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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

EFT Player Of The Month - January: Cristiano Ronaldo

EFT have made Man Utd midfielder Cristiano Ronaldo its player of the month for January.

The Portuguese man-of-the-moment has been in superb form for a good chunk of the season thus far, and that includes the past month. Equally, Arsenal's Emmanuel Adebayor has been almost as influential, both regularly making contributions in their play as well as their scoring ability. Look at both of their records:

Adebayor: 1st January, v West Ham - goal (2-0)
12th January, v Birmingham - goal (1-1)
19th January, v Fulham - 2 goals (0-3)
22nd January, v Spurs, 2nd leg of Carling Cup - goal (5-1)
26th January, v Newcastle, FA Cup tie - 2 goals (3-0)
29th January, v Newcastle - goal (3-0)

Ronaldo: 1st January, v Birmingham - goal (1-0)
5th January, v Aston Villa, FA Cup tie - goal (0-2)
12th January, v Newcastle - 3 goals (6-0)
19th January, v Reading - goal (0-2)
27th January, v Spurs, FA Cup tie - 2 goals (3-1)
30th January, v Portsmouth - 2 goals (2-0)

Ronaldo, I suspected, would not have a season as he did last season but he is proving me wrong, coming up close at the moment. Without him, and to a degree Rooney, Utd appear to have an unpredictable day, though the two played against West Ham in the defeat in December. Ronaldo is scoring and scoring, sometimes two in a game, and it's goals that win matches mostly. The media have made him the darling of OT and if he is allowed a strike at goal from outside the box the chances are he will score 80% of them.

Adebayor has had almost the same impact on Arsenal but not as plentiful as Ronaldo in January. Others have mostly come to Arsenal's aid in Fabregas, Rosicky, Hleb and its mostly a combination of their playability that feeds anyone within the goal and it's anyone in an Arsenal shirt who has the knack or touch on goal. The formation allows Adebayor to handle efforts outside of goal as the lone frontman and for me he is just second to Ronaldo in his influence for his respective team last month.



Blogger T said...

Great summary Redsman.

Yes, it is unusual for only two players to feature in our voting this month but what a superb month it was for both Ronaldo and Adebayor - one underlining and the other making their claim to be two of the best up-and-coming players in world football.

2/06/2008 12:47 pm

Blogger Abdul said...

Redsman - thanks for summarising the latest EFT panel poll. Ronaldo and Adebayor have simply been awesome in January and indeed throughout the season and they rightly deserved to be acknowledged by the EFT panel in this way.

2/07/2008 9:48 am

Blogger Skipper said...

For me it was difficult to choose between the two.

Ada and Ronaldo deserve huge credit.

2/07/2008 6:39 pm


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