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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Beckham gets better as Porto go down

Beckham's display last night was again excellent and he has found some new zest in the past couple of games. His crosses just rained in on Olympiakos that they had little to aid any aerial challenge, hence the curl that came round for Raul to head in. Though The Greek side had a nice, somewhat I believe fortunate, spin on Kafes' shot (seemed as if he was aiming to curl round Casillas' right), Beckham came once again to bail out Real with yet another delivery that was finished second time round by Saldado. Beckham clearly should feature for England on the right side. Real should have wrapped up the game some three goals before. New recruit Sergio Ramos was again dismissed in injury time, this time for violent conduct in reaction to a challenge.

Porto's shock defeat to Artmedia was another match that went against expectation, the home side being 2-0 up as well. Quaresma curled superbly with the outside of his right boot for Lucho Gonzalez, Diego finished a nice run for a second and then it all came tumbling down as Artmedia played and Porto stopped. Petras got one back before half time with neat foot control, and then in the second half a counter-attack from a Porto corner found Kozak on the left and he too showed neat foot work to go round Baia and score. Porto were asleep at the back when defending a Kozak free-kick, allowing Borbely to steal ahead of Ricardo Costa to touch the winner.

I felt that Inter were rightly denied a goal from the spot, Waterreus touched the ball and it took little for Julio Cruz, in for the rested Adriano, to go down, similar to Reyes against Ajax. Inter made little of their home advantage and the free-kick was very unlucky for Rangers.

Fenerbahce enjoyed a good game against PSV, who seemed a shadow of the side last season in the semi-finals. Then, they held up AC Milan to the end. Last night they were comprehensively picked apart. Vennegoor of Hesselink handballed ridiculously, Alex stepped up well for the penalty, Gomes didnt even move literally until the ball was kicked. In the second half Vennegoor of Hesselink committed football suicide by pulling on Selcuk, and was duly sent off. One Fenerbahce player reminded the ref it was a second booking, and another applauded the sending off, unprofessional in my opinion. The ref is administering the law, not judge, jury, and executioner on a wanted felon. Anelka then explioted space on the left and fed Alex for his second, such a simple head down that surprised me Gomes didnt stop. Appiah wrapping up PSV's dismal night with a third.



Blogger T said...

Yes Redsman, Beckham has been turning it on in the last few weeks. He is at the top of his confidence, and it is showing in the energy and invention that he is displaying for Real.

When RVN watches the supply Beckham is delivering I wonder what he feels? Man Utd have not been the same since Sir Alex let go his main creator in his prime.

PSV have sold Van Bommel, Lee, Park, Farfan, and Bouma since their exploits in the champs league last season. They have also sold Romario, Ronaldo, Robben, VNR in the past decade. They may have comprehensively lost to Fenerbache but you have to say that their scouting and coaching capabilty is top drawer.

Final note on the UEFA Cup: I hope Mikel Arteta has a full recovery from the sickening fit he suffered yesterday in injury time of the Dinamo Bucharest match following a needless aerial barge in the back by Mihaita Plesan.

And the Everton support was great- they really valued the excellent effort put in by the players as they attempted in vain to equalise the first leg 5-1 deficit.

How Everton miss Carsley and Gravesen?!

9/30/2005 12:39 pm

Blogger RedsMan said...

Thank you, T, i too echo those words regaridng Arteta, the intended collison was made all the more dangerous and sickening having to watch the Spaniard be brought round by the training and medical staff past a bout of fits to a recovery position.

The Romaninan should be hauled before UEFA as an example to stamp out such contact in the sport. Duncan Ferguson was seen to aim a deliberbate elbow in the game that, too, could have had dangerous consequences. We have had one player die on the pitch, God forbid we have anymore.

I also liked the Everton support, the crowd knew how imprtant the game was and didn't, like Liverpool fans 24hrs earlier, disappoint. It was good that David Moyes stated to the players that no one is to cease play for an injured Bucharest player because they like to feign injuries, or in Plesan's case severely cause them. They came to rely on their 4 goal cushion and played most fo the game so lamely it was disappointing that Everton didnt hit them much harder, for they certainly could have.


9/30/2005 3:12 pm

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