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Sunday, September 04, 2005

Djibril Cisse will prove his doubters wrong and bring joy to Liverpool fans

Djibril Cisse (DC) shows so much passion and commitment on the pitch that I am now confident about him being a real hit at Liverpool.

If anyone wants to understand what it means to score a goal, you just have to watch the way DC celebrates after scoring a goal. When he equalised in the Super Cup few weeks ago, his beaming smile and hands punching the air was very touching, especially given all the rumors surrounding his “imminent departure”. That was a message to Rafa, don’t let me go and give me a chance.

DC has a lot to improve if he wants to be a success at Liverpool. However, I have seen glimpses of brilliance to think that he will deliver. In the modern game, strikers need pace, DC has that in abundance all he needs to do is to learn how to use his electrifying pace to frighten defenders in the Premiership and Europe.

He scored two well taken goals for France last night and was involved in the other goal as well.


Blogger SKG said...

cisse has the potential to score 20+ goals every season for liverpool. he certainly looks fired up so far this season. i don't think liverpool will regret losing out on michael owen.

9/04/2005 10:14 pm

Blogger T said...

All credit to Cisse for his comeback from that horrific compound leg fracture- that in itself shows tremendous heart.

He does have many assets you want in a striker- speed, strength, a good shot. Somehow I'm not convinced if he is making the best of these assets. When he runs with the ball he can be clumsy.

Once Crouch is fit I'd be very interested to see who Benitez will pick as his first choice.

He does have passionate celebrations which I always like to see- it reflects on the passion that person has for the game.

Not sure about his hair and facial hair though!

9/05/2005 11:43 am

Blogger Abdul said...

I agree with TS, Cisse should be making more of his assets. But everyone forgets that he is still very young and learning. He already looks like a much better player now than when he first joined Liverpool.

His second goal against the Faroe Islands was a great strike - this guy is very confident at the moment.

9/05/2005 12:14 pm

Blogger RedsMan said...

Scoring for club and country surely stamps enough authority on a passport that needs only one airport - John Lennon. He wasn't going anywhere, I don't believe Benitez was touting him for sale. What for? Not for Owen, we wanted him at a cut price to that offered by Newcastle. The rumours about Cisse moving occurred before the CSKA Moscow leg at Anfield, so it was old news by the time Owen was ready to step to the UK.

Can you imagine that transfer rumours plagued on Cisse's mind and yet he comes to the Super Cup as a sub and scores twice, sets up a lovely cross for the third that made our wing play for that game embarassing? And then goes on international duty and, amongst the likes of Henry and Wiltord, Malouda playing well, scores twice and was involved in the own goal? Excellent response and long should it continue.

Benitez has mentioned that he has spoken to Cisse about his focus from now on, to ignore the press speculations and help rejuvenate the success of the team's progress. Right now, people can forget about the current News of The World article regarding Cisse's disgruntlement about learning the club wanted to sell him. They didn't, they don't, we don't and he stays. Benitez kept silent on the issue, which was taken as a sign Cisse was for sale. But, if one is in tune with the law, silence is not to be taken as acceptance!

Crouch is said to have come through a reserve game recently and if Morientes still fails to score after 3 appearances, Crouch will start with Cisse.

Final note. Remember how Liverpool were meant to be chasing Jean-Alain Boumsong, who apparently snubbed us for Rangers FC, to eventually end up at Newcastle and defend poorly against Man Utd's two goals? Good thing we failed then, no one moaned about that deal going bad.

We may have missed out on some players but that doesn't mean we miss out on progression, which is more useful than a few signatures.


9/05/2005 4:20 pm

Blogger Berry said...

Cisse could be a better player if he spends as much time on the training pitch working on his first touch and shooting as he does working on his dance moves at the local night club.

9/07/2005 11:05 am


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