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Monday, April 18, 2005

Liverpool have better chance of winning the Champion’s league than finishing fourth?

Liverpool fans have had to endure a roller-coaster of a season thus far, and with every game there seems to be a new ride, so how will it all end?

They stand three points behind Everton, who have a game in hand, Bolton have also overtaken them and now face a home game against the struggling Saints. You don’t have to be a mathematician to work out that qualifying for the next year’s champion’s league is no longer in Liverpool's hands.

Liverpool played some sensational football against Tottenham in the second half on Saturday and were really unlucky not to get the three points. However, at this stage of the season it is all about winning matches, and playing good football and not taking your chances is not a recipe for success.

I also thought that Rafa made a tactical blunder by playing three centre-backs, Paellegreno is not a left back in my view and he struggled to cope with the little threat, which Tottenham posed in the match.

Liverpool now have two potential tough away games in space of four days, nothing short of six points will be good enough to have a hope of putting pressure on Everton and Bolton.

By contrast, Liverpool are only three games away from winning the champion’s league. They just need to put in three solid performances, and they will achieve, what some would view as being impossible. I however believe that Liverpool have a better chance of winning the champion’s league than finishing fourth.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


The Pope died.
Wales won the grandslam in rugby
Liverpool lost in the final of the Cup to the team tha later won the Championleage (N. forrest)
Liverpool became the Eoru champions

The Pope died.
Wales won the grandslam in rugby
Liverpool lost in the final of the Cup to the team tha later won the Championleage (Chelsea)
Liverpool will become the Eoru champions

4/18/2005 10:20 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

How many times can a Pope die?

4/18/2005 10:41 pm

Blogger T said...

For Liverpool to win the champs league they will have to overcome Chelsea in two legs, and a super-impressive AC Milan side in the final.

Of course, anythings possible, but such a success will prove to be the biggest surprise since Greece won Euro 2004.

Are Liverpool the new Greece!?

P.S. Divine intervention is actually the most plausible explanation for the Pool's run in Europe thus far!

4/19/2005 10:09 am

Blogger Skippy said...

Liverpool have been sensational in the Champion's league, they are nothing like Greece.

I would also not count out PSV, there are many turns and twists left in this fantastic competition.

Liverpool fans will believe that anything is possible

4/19/2005 8:55 pm

Blogger Abdul said...

With Bolton adropping points yesterday - it seems no one wants to lay claim to the fourth spot. The team finishing fourth looks like its going be the team dropping fewest points rather than the team winning most points.

Like I said in a previous post - I am fully behind Liverppol to beat Chelsea in the semis - but it will be a tough task against Milan in the final. I dont give PSV a chance in hell against the Rossonieri.

4/20/2005 12:21 pm

Blogger Berry said...

The Liverpool players probably feel the same way. They seem to be picking and choosing which games they want to play. Players raise their game when they play big European games. It may be hard to sustain the same level of intensity when playing league games, but they should be able to do enough to win their home games and against teams in the lower table, especially when they know what is at stakes.
In Europe it is a different story. While other teams were making their customary early exit from the competition, they seem to be gaining more confidence and playing better and better. Understandable since Rafa is used to playing European teams and it will take him and the new players time to adjust to the premiership.
Liverpool fans will hope to achieve success on both fronts.

4/20/2005 5:44 pm


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