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Saturday, December 02, 2006

Could 3-5-2 solve Liverpool's problems?

Liverpool secured their first away win of the season today. Perhaps more importantly, Liverpool produced their best performance of the season. They played in a 3-5-2 formation. The change in formation has been unavoidable since most of Liverpool's midfield players are injured. This may be a blessing in disguise judging from today's performance.

We all know that Gerrard prefers playing in central midfield and we all know that Rafa likes to play two defensive midfielders in Alonso and Sissoko. The 3-5-2 allows all three to play with Gerrard staying in the middle. Today we saw Luis Garcia occupy one of these central positions and that again is another useful option if Rafa wants to play with more a more offensive approach. At the back too the trio of Carragher, Hyypia and Agger sound a formidable combination. Finnan and Riise too seemed to relish playing as wing backs.

So on paper 3-5-2 sounds the way forward but nearly every team in the Premiership plays 4-4-2. Perhaps Rafa needs to see how it works over a period of time, and especially against the top teams. Nevertheless, it's about time we saw Liverpool produce a decent performance and just maybe 3-5-2 is their ace in the pack.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

maybe its the right formation to play with, until Sissoko comes back, and even then Rafa could go for it

12/03/2006 12:19 am

Anonymous NH said...

It was a good performance from the Redmen, though I thought we were rather lucky for the first and second goals as they started from Wigan mistakes. But still, you take whatever chances you are presented with and I'm really happy for Bellamy.

On 3-5-2, it is a refreshing system, but it would have to depend on the speed and pace of the two wingbacks to backtrack quickly.

12/03/2006 2:14 am

Blogger RedsMan said...

Thanks chaps for your coments. It was about time for many reasons: 1) For the result after the lack of penetration against Boro and Pompey; 2) For the tally, the most so far; 3) Most importantly away from home; 4) Bellamy added to his single goal against Blackburn with two more after a troubling time through the courts over matters which I sensed would never substantiate in any shape or form.

It was about time. When SKG mentioned in his previous article of his comparison between Houllier and Benitez he was castigated. I want those same voices to speak now.


12/03/2006 12:50 pm

Anonymous hawks said...

First off I would like to point out that this game was NOT Liverpools best performance of the season, but uncharaceristically efficient one. However, I agree that 3-5-2 very well could be the solution to the away problems, with more presence in the middle.
I doubt Benitez will stick to it when the wingers come back from injury though, as the formation excludes types like Gonzales, Pennant and Kewell

12/03/2006 2:01 pm


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