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Monday, July 04, 2005

Liverpool FC & Gerrard

I saw on Sky Sports News Rafael Benitez stating categorically that the club offered Gerrard the chance to sign a new contract three times, each time they were told to wait. That was because he wanted to see where Liverpool were going. We were in the Champs League and I suspect he was waiting for us to go out and that would have confirmed to him to leave. This is why he made his comments about how he doesn't think we will get far in the competition. I haven't forgotten that.

He had the ultimate role of being captain and lifting the European Cup. He wouldn't have heard of being substituted, would have killed to remain on the pitch. He has that memory of lifting the cup, now he has what he wanted, is it now time to go? He had said previously on at least two occasions he is ready to sign, which I think meant at the time he was ready to listen to an improvement to his current contract, not an extension.

The word from his agency is that the situation isn't about money. Then what else can it be about? The club wants him to sign, he wants to sign, agency sees more money elsewhere. It IS about money.

Rafael has made four signings of Zenden, Barragan, Gonzales and Reina, key to his plan in improving the squad and the club's performance. We're due to play in the first qualifier very soon, defend the trophy, something which we pressed UEFA to do despite the rules. This, all for Liverpool, should content Gerrard about staying. But it's not about Steven Gerrard and Liverpool, the fans, the passion, the history. It's about the current rate of value someone else can achieve through him.

Gerrard said after Istanbul how could he leave the club after the final? Well, according to his agent, and NOT Gerrard, all positives about holding further talks are now dashed. Therefore Gerrard is prepared, according to his agent, to listen to offers elsewhere. So Gerrard, therefore, does want to leave, and that would make what he said after the final, in that post-match conference, uttery hypocrisy.

I never fully grasped why managers and chairpersons dislike certain agents, if not all of them. I certainly do today. It was leaked that Liverpool FC showed signs they did not want him, why talks have collapsed. Not for one minute will I ever believe that, how that absolute piece of rubbish could get out to be believed is incredible.

Gerrard needs to really re-think his actions from this point onwards. If he wants to stay, and I think he does, sign tomorrow. Otherwise, tomorrow, I want to hear from him that he wants to leave and is not interested anymore in signing for Liverpool FC. Leave SFX at the door and sign now.

Or pack up and go.

It's your choice, Steven.



Blogger SKG said...

as a liverpool fan i want gerrard to stay simply because he's the best player we've got. however if gerrard doesn't want to stay then we should sell him now otherwise we risk losing him like we did owen for a misely sum.

my gut feeling on this matter is that liverpool don't want to sell him but at the same time will not be held to ransom by him. this is entirely the correct way for liverpool to behave because no player should ever be bigger than the club.

I just don't know what gerrard is thinking at the moment. if he wants to leave then surely its about the money because he might never win the champions league with another club again. we must not forget that in the last 5 seasons, liverpool have won the champions league, uefa cup, fa cup and two league cups not to mention the european super cup. so gerrard cannot say that's he's leaving because he wants to play for a team that wins trophies.

it must be about the money. in fact i'm thinking that gerrard cannot even use the excuse owen used that he wanted to leave to play abroad because if that was the case then gerrard would never consider moving to chelsea.

it will be a great shame if gerrard goes but no liverpool player should lose sleep over it because there will always be another steven gerrard around the corner. that's life, that's football.

7/04/2005 9:02 pm

Blogger Skippy said...

Stevie G is going to be wearing a Liverpool shirt next season.

7/04/2005 9:58 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Stevie G is a disruptive influence with just days left before our first game of the champions lge title defence we definetly do not need this nonsense at the club..Monday was day we were meant to celebrate the signing of Zenden..but instead Stevie Gs media fiasco has ruined it..shame on him he should be sold by the end of the week..he is not indispensible

7/04/2005 10:46 pm

Blogger T said...

As an Arsenal fan I've seen this all before with Vieira.

Pat is a top player, and was tempted by the challenge, opportunities, and change in lifestyle of playing for a team with the history of Madrid. However, when push came to shove, Pat realised what he was leaving behind and could not take the plunge.

When Stevie looks back at what he will be leaving will he feel the same way?

He has been playing in a Liverpool team that has only once genuinely challenged for the league title in his time at the club. He has particlularly been frustrated that in the last three seasons his team has been way of the pace in the title race.

Its not about money for Stevie because he has millions in the bank. It is about guaranteed genuine championship challenging opportunites every year. He is after medals.

We all know that Stevie doubted Liverpool's chances to win in Europe by his remarks before the Leverkusen game. This displayed a lack of faith in his team.

Despite winning the champs league these doubts may not have left him. In the cold light of day he might see Istanbul as a one time wonder.

His agent has a financial interest in Stevie moving. SFX will stress the advantages of a move for Stevie's career opportunities.

With all this on his mind, Stevie is confused. There are advantages in staying, and advantages in leaving.

It will all come down to the moment when push comes to shove. At this moment it will dawn on Stevie what he will be leaving behind if he leaves. He is the main man at Liverpool. He will just be another player elsewhere.

I think he wants to remain the main man. If Liverpool allow him, he will give it one more year, and see what Liverpool achieve in the Premiership. If they again fail to challenge- he will go.

Will Liverpool give him that one more year? Or will they want to cash in now and avoid the Owen/Mcmanaman scenario?

7/05/2005 11:50 am

Blogger RedsMan said...

TS, I see your comment as a fair analysis fo the situation. Give the club another year, and if after then we have not improved, then contemplate leaving. At least give us the chance. As Rafael Benitez said, he is signing players who he feels can improve the squad. Hardly a central defender, we have a keeper to replace Kirkland for the moment or Dudek for good. We have a right back and two wingers, and there are three others coming, one of them could be Dirk Kuyt.

Owen left for honours and got nothing while ironically we won the top trophy in his first season absence. If people feel that Beniteza is the managerial equivalent to Mother Teresa and conjure miracles overnight, they need to check reality. We may need a season or two more with him but I certainly have good faith in his judgement, thick and thin. He is in charge, he has experience, he is the in-sight.

I said before, I would have loved seeing Mourinho come to Anfield and transform it into a title-winning side without the finances he has under Abramovich. People say it isnt about money. Well put the man at The Hawthorns and let's see. It has been forgotten that Dave Bassett raised Wimbledon FC through each league into the top flight, and they still gave the top teams trouble in their prime.

Benitez doesn't pride his skills on having vasts amounts of transfer kitty. he wants to raise players and prime them into excellence instead. No one may have heard of Mark Gonzales or Antonio Barragan but they may very well do so when they play. Gerrard may well be right that when Liverpool do challenge, it maybe too late for him. But Ts is right, he is trapped between home soil, loyalty and more likely honours and larger wages.

It is not to say he cannot leave, it happens to a lot of players. But under the circumstances he said 'yes' and now seems to be eternally saying 'no' to LFC. I dont feel Liverpool lose out either way.


7/05/2005 1:34 pm


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