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Monday, March 21, 2005

The battle over, the war continues....

To add to Skippy's words, Liverpool won the most crucial derby they've ever faced. The difference was that if they'd lost, we would have been 10 points adrift with little hope of catching them, much less overhauling. It showed in the first half how much the game meant to them. But there are other, as Skippy stated, crucial 'derby' games to approach between now and end of season. That includes the Champs League.

And like a real strike of bad luck Liverpool have continuously endured this season, injuries have accrued. Four of them in the first half when we completely snuffed out Everton's light. Garcia bravely played on and can now rest, if he decides not to feature in Spain's friendly with China. good thig Morientes wasn't chosen. Can you imagine if Pellegrino, Gerrard or Carragher had fallen, along with Riise, and Riise had to play on?? Why these injuries????

Well, now it's a reality check and Liverpool have to deal with it. While Warnock has swelling and hopefully will go down, Hamann and Morientes have knee and thigh strain respectively. The Spaniard is said to need three weeks. It could be sooner than that, I hope. And to suggest the side for Bolton is premature, rather wait until nearer the time to discuss. Fortunately there are two weeks break.

Baros went off for a bad tackle that there are no complaints about. Rafael turned to the bench and then gestured with his hands and body language as if to say 'Why did this have to happen, now?!' Liverpool fans point out Everton's tackling but the Toffees were being their usual physical self. Yet Gerrard and Hamann smartly plotted the freekick, as Carsley, Osman and Cahill turned like frightened mice rather than face the ball. That way, they may have seen it to block it. Morientes struck a sweet volley for Garcia's goal, Martyn caught out in two minds to catch or palm it. Weir and Stubbs are two oldheads who usually hold a strong defence but were it not for Baros' ineptness to finish, one chance coming from Stubb's slip, Everton would have been out of reckoning for any comeback.

Amusingly, Moyes came on and replied that no criticism could be aimed at Martyn for the second goal, yet then went on to contradict himself by saying Martyn could have done better for both goals, particularly the first one. Alan Stubbs has said that continental players are always dropping to the ground and referees still cannot see it, in reference to Garcia's reaction when fouled by Hibbert. Perhaps Mr Stubbs would care to view the replay of the incident, and witness Hibbert make contact, stubs up, with Garcia's shin, completely missing the ball. The only complaint is that Hibbert wasn't booked then, he would have been off later on. I viewed it over and over again on Andy Gray's 'The Last Word', after the match. Also, Mikael Arteta, continental?? Hasn't he dropped to the ground before??

Another thing Andy Gray mentioned during TLW. Rafael should have a recording of the match and play it for the players to watch, see how they should be playing with urgency and passion that has been missing mostly this season. Mr Gray was, as he is mostly, spot on. Everton had to wait until three Liverpool injuries in the first half and a sending-off to gain anything, and it came immediately after Baros left, while Liverpool were recovering from reeling further under their player misfortunes. Cahill finished very well.

Then the moaning. While Rafael refused to comment on Rob Styles' officiating, David Moyes did nothing of the kind. He blamed Styles for not adding more than 3 mins, a Liverpool and Dudek for timewasting for holding onto the ball and taking a goalkick respectively. As if Everton and their fans wouldn't have and haven't done the same themselves.

The battle commenced and was won. Now the war continues and casualties currently seem to want to undermine the effort. But bravery and heart should pull the others through, as the hard work doesn't relent, and neither will the enemy....



Blogger Berry said...

Showing the Liverpool players the recording of the game will not be enough. Rafa can do with capturing that fighting sprint in a bottle and releasing it in the dressing room on the day of the Bolton game. It’s something some Liverpool players seem to forget after a big game. Let’s hope the real possibility of playing UEFA Cup football next season soon kicks in.

3/21/2005 9:10 pm

Blogger Skippy said...

The thought of Liverpool playing in the UEFA cup must be making Rafa cringe, lets hope the players fight hard in the remaining matches

3/21/2005 11:28 pm

Blogger Abdul said...

I am sure that Liverpool will qualify for the Champions League. Everton are in free fall and Bolton will settle for UEFA Cup football next season.

This league is poor and Liverpool are one of the few sides with quality in their team. Class always tells.

3/22/2005 2:17 pm


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