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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Watch out for Anderson!

Anderson is going to be a massive player in world football - if you are not already on notice about this you are now. Anderson Oliveira is being used by Alex Ferguson and Carlos Queiroz as a central midfield player with immense mobility, power, skill and determination. He is not phased by big matches - thriving when thrown into the first team for Man Utd in big league matches at Arsenal and Liverpool. And in the FA Cup power victory over Arsenal yesterday, he set the tone for Man Utd's fearsome momentum along with Rooney (who always performs with fire against Arsenal) and the underused Scotland international Darren Fletcher.

He was bought for £17m so its not as if he came to Man Utd with little pedigree. In fact he was named the player of the tournament at the World Under 17 championships in 2005 and the evidence from his play at Porto and now for Man Utd is that he has not become complacent in his development. This is a guy who is not standing still - instead just like his game on the pitch he is driving forward relentlessly.

There is a snapshot from Anderson in the Arsenal FA Cup match that makes me believe in his temperament and character. The score is 3-0 and after an hours play of great energy a Man Utd attack involving Anderson ends up with Jens Lehmann grabbing the ball. The camera focuses on Anderson who is jogging back to the half way line and then as soon as he realises the ball has been thrown out close to him his face contorts with fierce determination and he sprints with total commitment after the Arsenal defender. It was an amazing picture - and for me showed me the passion I always look for in any up-and-coming player. When I see this natural passion I start to believe in that player - and if that player also has great talent then you start to believe that you are witnessing a potentially massive player.

So watch out for Anderson - for me this player will become one of the best.


Anonymous hattrick said...

Agreed, I think he is now the lynchpin of Uniteds midfield, more influential than Scholes, Carrick, Hargreves and Fletch. Everything goes through him. His ability to pick a pass, vision, tackling. Wonderfully brave header last night to set up Rooneys first, and an unbeliveable volley, which had it gone in last night would have been a goal of the month contender. Once he gets his first goal, they will start flooding in.
Hope he is in from the start against Lyon

2/17/2008 4:09 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Absolute Garbage.

Jenas looked a world beater against Gilberto. So did a 10 man Burnley. You can put anyone up against Gilberto and he will have a good games.

2/17/2008 4:18 pm

Blogger T said...

Fair point anon if yesterday was the first good game I'd seen from Anderson. But Anderson has been undeniably impressive in every big match and to me has more ability, determination and power than Jenas who has consistently flattered to deceive after his first season at Newcastle (way back in 2003).

2/17/2008 4:33 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

So now nani is a world beater after playing against aimless Arsenal .I will like to see how good he is when not given the time and space.
I hope he plays agaisnt Lyon or Chelsea in the next round plus the fact he is new to the epl.
Once the defenders cotton on to him we can see how good he is.
By the way one dove sorry swallow does not a summer make.

By the way is.

2/17/2008 4:42 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anderson is quality, and the fact that he was subbed on 70 mins suggests that he is going to play from the start against Lyon, which can only be bad for them. He's now dominated Gerrard, and Fab (twice) to name the biggest scalps. Definitely in the 1st XI for me.

2/17/2008 5:37 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

How can you compare Jenas to Anderson? Jenas is in his mid 20's and has been playing in the premiership for the last 5 or 6 years. He is a good player but will never be close to world class. Anderson is 19 and in his first season in the premiership and a new country and culture. He will be world class if he continues to perform like he is doing and could potentially be the best in the world, he is that good.

2/17/2008 5:39 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

anderson is pure quality, he will soon eclipse rooney and ronaldo to be united most important player. I give him 3 years to become fifa player of the year.

2/17/2008 6:04 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

"He's now dominated Gerrard, and Fab (twice) to name the biggest scalps"

Dominated? You been drinking, mate? Gerrard didnt play in the league as Gerrard does, Utd had nothing in that game but two chances on goal throughout. As for twice with Fab, Fab scored the equaliser to make it 1-1 in the league and Fab wasnt Fab yesterday, so you are talking more in the clouds than on the ground. God, getting too happy in the moment from one win. As for Anderson, he was better yesterday but hasn't set alight the Premier League like a Scholes, only because he is Brazilian why it's mentioned in the first place. He isnt anything like the author above is making him out to be otherwise he would be something in the mold of Ronaldinho by now.

2/17/2008 6:48 pm

Blogger RedsMan said...

OK, it was the game of the round and it was all Utd's. I felt Anderson and Fletcher with Carrick were excellent, the trio hardly let up on anything and they all closed down the Arsenal midfield to prevent their free-flowing play, and followed up on loose balls for the counter-attack. It would appear Arsenal play in a way to siphon out the opposition's weakness and alertness and then capitalise on it with numerous attacks to see how they cope. They got short-change from Utd in that respect.

My MOTM was not Rooney, it was Nani, he came over in a Ronaldo mold, trickery on the ball, getting forward more, more control, more concise with contributions, more focused, to the extent that the BBC replays featured on the moments when Hoyte, Flamini, Eboue and Gallas kicked out at him. He therefore caused more problems than Rooney and his remaining on the pitch throughout the ninety minutes emphasised his involvement in all of what Utd created.

Eboue was so out of order with his challenge and it baffled me why he did it. I must say that thre had been talk of Arsenal being kicked around the pitch by opponents yet there it was they were doing the same thing to Nani. It made for a spoilt brat attitude of not getting their way and petulance seeping in. Gallas was captainmaterial to come between Adebayor and Bendtner against Spurs that time then gets involved with petulance and 'handbags' with Nani for Gilberto to step in.

Anderson has potential to be so superb with a team like Utd which has consistency overall and a manager in Ferguson to looks to nurture talent so well. For me, Scholes can be defensive for Anderson to go forward more often as the ideal centre-midfield pairing for Utd. Hargreaves and Carrick have a major battle to be chosen ahead of those two.


2/17/2008 7:01 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

"He's now dominated Gerrard, and Fab (twice) to name the biggest scalps"

Dominated? You been drinking, mate?

No we haven't but it is obvious that you have. You are forgetting that Anderson came over to united half-fit recovering from a broken leg. So far Anderson's display against Fabregas has been imperious and that's away from home. What makes him unique is that he does the simple things and as his confidence grows, will then really start to dictate the midfield. It took a little while before Paul scholes dictated our midfield, I believe Anderson is of the same mold. If you want to judge him against Scholes, then judge him you must but atleast let him get 2 seasons under his belt. Fabregas's days (as well as Gerrard) are numbered in the clash againt Man U. If you can't see the evidence in that then you really should stick to your Armchair and not pit yourself against the real supporters who to the games!

2/17/2008 7:41 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Two of the league's great central midfielders against Anderson after one match? Broken leg? Shut up, pal, he had no broken leg when playing for Utd so he ws fit, stop the excuses. Nothing was said about Anderson before because Giggs and Ronaldo with Rooney have carried the side throughout the season and Anderson was nowhere. One match and you are hailing him like a midfield genius. Shut up. We stand five pts ahead of you, so no competition cup but we can hack the league right from under you. Who has lost the most? Who tops the league? At what cost? You stay there in your armchair, pal, and watch us handle you like the little pits you lot are. We have Flamini, Ade, Fab, Rosicky, Hleb, Gallas, Toure, Clichy, Eboue and Almunia commanding in goal you are going to eat your words! Be back here to say 'sorry' if you dare. 'Real supporters' live in London and support London sides like the Gooners, while you glory hunters sit on arses in M25 like you followed Utd for years! Joker.

2/17/2008 7:50 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's amusing, everytime there is a big match we get the articles from people surprised how good Anderson is. I guess this will continue to happen for a few months yet. United fans have known, ever since the game against Wigan earlier in the season that Anderson is something very special indeed. He has skill, pace, strength, attitude and vision. He's already one of our best players even though he's still raw and inexperienced and finding his role in the team. The mind boggles at how good he could be in a few years time.

2/17/2008 10:44 pm

Anonymous Jimmy D said...

Bottom line. Anderson has his back pocket full of opposing midfielders, and fabregass and gerrard lay in there somewhere down the bottom

2/18/2008 4:53 am

Anonymous Anonymous said...

fact is we've been praising anderson for awhile now. even before the arsenal thrashing. More praises now after. It shows his getting praises consistantly which is healthy. we dont have to compare him to feb or stevie cause theres no way of asking a gooner or kop to view it the way we see. We'll leave it in time to tell.

ps: for all i relate, anderson nutmegged feb, and knocked stevie off the ball. he's 19 and his a devil. cheers.

2/18/2008 7:44 am

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anderson has been doing nothing to impress, where was he during the defeats you have had? Not there? Injured? Non-existent in the game? Didnt have Fab at The Emirates, who scored the goal for 1-1? Fab. Who came off with 15mins to go? Anderson, so good that he came off! Two jammy goals adn you think you had us? You're joking. Manure lot get happy cos you were rubbish last week couldnt even beat Man City. Who came off in that game? Anderson. Nuff said. One game when we didnt play and you lot are all over it. Get lost, glory hunters and be here when we carry the title and bow!

2/18/2008 8:12 am

Blogger Skipper said...

Anderson was superb against Liverpool.

He reminds me of Edgar Davids at his best.

2/18/2008 9:21 am

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anderson and Mr H dominated midfield against Liverpool and Arsenal both away from home this year, this lad is a genius, couldnt care less if he never scores, power, pace, committment...was "golden boy" fabregas playing saturday????

2/18/2008 11:13 am

Anonymous Anonymous said...


I wasnt supprised at the sending off! I think Eboue is trying to get pay back for Evra breaking Eboue's leg in their last game in France resulting in Evra being sent of on that occasion!

Alot has been made of Nani's show boating but come on lets get real here! The comintators and press are missing the big picture! Its gallas who lost control and SHOULD have received a RED!

Im just glad it wasnt rooney he kicked! For one, Both would have gone! Specialy after Rooney had planted him!

2/18/2008 11:18 am

Anonymous Anonymous said...

to the commenter above, i think you were referring to sagna as eboue has never played in france before.

2/18/2008 12:07 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

fact is Anderson was great against gerrard and fab. he has been brillient all season. look at how quickly he has adapted to the game in england and when gerreard was his age he was not half the player.

2/18/2008 12:11 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's an urban myth that Anderson cost £17M. It was £8M+add ons, which mean if United win the League & Champions League for the next 3 seasons then, yes, it will cost them £17M - well worth it IMO.

2/18/2008 3:01 pm

Blogger T said...

Thanks last anon for the clarification.

2/18/2008 3:37 pm

Anonymous Jimmy D said...

Spot on, Both Anderson and Nani are £8M+add ons.

2/18/2008 8:44 pm

Blogger Abdul said...

Great piece T which has generated lots of debate!

Anderson has been impressing for a few months and you are absolutely spot on about his tenacious work ethic which is combined with exceptional skill.

It will be very interesting to see if he starts on Wednesday against Lyon. His performances certainly merit a place in the first 11 but, unless United play a five man midfield, I think Scholes will come in to add some experience for the away leg.

2/19/2008 10:19 am


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