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Monday, August 15, 2011

Thank you Cesc - Wilshere and Ramsey development will make up for his loss

Cesc Fabregas will sign for Barcelona today after completing a medical at the Nou Camp. The composed tone-setter of Arsenal since debuting as a sixteen year old will be missed. He brought a lot of class and decency to the football field in the Premier League and I wish him continued progression at his home club.

Thank you and best wishes Cesc!

With Cesc gone the onus on Jack Wilshere and Aaron Ramsey to lead the Arsenal midfield has heightened. And I am extremely confident in their ability and mentality to take on this excellent responsibility.

Wilshere and Ramsey are the two most exciting midfield talents that Britain had produced in the last decade. Wilshere held his own against the magnificent Barcelona midfield of Xavi and Iniesta to underline his innate superb ability and tenacity. Meanwhile, Ramsey has shown enough on the pitch before and after his horrendous leg break to demonstrate that he is a box-to-box midfield talent reminiscent of Liverpool's Steven Gerrard.

20 year old Ramsey is already the captain of Wales while Wilshere has shown the relish, drive and maturity on the pitch to be a future Arsenal and England captain. Both have the temperaments to ensure they can achieve great success.

Arsene Wenger has the managerial excellence to ensure that both these players fully develop their potential and I have no doubt that the future at Arsenal will be very strong with these two tremendous young talents in the centre of pitch. In my opinion they certainly have more than enough in their games to cover the departure of Cesc from AFC.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a plank...... you honestly think that Wilshire and Ramsey will be enough to get us out of this mess??

Your and idiot..... especially when you talk about Wengers managerial excellence ..... sure the same managerial excellence that has led to us not having won a trophy for 6 years and the EPL for 7, the same excellence that broke up the invincibles too soon because he wanted to build the side around Fabregas. The same excellence that has now lost the belief of the playes to the degree that 2 of the 3 World class players that we had are leaving the club because they dont believe that we will win anything with the squad we have (and trust me Fab would not have left if he had been holding up the EPL trophy or the FA Cup last year!!)and neither would Nasri.

Wenger lost it 6 years ago and he will never bring anything back to us other than more failure and becoming thought of in the same way as Liverpool, Everton and heaven help us Sp*rs!

8/15/2011 12:21 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

screw the haters, here here to your artical, guess for these neg heads there are plenty of other negitive blog to keep them content but it seems even those sites arent enough to vent their anger.

8/15/2011 12:32 pm

Blogger T said...

Thanks second anon.

8/16/2011 4:24 pm

Anonymous pay per head services said...

I really think that Arsenal has a serious problem of inconstancy, in the end of every season, they are losing their team stars, Fabregas was the last one of many, they should make an effort to keep those players

11/07/2012 9:52 pm


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