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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

England will not qualify for Euro 2008 . . .

. . . well not unless Israel hold Russia to at least a draw and even then England would have to beat Croatia.

The fact is England only have themselves to blame. The away games at Croatia and Russia were always going to be tough, but England still should not have lost. The tame 0-0 draws against Macedonia and Israel are proving to be disastrous results now.

Mclaren's record is played 16, won 8, drawn 4, lost 4. That is simply not good enough and the fact is that England should never have put Sven's right hand man in sole charge in the first place. Mclaren did not come with a list of trophies to his name or even the name of a big club on his CV. England were never going to be a force to contend with under Middlesboro's ex-boss. The FA did not have the guts to clear out Sven's management team when he left and now they are paying the price.

This harks back to the those dark dark days under Graham Taylor.

What a disaster!


Blogger RedsMan said...

It's daunting. The Croats need simply to shut up shop for most of the game, if need be. We have to rely on the Israelis keep Russia to a minimum of either a draw or defeat and for us to beat Croatia for it seems a mere formality for Russia to get three points against Andorra. Anything can happen in football. The Russians were spurred on by the necessity of a win, which you cannot do without one goal more than the opposition. Gerrard said the plan was to get the lead and shut them out but it seemed we negated on finishing off chances when granted as a result.

Even after the penalty, surely the writing was on the wall with our defending, to enclose it more, make it tighter as we were being put under such pressure as to almost creaking point. Once again the Russians were allowed to come forward and take a shot which led to the winning goal. There can be arguments that Robinson should have held it regardless but if we'd finished off chances, had more of the game under our belt, then justifiably we would deserve something from it. As it went we got what we put into the game overall, nothing. And the team takes the blame for that, not individuals, not McClaren.


10/18/2007 1:02 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry but didn't McClown-en come from Man Utd as a coach? Big enough team for you, no? Eh, look at that. Quieroz went to Madrid and was so cack he was sacked months later and comes back to the only place who'll have him and gets all cocky again like a little boy behind his daddy again. Now McClown-en leaves utd goes to Boro and then England manager and he cannot get a grip. Utd give us cack coaches who think theyre bollocks cos their at UTd but get found out. Our players dont play anymore cos they cant, living on their rep but they should stand aside if they dont deliver cos the young ones want it more.

10/19/2007 8:07 am

Blogger Skippy said...

Now perhaps is not the time to start an inquest into the rights and wrongs of selecting an unproven manger. I have never been a fan of the England manger. I agree with SKG, he lacks credential to have landed such a high profile job. I also question the current crop of underachieving England players. On paper, we are world beaters, on the pitch we never seem to deliver when it matters.

I have not enjoyed watching England since Euro 96, when they excited me with their attacking football and were so unlucky not to go all the way. My memory also tells me that England had a good team in 1990 World Cup.

Even if England pull off a miracle and qualify for Euro 2008 I will not change my view that they have the wrong man at the helm with underperforming "super-stars."

10/22/2007 4:09 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Blaming England managers has become a pastime. We delude ourselves that because the premiership is so good - the england team should be good. Wrong - if you take away the foreign (that includes Wales) players from the "big four" teams - then make a team from those players left - it wouldn't even win the UEFA cup let alone the European cup! English player just aren't very good.

10/22/2007 4:10 pm


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