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Friday, March 18, 2005

Where are we going?

Having come from a home game with Blackburn which we should have won but instead played quite woefully to earn a goalless draw, Liverpool enter the weekend with the knowledge that:

1) they face Everton on Sunday needing DESPERATELY three points, which would put them four points behind the Toffees and make 4th place more interesting to monitor.

2) it is the 201st Merseyside derby, as opposed to it being the 199th, as stated during John Barnes' Football Night last night on ch5. Great production and research team there.

3) they face Juventus for the first time since Heysel 1985 in the same competition, and so they have to work on a strategy to face that QF.

4) To lose the derby on Sunday would make Evertonians scoff after 'Pool fans and continuously barrack and banter us throughout the remainder of this season and pre-season.

5) Harry Kewell has voiced his rebuttal to Benitez's opinion of the Australian's current injury situation, instead of speaking to the manager directly to iron out any discrepancies and keeping any exchanges behind Anfield doors, when in all due respect Mr Kewell has delivered very, very little to believe he warrants the right to say anything publicly. This goes on to disrupt the atmosphere at the club towards a big moment in their season.

6) To allow Everton to emerge into the Champs League, even if it is the qualifying stage, is to allow the memory of Merseyside to be stained and distorted forever in Europe, especially as Liverpool wouldn't be there.

7) Losing on Sunday would also mean Bolton will be above us if they win, and not only goodbye to Champs League, particularly making way for Everton, but also it would put us in the UEFA Cup mold, which we do not want if we aim to be amongst Arsenal, Man Utd and Chelsea.

8) Statistically, Everton supersede Liverpool overall, something that the table already shows, but in the last 10 games Liverpool have won one more, lost the same and drawn one less, which could read that we are getting slightly better while the Toffees are coming to a dip.

Facing all of the above and still drawing against Blackburn, where are the Liverpool players going mentally? Are they focusing on what is at hand or are they waiting for pre-season to see if the manager is breaking up the team? Because when you face the above and Blackburn comes to Anfield, after playing Everton themselves and Leicester in the Cup quarter-finals, and Liverpool play with little conviction or desire, you have to ask the question....

"Do you feel lucky?"

"Well, do you.....punk?!!"



Blogger Berry said...

1. It’s the £10m game.

2. John Barnes was right. Everton should have gone down a division in 90s. Dodgy Wimbledon keeper.

3. Need a strong performance at home and even a stronger one at Turin.

4. You give some. You take some.

5. You can understand the manager, player and fans frustration over Kewell’s injury. They are yet to see the best of Kewell. It’s was even more frustrating on Wednesday when the manager looked for a player to turn around the game but could only put on Biscan and Nunez. This was followed by, ‘ohhhhh’ from fans.

6. That would be another kick in the teeth.

7. The Pools can’t afford to take a backward step. They are too far as it is from the Big Three. They have to step up a level every season.

8. We know the only stat that matters is at the end of the season.

3/19/2005 10:17 am

Blogger Skippy said...

Liverpool are so inconsitent at the moment and that is why I expect them to win tomorrow. They got their bad performance out of the way against Blackburn

3/19/2005 11:30 am

Blogger T said...

I fancy Everton tomorrow- which should mean a straightforward Pool victory.

3/19/2005 4:09 pm

Blogger RedsMan said...

I agree with Skippy, have said so to Sunil. It has been an ironic period this season, when we should win we lost, sometimes draw, when it is touc-and-go we pull a result, sometimes draw. We should have won on Wednesday, people say we will forfeit today. A win, something like 2-0 would do. But such a score would win backs against the wall and defending to the hilt, grabbing two goals from the few set pieces we gain. It is possible.

3/20/2005 2:55 am


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