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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sagna-Cahill-Samba-Vermaelen backline: title winning?

Yesterday evening I was told that within AFC headquarters the talk is strong that both Samba and Cahill will be arriving this summer to form a brand new centre-back partnership, with Vermaelen moving across to left back to replace the departing Gael Clichy.

If this is correct, then I think its time to get quite excited if you are an AFC supporter.

The thundering determination of Samba alongside the Bould-like presence of Cahill is something that I think would get all Arsenal fans fired up. Having two centre-backs well over six foot is a tantalising prospect having lived through a trophy-less era of small-sized six foot maximum centre-backs.

Playing Vermaelen at left back gives the prospect of added height defending set-pieces, which has been a major achilles heel for our great Arsenal. Plus we can discard the short corner option and aim directly on the six yard box for Samba, Cahill and Vermalen to leap powerfully through the air to head on goal.

A back four of Sagna, Cahill, Samba and Vermaelen promises battling grit, overriding determinaton and unstoppable power. Pushovers no more, we can have a backline that can out-muscle rather than be out-muscled.

Moreover, their presence can engender an increased confidence in the fans at the Emirates, whom with good reason have become increasingly edgy with the sight of our shaky defence of recent years vintage. A stronger atmosphere to will on the players will deliver better results at our Home.

I hope Sagna, Cahill, Samba and Vermaelen is the back-four line-up at the start of the season. If it is, Arsenal fans can be legitimately expectant that the title is ours for the taking.

Arsene Wenger, we are waiting on you to deliver as you have so many times in the past..


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wenger has to buy Cahill and Samba before we can talk about winning the title. You will notice that most title winning teams have a core of central defenders. In Arsenal's case,players have been rotated or found not ot be up to std

6/23/2011 10:13 am

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Im afraid your "source" is very much mistaken! It is unlikely at the moment that we will sign either player, so I would hold back your excitement at the new "back 4" of yours. What about Kos & Djou? Vermaelen is too good a CB to be wasted at LB, if clichy goes (which is likely) we will have to sign a a LB

6/23/2011 10:13 am

Anonymous Anonymous said...

personally speaking it would be a title winning back four plus u have kos who i think will end up a decent dm

6/23/2011 10:35 am

Anonymous Anonymous said...

We seem to forget how terrific Kos was and I would love to partner him with Verminator and see how it works and I am sure this is what Wenger is thinking as well. A defender who is likely to come in will be a back up to the two. If Clichy leaves we will definately need another LB as TV5 will be more useful marshalling our defence from the middle.

6/23/2011 10:54 am

Anonymous Anonymous said...

awesome backline..seriously would be dangerously classy both solid in defence and monsters in the box and HEY while wer at it id sign baines at left back n put the verm in def mid with song and hands down you could play any formation from there up..that would create not just a mean team but a solid squad who could all rest and at d same time have to fight for your place..players like arshavin would have the freedom to just attack, the boy isnt lazy hes just not built as a defender...anyway even the others would hav to fight rather than become complacent eg. nasri arshavin walcott and even fabregas..its do or die and i enjoyed the article...HOWEVER even though i heard a similar rumour and it was the first time i forgot about the likes of falcao and hazard etc and realised the possibility of making the three defensive signings and with all the possible formations it would be genuine title contending list..AGAIN as much as i have faith and appreciate arsene wenger it is the first time thoughts of doubt hav crept into my system particularly wen it comes to transfers and keeping your current stars together..i too believe that this will in no way happen and BE LUCKY TO SIGN EITHER PLAYER(S).. the transfer window is very complex and we'r all great managers from behind the t.v or on playstation..our attack was never the problem season just past, our attackers couldnt score as many as we leaked in and wen the confidence even cockiness goes then the whole team is FUCKED...People we should be happy if we sign any quality centre back with barclays experience..what im scared of is the signing of another lanky defender from ligue 1-2..ARSENE, i WONT tell you how to do your job but trust our teams Xamount of million fans and BUY THE TEAM A SPINE..YOU JUST CANT CUT CORNERS IN THAT DEPARTMENT.. 80% of our goals last term came from set pieces and penalty give aways..the rest is from confidence BROKEN!!!!! good article though, GREAT TO DREAM FOR 5 MINs

6/23/2011 10:58 am

Anonymous Anonymous said...

It would not be a bad idea if verma plays @ lb next season. It would not be a permanent position,he can give room for gibbs to develop. We should remember we have to keep d squad devoid of injuries also. Kos/verma can also try their hands on the DM position. We really need to be tight and serious minded @ d back. Hope wenger buys both players but if u ask me... I doubt it

6/23/2011 11:05 am

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Playing Vermaelen left back is ike playing Messi Defensive Midfield. You must be kidding.

6/23/2011 11:11 am

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't be surprised Wenger doesn't sign anyone.He believes with another year's experience perhaps his kids could finally deliver.We have all heard it before.
Imo,it's better to get better qaulity players or Arsenal risk becoming irrelevant.

6/23/2011 11:36 am

Anonymous Anonymous said...

If those 2 players are signed, Samba will be playing DM with Verma and Cahill at CB and Kos at LB.

6/23/2011 11:49 am

Anonymous Anonymous said...

cahill,gervinho,oxlade-chamberlane,vertonghen,and maybe fellaini in..out,clichy,denilson,vela,bendtner,rosicky,squillaci,almunia,and eboue.berlane,vertonghen,and maybe fellaini in..out,clichy,denilson,vela,bendtner,rosicky,squillaci,almunia,and eboue.

6/23/2011 12:49 pm


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