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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

The Champion league?

Yesterday we were treated to two matches of importance. Well, they all are to respective teams but yesterday's matches formed more than mere entertainment. I was hoping for Southampton to upset Bolton, and to a degree they did, albeit Bolton got something out of the game. The surprising thing was so did Southampton. The cliche 'a game of two halves' applies. Southampton were swamped in the first, and then decided to fight back in the second, and credit to the South Coast side, they equalised. Bolton were very close, Davies clipped a spinning effort wide of Niemi that clipped the far post, Gary Speed came in with a close-range header that Niemi stopped, Diouf missing the rebound by skying the ball from some 7-8 yards from goal. I can imagine Mr Allardyce's frustration, and that of the Bolton following.

But that's only one out of three for me. Everton host Man Utd, on Sky Sport. I'm not sure if Rooney will start or is fit, I imagine he is and if so the crowd will get behind him again as they did so willingly in the cup tie between the two. No ball sponsors pitchside, please. If Man Utd beat Everton, then it will be up to Liverpool to beat Portsmouth, and we haven't enjoyed much joy at Fratton Park since they were promoted, so this is another crucial game for the Merseyside Reds. Having been granted the draw last night, Liverpool need to do their work again and hit Portsmouth hard from the kick-off, there is no space for slacking this evening. Either they have the will, the desire to beat teams or give up on 4th place. Portsmouth are a decent side, I believe Yakubu will not feature tonight, yet LuaLua, Fuller or even Camara have the annoying knack of carving chances from little, so focus and accurate finishing is key tonight.

And if that wasn't enticing enough, Chelsea and Arsenal - Part II. They have met in the league, FA Cup and Champs League previously, now Wenger will seek to at the least put some kind of a dent in Chelsea's title race. I understand Henry will not feature, as well as Ljungberg, yet Campbell should be making a return.

Europe has the Champions League, the Premiership is the Champion League.

Some titbits about past football.....last night, Rob Styles made a mistake in awarding Boro their penalty and I don't know if you can put the decision down to the speed of play. I always felt that the linesman is best placed to judge, were the ref not up with the incident at the time, and therefore if the linesman makes a decision, the ref follows it, regardless. Mr Styles was adamant about his decision, and it seemed hasty. Again, some you win, some you don't.

I don't think Andy Todd had intention of aiming an elbow towards Van Persie initially, yet he aimed one almost immediately after contact, and that is what has resulted in his charge at the F.A. For me, he is guilty.

Spurs' Edman unleashed a serious effort from all 35-40 yards that left Dudek in utter submission, it was a superb effort, and it had to happen to Dudek. Liverpool didn't falter, and credit to them in getting back, Garcia placed almost a similar effort in terms of finish. Liverpool need shoring up at the back, someone who will Roy-Keane them to keep the back line alert. Carragher went to sleep and didn't noticed Keane, and was very unfortunate with the deflected goal. The header shouldn't have happened in the first place. What was Gerrard thinking of when he took that penalty, other than to prompt the groundsman to change the nets? And we had chances to go ahead and perhaps add to a lead but again it is the misses which rued the day.

Rio Ferdinand coincidentally in the same eaterie as Peter Kenyon, twice? Another illegal approach? Ferdinand with a secret desire to return to London with Chelsea? Everybody wants to go to Chelsea?? Ferdinand's agent is Pini Zahavi, who allegedly orchestrated the meeting between Kenyon, Mourinho, Ashley Cole and Ashley's agent, Jonathan Barnett? No, I don't see anything in it. Only that Ferdinand has yet to sign an extension, while Chelsea could be considering his services to replace Gallas......?

Anyway, here's to a Liverpool win, a Man Utd win (both comprehensively), and a cracking entertaining match at the Bridge, tonight.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Liverpool won, Man Utd lost, Chelsea drew and another step towards EPL...

Liverpool trophiless this season

4/21/2005 3:08 am

Blogger SKG said...

Liverpool might not win any silverware this season but I have seen enough to suggest that the future will be full of trophies. Bentiez has transformed a team who under Houllier were one of the dullest outfits I've ever seen. Under Benitez they have played some of the best football I've seen his season.

Anyway don't be so sure that Chelsea will beat Liverpool in the Champions League semis. And if Liverpool do get into the final I cannot see them losing it.

4/21/2005 9:59 pm

Blogger T said...

I am constantly astounded and impressed by the confidence of Liverpool fans.

Respect to the Pool's achievements in Europe thus far, and if the players have the same optimism as some if its fans, than the shock of all shocks may indeed materialise.

4/22/2005 10:46 am


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