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Saturday, May 07, 2005

Response to replies on 'What the UEFA is going on?'

I understand the expressions of annoyance from most of the replies to my blog yesterday, 'What the UEFA is going on?':

"You can thinly veil your self righteous with the odd 'full credit' and 'tremendous season for Everton' all you like. But to say that UEFA should change their rules just to accomodate Liverpool is quite simply arrogant. The Spanish FA chose Real over Zaragoza, quite simply because who Real Madrid are....No other reason than that Zaragoza were expendible."

I'm praising Everton for their performance this season, having been relegation fodder previously and now have leapt bounds to be in position for Europe's biggest competition. Because I'm a Liverpool fan, that means I do not possess the objectivity to praise/criticise other teams when I believe it is due?

"Did Brazil appeal to FIFA when they were told that they would have to qualify for the next world cup? No, of course not! teh just accepted the RULES and got on with it."

Brazil were not in a position of being outside the top four places in the World Cup. After the initial group stage, the progressive teams enter a knockout phase and are not in league positions. It is not the same as the Champions League, we're not dealing with FIFA. The hosts of the World Cup have the automatic right to play in it without going through qualifiers.

'Back where you belong' - did I include these words? Please point them out to me if I did, it certainly would be a serious error on my part as I don't agree Liverpool are back where they belong.

"....your comments regarding why Everton should take EUFA cup football ("Considering how long Everton have taken to even rise up the table, much less be in a position to experience European football again, after some 25 years, I think they should take the UEFA Cup campaign") are elitist and imply that you think Liverpool have some sort of right over Everton as their richer neighbours."

Please, I urge that particular 'anonymous' author to read my blog again and notice the paragraph beginning "However, Everton would be doing a favour for Liverpool....", and read on. I defeinitely do not differentiate Everton and Liverpool on account of their financial status.

"Redsman seems a bit put out at the prospect Liverpool of being excluded from European football through no fault of their own? Maybe he can empathise now with Evertonians in the mid eighties?"

No, not put out, that's wrong. I did say my views would be the same were it not Liverpool (paragraph that begins "I don't agree the rules are fair, and that is in regard to any two teams."

I now refer to the reply by 'mcefc'. The reference to Chelsea is incorrect in so far as Chelsea were in the semi-finals last season, therefore they had experienced the qualifying round, and the lead up to the semi-final. It couldn't be a case of them not being used to the Champions League.

If the rules are that Liverpool do not get the opportunity to defend, were they to win the trophy, then there is little to nothing anyone can do. The decision is final, and I, for one, adhere to that. Yes, I would like the opportunity but no one and no team are above the rules.

"thats [deleted] that everton be denied place in champions league!!if ever any team deserves to play in CL next year its everton for their stupendous achievements thr the whole of last year,& i'm an arsenal fan sayin this......its pathetic u say everton should play in uefa cup, its sick[though i want liverpool to win the CL this year]"

Again, I refer to my paragraph beginning with "However, Everton would be doing a favour for Liverpool...."

The majority of replies stipulate I am bias towards Liverpool, rules should be changed to suit my team since that I glorify them now they're in the final, and Everton should pass on to the UEFA Cup for our sake. The authors of those replies should refer to my blog and read it again, they would see I had put the point why I felt Everton should go onto the UEFA Cup, and then immediately afterwards stated the point why I felt Everton shouldn't. If I was bias, would I have done this? Even where I stated praise, I was criticised.

I am a Liverpool fan but I use objectivity when stating my views. I criticise and/or praise any team as I see fit, that shouldn't make me out to then be subjective.

There had been mention of the hope that Liverpool are heavily beaten, to quiet the voices of their fans in regard to defending the trophy. I've not mentioned anything in the vain that Liverpool will definitely win the trophy, there is no way I could do that. AC Milan are a reputable side and, owing to the views stated in a number of the replies, Liverpool's football has a lot to be desired. I don't disagree with those views, Liverpool's football most certainly needs to improve. Yet I am obviously in the hope that we do win, and feel it is harsh we cannot defend the trophy if we do. However, if the final decision states we cannot, that will be accepted and we'll move on. I said I would forfeit 4th place for a win on May 25th, even if it meant we wouldn't be in in 2005/2006.



Blogger SKG said...

As a Liverpool fan I don't care about 4th place so long as we beat Milan to lift the trophy. We might not get a chance like this for another 20 years.

5/07/2005 10:52 am


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