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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Richard Dunne deserves high recognition

Table-topping Manchester City visit Arsenal this afternoon in what promises to be a fascinating match-up. And while all the talk - deservedly so too - has been of Micah Richards continued rise and rise in the Premier League, I want to mention recognition for his centre-back partner in the Manchester City defence, Richard Dunne.

In my reckoning he is the most underrated centre-back in the Premier League and has done well to rescue his career which at one stage looked to be going downhill harp due to unprofessionalism off the pitch. From what I remember then Man City manager, Kevin Keegan, told Dunne to mend his ways or there would be no future for him at Man City.

He did and how. When he first started in the Premier League he looked to be carrying a few extra pounds and did not look the most focused of individuals - which was in line with the talk that he was not looking after himself correctly. But now when you look at him he is physically fit, has good athleticism and speed across the ground for a big man, and wears the captain's armband with authority. He rarely misses a game through injury and when I see Man City he always has a strong game.

It is clear from Man City's obstruction of Man Utd last week that Richard Dunne was relishing the challenge of defending his team's one goal lead - a sign of a true defender with defensive mentality. It is also clear that Micah Richards is relishing playing alongside the Irish centre-back - towards the end of that match he did a big high five with Dunne after both combined to thwart another Man Utd attack. This is a partnership that has clear high potential and Eriksson must be very satisifed that he can build his team around this solid defensive duo.

Their match-up this afternoon with the likes of van Persie, Adebayor and Eduardo promises to be fascinating and although I won't make a prediction on the outcome I'm sure Dunne will have another 7-8 out of 10 performance as befitting someone who I consider to be a top centre-back.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

At last someone who understands the game on these blog sites. Well do Richard Dunne is a fantastic player and he should be applauded.

8/25/2007 10:15 am

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree - in many ways Dunnie is just about the most under-appreciated footballer in the country - but it's best that way - the press will leave him alone and he'll carry on being a City legend...

8/25/2007 10:20 am

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Absolutely agree - I was having the same conversation in the pub after work yesterday! This is a top blog site... my only issue with it is that you guys aren't prolific enough in the quantity department!

8/25/2007 10:40 am

Anonymous Anonymous said...

All City fans know that Dunne was key to us avoiding relegation last season. Our defence worked wonders and covered up our attacking failings. Remember as well that Dunne played in every minute of every game last season - which is quite an achievement. It is good that he getting recognition at last because many commentators believed that Distin was the better centre half.

8/25/2007 11:46 am

Anonymous Anonymous said...

he's not underappreciated by City fans, who've voted him Player of the Season three times on the bounce

8/25/2007 1:02 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Richard Dunne is the single most important player in the eastland outfit. Without Dunne city would not be where they are right now.

8/25/2007 2:24 pm

Blogger T said...

Thanks for all your comments and I was not aware that Dunne has been the Man City fans player of the season for the last three years.

Dunne was in good form again yesterday alongside Micah Richards- putting up a good defensive shield against the Arsenal attacking game and only conceding with ten minutes to go.

I also liked the look of Michael Johnson- for me he has a touch of the Stevie Gerrard's about him. A definite young English player to watch and I think quite significant that Eriksson has made him a regular in the starting line-up.... obviously he has the confidence of the highly-experienced Swedish manager.

8/26/2007 12:34 pm

Blogger RedsMan said...

I didnt know how important Dunne was to the MCFC fans myself but I like T's recall on him when he was on the verge of leaving City due to Keegan's disgruntlement and now being the captain (particularly with Distin being disencouraging), putting out stern performances of late, complimented by Richards especially against Utd. I said before that Eriksson would add flair and a new style to the club. They need now to concentrate on their shot-on-sight policy and all three sectors of the team will simply compliment each other.


8/26/2007 6:48 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good article.
Good site.
The Dunnie Monster is a much respected City legend and he's got alot of mileage in him yet!

8/27/2007 10:19 am


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