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Friday, March 27, 2009

Adebayor neatly highlights clear case of 'misinformation' journalism

Here is Arsenal's Emmanuel Adebayor debunking the sourceless 'story' that featured quite heavily in the media yesterday/today (e.g. the Times, Evening Standard, ITV teletext) that 'a club versus country crisis' was ignited because of his selection for Togo this weekend:

"I am surprised that this issue has taken this dimension in the media in England because it is not an issue at all.

My boss Arsene Wenger gave me the permission to come here to play for my country and if I didn't have his blessing I wouldn't be here."

The story by Kaveh Solkehol in the world renowned Times (link below) always read like highly suspect conjecture and - in the form of Adebayor's dismissive words today - it got the treatment it deserved.

The public are short-changed when information journalism is overridden by sensationalist 'misinformation' journalism.


Blogger RedsMan said...

I haven't read the article but I'm already annoyed. Recalling the ridiculous rumour-mongering that occurred just before LFC faced Real Madrid at The Bernabeu recently.

Rafa was said to be leaving the club, yet more undermining of the man's strict passion for the club and his position there. What happened next? Well, we came away with a good defensive display and an away goal. The rest people in football should remember.

Now, this occurred as Rafa faced the very club rumoured to be interested in his services, where he played and coached before, at a time where his position with LFC was said to be under severe a juicy scoop at this time would be quite sensational.

It could hamper Liverpool in the Bernabeu, make Rafa look even more questionable were it to end in defeat, render his position shaky, he leaves LFC, goes to Real.

Didn't work, though. Despite the sensationalism. And the question is asked to Rafa, even after a good show and win in Europe, about his position.

Sensationalism. Some journalists' avoid it; others will try it; the rest thrive on it. Why did this journalist publish the article without checking the facts first? Perhaps it's bcause he comes into the three categories above.


3/28/2009 8:06 pm

Blogger T said...

Great example Redsman.

'Daily Sensationalism' - this would be an accurate description for some newspapers, so it seems!

3/29/2009 7:50 pm


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