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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Arsenal's Arsene Wenger: To go at the drop of a Trilby?

Did I hear an Arsenal fan call for Arsene Wenger to resign? Did I hear an Arsenal fan call for Arsene Wenger to resign?? Yes, I did, with reference to the comment here:

Since 1996, when Mr Wenger joined Arsenal, Arsenal had won what exactly?

The Premiership x 3, Runners-Up x 5;
The FA Cup x 4, runners-up x 1;
League Cup runners-up x 1;
Charity/Community winners x 4, runners-up x 2;
Champions League and UEFA Cup runners-up x 1.
The League and FA Cup double of 1998 & 2002.

Did I miss anything? Since the decade of the beginning of the Premiership, 1990, but before Wenger arrived, Arsenal had won the title the once, never a runner-up; the FA Cup and the League Cup the once, never a runner-up; shared the Charity/Community Shield in 1991 with Spurs after a 0-0 draw and runners-up in 1993 to Man Utd; won the UEFA Cup in 1994.

Count the shared Charity Shield, that was 4 and a half trophies before Wenger arrived. Compare that to 11 trophy victories during Wenger's reign and a very close shave in the Champions League final, the first time in Arsenal's history. Count the unbeaten season of 2004. Count the playability they are now renowned for. And then see if you can tell me, with all honesty, that it is time for Arsene Wenger to resign from Arsenal Football Club.

Shaking my head. Now when the time is shaky, when perhaps leadership is a question in the Arsenal team when the going is tough, uncertain, unpredictable, this is the sort of times that the fans' support is more crucial.

No one is happy with a loss, no one is happy if their team gets a result that is effectively not productive enough or at all, but you dont support the team expecting a win. You support a team for who they are, what they represent, come win, lose or draw.

Arsene Wenger to resign? Arsenal poised in 4th place, nine points behind the leaders. How many defeats thus far? Fulham, Hull, Stoke and Aston Villa, two home, two away. Utd won the title last season with five defeats. Yes, defeats so early in the season could be counter-productive but it isn't over. This is November.

I've been through this with some LFC fans calling for Benitez to go, amongst others. Enough said. Many ridiculed him, still do, many continue to say we will never win the league with him, whereas I have faith in him and feel he will make Liverpool league champions. However, he has made Liverpool a stronger challenger for the title since Graeme Souness' reign from 1992, with the exception of Gerard Houllier taking us to runners-up in 2002. We have been playing stronger football and we have a formidable European manager at the helm who is very tactical.

Arsenal do too. The media, bless them, go crazy over Arsenal's performances and Wenger's Midas touch. They did. Now they report on the decline, the likelihood of not being in the title run right now. They build you up and drop you down and all at a drop of a hat. For fans to question Wenger now, calling for his resignation, seems an equal drop in the sense of reality and practicality.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

When was the last time Arsenal won anything though?

11/16/2008 11:29 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Get a grip. You think Arsenal can do what Utd did last season? You must be blind or stupid. Surely both.

So one fan on a website say they want Arsenal out and you turn it into all fans want him out. What a knob. Shutup and stop writing blogs, you're useless at it.

11/16/2008 11:37 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

dont you remember a couple of seasons ago when manchester utd were doing badly people were calling for sir alex's head so patience is what arsene needs, he needs to tweak the formula of the team and bring together the right blend of youth and experience (preferably world-class talent)and if not this season expect arsenal to win the league next season.

11/17/2008 12:01 am

Blogger RedsMan said...

"When was the last time Arsenal won anything though?"

FA Cup I think, 2005, I think. It's been a while but Man Utd had a sticky patch themselves before they won the title twice and the Champions League.

"Get a grip. You think Arsenal can do what Utd did last season? You must be blind or stupid. Surely both."

Why not? Would anyone have wagered on Man Utd retaining the title after successive defeats to their city rivals, practically unheard of, and three other defeats, and their positioning, albeit briefly, 2nd from bottom? No. Suddenly they started to gain results and took themselves to the top.

Blind? Doing well for a blind person. Stupid? No, you have, you have 'surely' beaten me to displaying that.

People like you think everything is clear on paper, in black and white, and yet do not consider how possible it is for things to go against the norm, against the odds.

"So one fan on a website say they want Arsenal out and you turn it into all fans want him out. What a knob. Shutup and stop writing blogs, you're useless at it."

Arsenal out of what, exactly?? And did i say all fans want him out? My colleague, T, here, doesn't, therefore I do not refer to all fans, for heaven's sake. I have read in other forums the reaction of Arsenal fans right now at this point, it hasn't just been the one, and used my last paragraph....oh forget it. Pointless explaining to you. If anyone is useless, it's you!!

My article started as a comment on the previous article to those on here who seem to like attacking points of view, and yet not supplying in depth one of their own. Aimed at the likes of yourself.


11/17/2008 12:05 am

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Arsenal will never get a manager like Wenger, pure and simple. The thought of him resigning is ridiculous.

The only thing I will say however is if Wenger wants a new challenge for himself. He has been at Arsenal for a very long time and may think enough is enough.

Gone are the days where managers stayed at a club for years and years. Sir Alex is of course the obvious exception, as is Wenger.

I just cannot see Arsenal challenging for the league unless they spend the kind of money that Chelsea and Man Utd (and now Liverpool) spend.

Interesting time ahead for the best footballing side in England . . .

11/17/2008 8:48 pm

Blogger T said...

Thanks Redsman. Great comparison with Benitez: a few Liverpool fans were calling for him to leave last season and there others like you who had faith he had the calibre to get it right as demonstrated by his title success with Valencia and Champs League success with Liverpool. That faith is certainly looking good now - while those Pool fans who were calling for his departure have presumably changed heart.

The same definitely applies with Wenger - 100 per cent.

As for the second anon - anyone who insults in that way betrays real lack of respect for their own behaviour.

11/18/2008 4:48 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

What's this? A scouser talking about Arsenal? who cares, let theshits go down. They think they are better than us, how we wont go above them, they have Fabregas and Adebayor and all that crap and they go on about Walcott when he wasnt even from their academy! Jesus. He runs up and down for Southampton and he's average, he goes to Arsenal and does the same thing and he's a star!!

Then the kids, Jesus wet, it's like there's a bloody factory there and they come out all shiny and good. Stupid teams like Sheffied United and Wigan get exposed anyway and for a reserve side to beat you you should leave the top league. Remember what Fabrgas said about their ladies team and ours? Guess we should play them, they have more heart and cute tits! hahaha.

They deserve to lose all their games, about time Spurs came up and had them over for once. Fed up of this stupid poxy Goons giving it large, about time they got exposed for what they really are, a young squad of frightened kids who cannot handle against the big boys. How many defeats will it take to shift them out of the top 4. I say three more, cant wait.

11/20/2008 4:49 pm


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