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Friday, March 21, 2008

Keane and Berbatov are a superb combination

I rank Tottenham in my top three Premier League teams to watch in terms of excitement and good football. They play an open attacking style of football that is good to watch led by two 27 year old forwards who individually possess excellent natural footballing ability and together are finding a great harmony: Robbie Keane and Dimitar Berbatov.

I have thought of Robbie Keane as a stand-out player ever since he broke through with Wolves as a teenager. At that time he seemed to possess a supremely natural talent with a football a lot like Paul Gascoigne. And that fantastic natural ability with a football is still at the core of his game. For me if he was Brazilian he would get more attention for his game because his instinctive flicks, imagination and shooting ability around the box is worthy of the land of Pele.

At last Keane is now starting every single league game under Juande Ramos after being subject to the strict rotation policy of Martin Jol. And the consistency of starts is enhancing the consistency of his play - this is definitely his stand-out season for Tottenham capped yesterday by his superb curling effort from 20 yards in the 88th minute to bring about a 4-4 draw against Chelsea in the Premier League match of the season so far. That was his 22nd goal in all competitions this season.

Alongside him in the Tottenham shirt is Dimitar Berbatov. This guy is a fantastic footballer. He has superb touch, balance, mobility, composure and football intelligence. His finishing from close and long range is excellent, he's a great header of the ball and possesses a winner's mentality. Again this is a player I liked before his Tottenham days, having seen him at Bayer Leverkusen and being astounded by a goal he scored for them in the Champs League against Roma. Check it out below if you haven't seen it - it is quintessential Berbatov.

Berbatov is not only a great player to watch but he is productive - just like last season he has already scored twenty plus goals this season. The play and the stats don't lie - Berbatov is a player to be reckoned with and I rate him alongside Mikel Arteta of Everton as the best player to watch outside the so-called 'big four' clubs.

The great thing about the Keane/Berbatov combination is that they are both intelligent and skilful enough to know how to combine as a pair as well as play individually. The fact that Ramos goes with them just about every match and that both have remained injury free are also important factors in what appears to be a natural affinity to link-up as an effective partnership.

Tottenham are an exciting and attractive team to watch with these two in the team. The big question is whether they can keep hold of Berbatov in the summer. For the sake of watching the increasing development of the excellent Keane/Berbatov combination it would be good to see the Bulgarian international stay at White Hart Lane.


Blogger RedsMan said...

Too true, T. Was saying to another that they both compliment each other so well why they both start. Keane's reaction to being subbed at Man City was petulant and out of order for one as vice-captain but he showed how passionate he is for playing, particularly alongside Berbatov. They both feel where the other will be, they both use combination of skill and movement to get around defenders and with Defoe out of Spurs, and them keeping fit, they wil remain first choice all the time.

Darren Bent is enduring a hard task of breaking in and he will have to enhance his opportunities when he gets them, otherwise he will continue to be a bit-part player. The only let down is Spurs' concentration as a whole, conceding many goals and losing the bal too easily, too often and without enough commitment. Going forward seems OK, not as sharp as preferred but sharper than before. At the back is where they can crumble, particularly without King as a marshal.

When you have Berbatov and Keane, it's almost a guarantee one of them will score every match.


3/21/2008 10:41 am

Blogger Skipper said...

Great pair. Berba with Torres would be great to watch.

3/23/2008 3:40 pm


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