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Friday, November 18, 2005

Roy Keane: A tribute to the greatest gladiator to have graced the modern game

Keano, when you first stepped into our theatre,
you took to the stage to ensure victory as if you cared for no other matter;

Keano, your passion, your determination, we will always love and cherish,
this admiration no other player in the world will accomplish;

Keano, from your very first season you elevated us to an exalted status,
now with you gone who will inspire us?

Keano, even your dark, dark side we learned to endure,
because you were our fooballing knight in shining armour, our saviour;

Keano, nobody will ever forget your contribution over the past dozen years,
when we won the European Cup, most of our appreciation was for you, do you remember our cheers?

Keano, you will agree that things have moved on and we need to rebuild,
we must create a new team, a team fitting for the staduim that for so many years you have thrilled;

Keano, you will always be revered, you were our modern day gladiator - farewell RK16

1999 Intercontinental Cup Winner
1994 Premiership Champion
1996 Premiership Champion
1997 Premiership Champion
1999 Premiership Champion
2000 Premiership Champion
2001 Premiership Champion
2003 Premiership Champion
1994 FA Cup Winner
1996 FA Cup Winner
1999 FA Cup Winner
2004 FA Cup Winner


Blogger RedsMan said...

Thank you, Abdul, I don't think I can add to your words, sensing the passion as the one man who would probably take on a side on his own departs a legend. In Vieira and Keane, the respective sides have lost their skipper and talisman within months of each other.


11/18/2005 7:39 pm

Blogger T said...

Excellent tribute Abdul. Yes Redsman, Vieira and Keane has gone.. but both had given a long service and teams' must move onto a new generations.

Young Fabregas will never be a Vieira, but hopefully time will tell that he also had a massive impact for AFC.

11/19/2005 12:04 pm


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