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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

A job still to do

The qualifier on Saturday served to warm up England for tonight. Already I have heard members of the media state it is a match of not if England win, but by how much. Didnt we say the same thing about San Marino in 1993 and we didnt qualify despite a 1-7 win? San Marino scored in the first opening seconds in a game we were meant to win without conceding, Gaultieri waltzed through our supposed strong defence. We ended up 2pts behind group runners-up Holland.

Gareth Southgate has spoken that up-n-coming players are hungry and waiting in case the likes of Beckham falter, so Beckham has to be on his game. I find this unusual for Southgate to say this, they could be words taken out of context, it wouldn't be the first nor the last. Nonetheless, the first teamers should be professional and focused, it would be typical for England to lose shape and allow a goal through before waking up.

As for Rooney, assault allegations against him were withdrawn by the person who made them. The chap in question makes light of the comments he said which originated the incident, and speaks on about Rooney asking him to repeat his words and then allegedly striking the chap three times. No condoning assault, or any other offence, yet approaching someone like Rooney and saying comments that are, in all probability, to cause offence is risking being assaulted. I can't understand why one would want to do that and risk being hurt, except for bragging about it later to those who have a low esteem to want to listen. That is no disrespect intended to The Sun newspaper, who bought the rights to publish the chap's version. Pitiful.



Blogger Skippy said...

England did do the job but these qualifiers don't interest me there are so many poor teams in the groups.

3/31/2005 12:16 am

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