is much older so Liverpool, should be the real favorites. The only thing that could go Milan way is a big chance for redemption and to erase the memory of Istanbul.

As for the match fixing scandal, Milan did not fix any match. They were charged with trying to influence the game by trying to influence the appointment of referee which at the end of the day, did not take place. A new report has come out in Italy stating that the match between Milan vs Juventus in 2005 was fixed as Hernan Crespo had a clear penalty claim go against him. If you actually watch Italian football you would know why they wouldn’t want certain refs like that to be appointed but at the end of the day, they did not even get their wish and the referee that was originally appointed for the match was selected. I don’t see a difference in that in the fact that Jose Mourinho, Wenger and co constantly slams refs in public before and after games. At the end of the day Mourinho can whine all he whines but doesn’t really get his way and the same can be said about Milan. The referee designator also claimed that every club in the division calls him and does about the same thing including Inter Milan who some how, someway got away with everything looking clean. Firstly, it was probably the worst trial in Italian football as they had a former member of the board of directors of Inter Milan to head the investigation. At the end of the day almost every club got punished without proper evidence, no one arrested and it was a rushed trial and had to be done because some of the tapes featuring Moggi were released in the press. Pretty much as soon as the trial was over, the former member of the board of directors of Inter resigned as the head of Italian football and took over at Telecom Italia, a company which has strong links with Inter President Morrati. Inter are now being sued by former player Christian Veiri as Vieri found out that Moratti and co were spying on him by tapping up his conversations, etc.

Liverpool had an outright claim to defend their title? I could argue that they knew the rules pretty much like every other team in the league. They knew long before the champions league finals about the rules and they would need to finish 4th to qualify for the champions league. It is not easy to compete in both the domestic league and champion’s league as the likes of Chelsky and Man Utd found out this season. While Liverpool and Man Utd were not able to rest players before their Champions League matches as they were going head to head for the title in England. Liverpool and Milan were able to rest players and was able to focus more on winning their matches in the Champions League as they pretty much had nothing to play for domestically. Now imagine if Liverpool put a magnificent effort to beat Everton and earn their forth place? They might not have the energy and focus to win the champions league that year.

As for the dude blaming Italy for its violence and match fixing scandal, England has its far share of problems. The deal involving Tevez and Masch (who is now a Liverpool player)? The bung scandal in which many high profile clubs were investigated and many high profiles name were supposed to be involved in dodgy deals? What happened to that? Staying quite and trying to protect the country’s image by not taking action doesn’t make the English league any cleaner.

As for claiming Milan did not learn their lesson, had smirks in their face and were celebrating at half time? That was dumb founded and not true. Even Benitez denied that it happened. It was just a lie created by Stevie G in his autobiography to over hype his achievement, sell his book and try to glorify his achievement even more. He also went on to call Gattuso a kitten which is a big insult for Milan’s gladiator. He also went on to say something along the lines that he does not fear Gattuso and doesn’t know why people rate the Italian as he cannot play the killer ball like Kaka. Well that statement pretty much showed how stupid Stevie G is as he doesn’t know that Gattuso is an out and out defensive midfielder pretty much Like Sissoko and Macherano is and doesn’t have to play the killer ball to look good. This is also the same guy that once claimed that he gets very upset when he sees foreign stars dive in the EPL and went on to do this in the champions league final:

So that’s the type of guy you would actually believe right? LOL

As for the comments made by Sir Alex? Well can you blame him? Benitez went public about how Milan could beat Man Utd in the semis by revealing certain tactics Milan should use? So can you blame Fergie for wanting redemption?

At the end of the day, it has been a really painful 2 years for Milan fans and what better way to serve justice over Inter by Winning the Champions League as well as making up for what happened in Istanbul. Let’s hope we get to see a fantastic match  Forza Milan!

5/18/2007 12:09 pm

Blogger RedsMan said...

Decent comment, Anon (12.09PM), though you misunderstood the Douglas-Tyson point. I was referring to Douglas as Liverpool and Tyson as Milan, I was not looking down on my own team. In fact I was looking up at the prospects. Milan are favourites, clearly, because of their performance against Man Utd and right now, having done so against an English side who have taken the EPL by storm and won the title, none here in England fancy Liverpool's chances. Albeit after writing off our chances in 2005 the media are wary of more egg on their faces so they ensure to entertain any words or comments from the Milan camp, whereas there are none from the Liverpool camp.

The thing is regardless of whatever has happened, both sides are in the final next Wednesday. All can said and printed and taken out of context, yet the talking begins on 23rd May in Athens, the results of which cannot be denied, retracted or altered. Personally I would have looked for the usually positive comments of respect from both sides, not for Gattuso and Ancelotti to say what they have said. I watched Maldini speak with respect about LFC. There is this excerpt from an English newspaper article:

"And now [Milan] are going for their seventh European Cup, while trying to deny their opponents a sixth success. Player after player spoke of Liverpool's defensive solidity, of their tactical discipline, and of their respect for Rafael Benitez's acumen and for Steven Gerrard, whom Massimo Ambrosini called "the strongest midfield player around"."

I looked equally for Ferguson to have extended the same level of respect, regardless of domestic rivalry which I felt was reserved between the fans mainly. He criticised Liverpool for fielding a second string against Fulham and practically did the same himself against West Ham. Benitez hasn't said anything to Ferguson or about him to warrant Ferguson wanting to side so heavily with Milan, which goes to reduce the expectancy of an English side wanting another English side to achieve. Benitez would not do this.

I hope we can repeat what we achieved in 2005, maybe not in the same way as that was cardiac arrest potential. But it doesn't matter how we win as long as we do.


5/18/2007 12:48 pm

Blogger Skippy said...

Liverpool have an impressive record in cup finals and they will make Milan pay for the taunts.

For me Liverpool look relaxed about the final. There is more pressure on Milan to win and their pre-match comments clearly show this.

5/22/2007 9:31 am

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Liverpool make Milan pay for their taunts? LOL The only taunts that should have been paid for was for Gerrard calling Rino a kitten and his lies on Milan celebrating at half time in Istanbul. Even Carragher and Benitez denied it. Well maybe he can write a new book about how he lied and paid for his sins. Forza Milan! :)....oh by the way..time to get a facelift and remove the picture with new once :)

5/24/2007 8:14 am

Blogger RedsMan said...

Well I had some respect for your comments but you have just wiped them out. You were bitter from 2005 and now you are here to beam and shine. Speak when your team are up, quiet when your team are down. No, the picture remains, we could have replaced it with Barcelona's if that were the case. Having been contained for most of the game you were quite fortunate, an admittance even from the likes of Berlusconi.

Had Liverpool the cutting edge to their finish it could have been a different story. Forza Milan? Oh you count as European champions, no doubt, so gloat away. But Milan didnt exactly cover themselves in glory last night whereas Liverpool did themselves proud for a team who hardly anyone gave a chance.


5/24/2007 8:55 am

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well firstly I was responding to Skippy and the guy that wrote the blog’s unwarranted comments without actually knowing what the real situation is and was. The comment was not meant for you. Yes I was bitter in 2005 when you were gloating and shinning so now it’s my turn to celebrate. Yes, you can keep that picture all you want but that will not change the reality. Quiet when my team is down? I was here in 2005 when you were gloating about your victory. Yes, we were quite fortunate as you did contain us for a long time in the match. In doing so you played Stevie G in a new position and Kuyt (who at that point has yet to score a champions league goal) upfront on his own and that was probably why you lacked the cutting edge. Milan used their experienced and took their chances. So my question is why are you so bitter about Forza Milan? Are you upset because you feel that you were the better team in the final and lost? Well that’s how we felt in 2005 when we lost the final. I did not come here to gloat or I would have gone on and on about how great we performed but that’s not the deal. You buddies started a topic that provoked a very strong response from passionate Milan fans without doing proper research on the whole issue. Anyway, Rafa is good coach and Mascherano is a fantastic player.

5/24/2007 12:47 pm

Blogger RedsMan said...

Anon (12.47PM), please refer to my article on the 2005 final 'The European Cup Final 2005 - The Proverbial Game of Two Halves', and point out to me any 'gloating and shinning', whatever the latter may be. There was no glatoing from myself, I dont do that. What happens good now can turn in your face later, and that goes for anyone, any team, anywhere. Boy, I had two articles on the match ready to post and Google had to go and lack the technicality to save them in draft thus they vanished. Otherwise you would have seen where I'm coming from. I'm as magnaminous in defeat as in victory.

The first was fortunate, the second goal was Inzaghi, no other description. He hasnt lit up the champions league this season but it was a tight call for his experience over Gilardinho's instincts and he came through at the right time. Liverpool looked jaded in the second half by the time the second goal was scored and Milan were a credit as winners at the end for more reasons than one. Carlo Ancelotti said:

"Liverpool didn't allow us to play at our best and for us it has been difficult. Anyway, I think it was our destiny to win this match and this cup for what happened two years ago and what happened this year.

"I think it has been a deserved win for the troubles we had to live. Undoubtedly there is a big satisfaction because in November the situation was really hard. I'm happy also because we have been able to recover and react from the bad situation we had in that period."

Rafael Benitez said: "....the difference sometimes is that you can work hard, but you cannot close the space or the pass, or the penetrative pass from Kaka, or a Seedorf or Inzaghi. The first half we did really well, we played really, really well and then we conceded a deflection at the end of the first half.

"Second half we were pushing, pushing, but then you leave space and then they have quality and it made the difference. We tried to keep the ball and press high, but you need to take your chances - we did have a lot and went close, but the quality they have if you lose the ball you will be in trouble.

"I think the team in the first half was really good."

Those two quotes sum it up for me and watching Milan rejoice didnt fill me with much distaste as I thought it would, considering we were doing the same thing in 2005, so the honours are even and Milan earned their victory. Not looking to rain on anyone's parade, it was a good match but for the result for us and I hope Liverpool and Milan can come back for Part III!


5/24/2007 1:56 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ok im sorry if i got things wrong. Anyway, i was just reacting to Skippy's comments and didnt mean to hurt anyone else. Sorry if i did. Milan vs Liverpool part 3? It would be great and i just hope my heart can take another one :)

5/24/2007 2:22 pm

Blogger RedsMan said...

In fact its my apologies Anon, as I have just recognised the comment of Skippy's you refer to. Just managed a third version of an article on the match.


5/24/2007 4:39 pm

Blogger Pat said...

haha...come on RedsMan,Liverpool may have contained Milan for much of the match, but to do so their midfield was deep and Gerrard was in an unfamiliar position. You dont win CL Finals if you dont play your own game.

Liverpool tried to adjust their game, Milan just stuck to what got them to the final, the same tactics that beat Celtic, Bayern and Man U.

Rafa "chop-and-change" Benitez does more flip-flops than a politician. Too much tinkering from a guy who is obviously a good tactician but tries a little too hard.

As for the discussion as to whether Milan deserved to be in this years comp and whether Liverpool deserved to be in last years... One year Madrid won the CL but finished 5th so Zaragoza (who came fourth) went straight to the UEFA Cup and Madrid got their place. Which is very different to what happened with Liverpool. They got in as a fifth EPL side because UEFA let them play-off against that Welsh team, who had entry into the 3rd qualifying round but offered to play against Liverpool for the position to raise revenue for themselves. This was outrageous because if Everton had have made it there would have been 5 EPL sides in the Group Stage of 05-06. Liverpool deserved the opportunity to defend their title but it should have been at the expence of their cross town rival Everton. Thankfully, justice prevailed and Everton dropped out in qualifying. Milan were convicted of match fixing but it was on evidence that wouldn't have held up in an actual criminal court and even if they were actually guilty, they lost to Marsille in 93 (i think) who had been done for match fixing in France, So after 14 years justice finally prevailed here too.

Anyways, I'll add a little disclaimer and remind everyone Im a Milanista and a thought for the day...Do you think Gerrard has a phobia of Kittens now??

6/01/2007 8:51 am

Blogger RedsMan said...

Pat, you are some days too late, dont you think? Gerrard has played the supporting role behind the lone striker before, Milan were fortuitous for their first goal, Benitez has changed the squad around for ages but people only point if we lose. The point regarding Milan's inclusion in the competition was not mine.

The point regarding Liverpool's position in the competition after the 2005 win is one I wrote on, you should be able to find it if you wish. I stated that initially Everton should drop into the UEFA cup but concluded that would be harsh on the club and fans and I ended saying if the word from UEFA was that Liverpool could not defend the trophy then so be it.

But in exchanges with Anon above (2.22PM), I stated that I would not rain on AC Milan's parade, regardless what happened in the match. We had to hold the threat of Kaka, Seedorf, Gattuso and Pirlo and at the same time converge on goal and made chances count. It was not to be, despite the chances that came, and just like 2005 the team on top didnt win. Milan are the champions and that is that (I also wrote on the final stating so, its approximately the second most recent article).

As for Gerrard and kittens, no. Gattuso didnt really trouble Gerrard, but Milan were not just about Gattuso, or Kaka or Seedorf. There were others, notably Inzaghi who no one hardly made any special mention. He made the difference why Milan are champions.

Funny that I never rib-tickled Milan fans or rubbed it in during my article on the 2005 final, yet I seem to be receiving it now.....


6/02/2007 2:00 am

Blogger Pat said...

i think italian football fans are keen to rub in the fact both the world cup and the CL trophies both now reside in Italy after all the criticism they have copped.

We have our faults but other countries are hardly perfect, England have had a handful of corruption scandals this year.

Also, I think Italian fans are keen to point out there victories because English fans are always doing the same, when 3 English teams made it to the semi's we had to listen to all this stuff about how great English football was and we had to listen to it before the world cup too. Now its everyone elses turn to listen.

I wasn't trying to attack you personally, the only issue i have with what you said was that Liverpool were the better team, they lost = not better. Also the fact that this article was about Milan talking crap when steven gerrard is just as culpable in this area. All that kitten crap and all that crap about milan from the 2005 final, he can hardly claim to be morally superior to the milan players.

6/02/2007 6:14 am


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