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Sunday, March 13, 2005

Man Utd in FA Cup pedigree

Out of the four FA Cup matches over this weekend, only Utd came out the most scorers, which I believe emphasises further how much they were allowed to play by a very poor Southampton. Even on their best day one can hold Utd to a defeat and Southampton were having a good run of results.

Leicester gave Blackburn some hard competition at Ewood Park and looked more likely to score until Dickov scored the penalty. I felt the award was slightly fortunate, Pedersen seemed to go down some time after the initial contact from Darren Kenton. But the penalty was well taken, Dickov thumped it down the middle. I hope this has taken some sting out of Blackburn for Wednesday's game.

Newcastle started very well against Spurs, another quarter-final early goal within five minutes. Dyer had roasted Atouba on the right which led to two fouls and a booking so Atouba was on very edgy waters. Spurs responded by having another as back-up whenever Dyer faced Atouba, but after the booking Dyer hardly used the right again. Nice worked goal by Shearer and Kluivert.

Newcastle sat back and allowed Spurs to come at them and eventually rode out the storm. Spurs were mediocre, Defoe tried once or twice to huff and puff, Kanoute put in some effort but little conviction applied. I had a little feeling that after Newcastle had beaten Spurs before in the semis, they would do it again. However, with Newcatle having three bookings to Spurs' six, how a second yellow never followed for any of those 9 is amazing.

Man Utd, Arsenal, Newcastle, Blackburn, it's the Red Devils who seem to have the most pedigree for the cup. I'll guess that Man Utd v Blackburn will happen. A Utd v Arsenal final....Part III of the season. Anyone injured between now and then will play with crutches if necessary.



Blogger T said...

Newcastle will have beaten Chelsea, Spurs, and Man Utd if they are to reach the final. No mean feat- and evidence to suggest fate will finally award Shearer silverware in his hometown colours.

3/16/2005 1:17 am


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