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Sunday, April 03, 2005

And just when all was going well.....

'Amazing' is the only superlative I can think of, perhaps 'astounding', 'unbelievable', or even 'bizarre'. 'Disgraceful' sounds more appropriate, 'humiliating' summarises the game for the home fans. I speak on Newcastle v Aston Villa. Already 0-1 down, the Magpies entered the second half slightly better yet still some way from overcoming Villa. They did show some glimpses of getting a goal back, until Steven Taylor's dismissal for inexplicably handballing. Or it may have been for the theatrical body movement showing a man in extreme pain, and then recovering fully to acknowledge the red card and walk off. Nicky Butt awfully gazed and then caught out by Vassell.

The decision to award a penalty for Steven Carr bouncing into Vassell was wrong, replays showed the contact happened outside the box but such decisions are given at the speed of play, though if there is doubt, it shouldn't be given. And if that was worthy of a penalty, then the contact on Taylor for a corner and the push on butt by Samuel in the Villa box should have both been given.

But the above superlatives apply to Bowyer and Dyer. Players on the same side may not agree with the decision of another, but professionally they must get on with the game for the benefit of the team, not persist in arguing. Here we need to apply the school of thought in such matters to these two, as Bowyer possibly disagreed with Dyer's decision to pass elsewhere not for the first time in the game, with Dyer retorting back. Souness poured the blame Bowyer's way, which was wrong for me. Dyer aimed a punch himself and missed, and he added to the incident by standing up to Bowyer instead of moving away and getting on with the game.

Watching Shearer speaking to Bowyer immediately after the incident gave me the impression he was Bowyer's side, he didn't speak to Dyer, and this is pure speculation on my part. but he seemed more concerned with Bowyer than Dyer. Is there a particular dislike towards Dyer from Shearer? Perhaps I should read no further into that. The main thing is these two behaved like thugs and they were equal to that, equal to dismissal and should therefore be equal to internal punishment as well as that from the F.A.

From recent improvement in the League, quarter-finals of the UEFA Cup, Shearer signing for another year was a big boost for ticket sales and club morale, and then the back four went out of sync, Villa even had firm defender Mellberg coming off and still Newcastle couldn't thread out a goal. Decisions clearly didn't go their way in open play and finally two hot-heads, on and off the pitch in my opinion, decide to have fisticuffs during play. It took the gloss of an otherwise promising form for Newcastle.



Blogger SKG said...

I feel sorry for Dyer as it seemed like he was trying to shield himself from Bowyer. OK so at the end of their brawl Dyer was seen to throw a punch but by that time Bowyer had thrown about 4 and had head-butted Dyer. For me the sickest site was the look on Bowyer's face when he was being restained by Gareth barry. He looked like Jack Nicholson from The Shining - a complete madman. Bowyer should be banned from playing football. Dyer will get punished too but Bowyer is the culprit here. First Bellamy now this - what else is left for Newcastle this season?

4/03/2005 11:56 am

Blogger T said...

The Taylor 'gun-shot' act is the funniest thing I've seen on a football pitch since Giggy's men-in-tights routine against Man City; top-marks for Hollywood style over-acting.

I agree with Redsman that Bowyer and Dyer both deserve severe punishment; how can Dyer and Souness claim that only Bowyer threw punches?

This forum has said a lot about Bowyer in the past. He is clearly a thug in a football shirt and needs some sort of counselling to curb his aggression. Sunil, what you saw was pure anger, and I agree it was shocking to see.

Well done to Gareth Barry for quickly intervening.

4/03/2005 4:13 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't like Bowyer or Dyer. Football has served these guys well, and they just keep throwing it back.

I hope we see the back of them, especially Bowyer, who is a thug. Dyer is just a show off.

4/03/2005 10:12 pm

Blogger Abdul said...

I agree with Sunil, the look on Bowyer's face as he was being pulled away by Gareth Barry was that of a complete madman.

Incidents like this remind me that footballers are the worst role models in society.

4/04/2005 11:33 am


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