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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The best of Bendtner, Captain Senderos and Diamond Denilson

This one minute highlights video of last nights Carling Cup match between Arsenal's young guns and Newcastle contains three moments of play that shines any Arsenal/football heart.

19 year old Nicklas Bendtner's leaping power header had great timing and looked so natural and dominating. For me there is a touch of Duncan Ferguson in this header... and I hope there is more like this to come from our Danish superstar in the making. A great first competitive goal for the club.

Captain Senderos showed the anticpation and commitment to get back and make a goal-saving challenge. As the cliche goes: it was as good as a goal. Phillipe is still only 22 years old- which still makes him a baby for a centre-back. I have a lot of faith in Senderos as I always see in him the determination and desire to improve and succeed and it is a case for him now to mature in his decision-making and on-field confidence.

And 19 year old Denilson's peach of a strike is awesome viewing: showing his shooting technique is equal to his obvious fantastic technique and workrate. For me Denil is a certain diamond in the making; a certainty to progress into a great player under Wenger.

The Carling Cup made for wonderful viewing last season and it continued last night. This cup is perfect for the aspect of Wenger's Masterplan to develop and mature his young players through first-team action as soon as possible. Every extra match played in the competition is one more match of experience and progression for our young guns and in this context the existence of this competition - which I used to look as quite irrelevant - is now proving to be simply invaluable.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry? Captain who? Oh, you mean the jerk in the centre of defence with the red and white cape on, which must have flapped in front of his face because he was his usual hesitant paranoid self. Must have learned it from Toure. All this person comes out with are bits on Arse-all winning. It took your so-called fantastic youngsters 83 minutes to get anything which was just poor defending of an easy cross. Denilson scored with a shot outside the box that could have gone anywhere so just luck really followed, as always, the Goners at home. See what can happen to youngsters at Old Trafford? Think you can get all the way with them? *Chuckle*. Everyone thinks we are dead and buried because one man leaves the club. See what we did to Hull? Well, let's see if your damn superhero can get anything round us now. You Goners were just laughing at him when he got sent off and now he's "Captain Senderos", bloody Senderdross. You shouldnt have said anything about the Blues and it will come back and bite you. We did it before and we will do it again. Oh yeah, the race for the title is not over, in case you feel happy in our place at the top.

9/27/2007 12:22 pm

Blogger RedsMan said...

Well Anon (12.22PM), if I perceive you correctly, you're referring to T, who has written about other aspects in the game, not just on Arsenal. The previous articles are there, just click at the right side for any month and they are displayed. The key thing was, IMO, that a number of Arsenal's younger squad were in action again and whilst they did not break through until the 83rd minute, perhaps crucially they did not concede either. The fact that they won and still did not concede bodes well with the Gunners and T.

Denilson's strike was superb. OK, it could have gone anywhere but so could have most shots. the fact that it went in and how made for a great goal. They look good if saved or off the post, they look better when scored. Good goal, so too was Bendtner's header.

And also I did not see anything hostile in T's comments on Chelsea. The article supplied was quite interesting and suffice to say the controversy is not yet over at Stamford Bridge with Avram Grant's credentials in question and the rumour of another coming in to take over eventually. The Hull game was well needed to stretch out and run out the feeling and emotion within the squad and four goals put paid to that. Now they have a home game to further emphasise the spirit.

The fact Marco van Basten was at Old Trafford last week was very coincidental, as coincidental as his excuse for being there was breakable: 'I was there to look over Edwin van der Sar'. I do agree that the title race is not done, no way, with 30+ games left it cannot be. Anyone who feels anyone has won it at this point is fooling themselves.


9/28/2007 8:14 am

Anonymous Anonymous said...

GunnerPete says...We do get some very strange and sad people on these sites pretending to be football supporters. judging by the content from Anon...I suggest he/she is about 1o years old and hopefully will grow out of these petulant ways.

As for 'T' he always writes a fair & honest comment on matches and on issues. Yes he is a Gunner but I suspect Redsman is a Liddypill man. So what. We are all entitled to make our opinions known without agressive attacks. So Anon..if you feel that bad about a totally inofensive article like this, I would advice you to stop drinking coke and go to bed earlier.

Whilst we are making notes...I hope we can make some comments on the drsgraceful performance of the Milan Goalie against Celtic. Yes the fan needs a brain transplant, but the sheer calculated cheating dive by Dida was disgusting and only equalled by another Brazillian in the world cup a few years ago...yes the fan hopefully will be banned for acouple of years, but thats all he deserved for over enthusiasm and the slightest of touches on the shoulder. Dida deserves a ban also for being a liar & a cheat. something like 10 games without pay should do it!

Final point. Mr Coles wife (some singer Im told) has made some usual dim remarks about little hubby being depressed because no one spoke english to him in the dressing room. Campbell Hoyte & Walcott were never there then. Then bless her ingnorant little cotton socks she boasts that she stopped his 'Dream Move' to Madrid where the whole club speak english non stop of course! Apparently she said it would ruin her singing career????????????Sorry, many comments spring to mind but none shall pass.

Come on Cashley...just this once, be a man and admit you loved the idea of being wanted by the money bags of Chelski. So you crept behind the AFC's backs (who had treated you so badly over the years) and sold out for CASH>

10/04/2007 10:31 am

Blogger T said...

Good to have your comments GP.

I noticed the comments from Ashley Cole's wife and agree with you that there are many unflattering things you can say about them. On the point that he left because no one spoke English: Thierry, Cesc, Kolo, Pat, Freddie, Sol, Hoyte, Theo, RVP, Senderos, Jens, Adebayor, Gilberto etc.. all speak English and from what I've heard quite a bit better than Ashley Cole. I simply couldn't beleive this comment- it is the sort of provocative total nonsense you would only expect to hear from someone like the despicable Peter Kenyon.

It is clear from Cole's demeanour that he knows he made the wrong career decision leaving Arsenal- he will never gain the affection of Chelsea fans and in the rest of football he is seen as an ungrateful sell-out. Well done Mrs Cole for reminding everyone of this.

As for Dida- even his own teammate Kaka is deriding his reaction. He should be reprimanded in some way.

10/06/2007 11:46 am


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