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Saturday, May 07, 2005

ITV don’t deserve to broadcast the champion’s league final

Four days later as I look back at the epic battle of two giants at Anfield I am still awe struck by the atmosphere that was generated in the magnificent Anfield.

Twenty minutes before kick off you couldn’t hear the loudspeaker. At the final whistle, Anfield stood as one and over 40,000 fans held their scarves up and sang the most rousing rendition of “You will never walk alone”. I could feel the passion that was reverberating from this famous stadium. At that point ITV decided to go for a commercial break, for me, this was totally disrespectful to football fans. It does not matter who you support, as a football fan, everyone is entitled to witness such passion.

ITV also did the same before the start of the game and the start of the second half. Then to top this off they had Terry Venables, Michael Owen and Gabby Logan in the studio. Gabby was too busy looking beautiful, Terry could barely string two sentences together whilst Michael was dying with envy not to be out there. As a team they failed to analyse the game in detail and capture the atmosphere of Anfield.

This was a game that needed great pundits and a great presenter, this was a game that would have been better presented by SKY or BBC.

In my view ITV don’t deserve to broadcast the final, I know Sky will also show this game, but not everyone has sky at home and AC Milan v Liverpool should be brought to everyone’s living room by the BBC.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

too right the in depth coverage solely concentrated on was it wasnt it goal nothing else ignoring any and all other issues very boring and very disrespectfull to any fan with a modicum of football knowledge only moanrinhos post match interview lightened a very amaturish production oh well done lfc just shows money cant buy u love

5/07/2005 12:00 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Are you seriously trying to suggest that Sky wouldn't have cut for ad breaks at the same points and probably a few more times too. All comercial TV treats sport shabbily.

And Sky's commentary and in studio team are definitely no better than ITV's, although both are pretty dreadful.

5/07/2005 12:02 pm

Anonymous Gary T said...

ITV and Sky may have advert breaks, but Sky would have spent a lot more time analysing the game and broadcasting the feelings of players and fans from both sides, as they have dedicated sports channels they do not need to terminate their programmes for Coronation St etc, etc

5/07/2005 12:54 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

What I thought was wrong was ITV bias towards Chelsea I thought the commentary was biased. ITV coverage is amateur at best, and the BBC and SKY have a lot better coverage of the major games, with real pundits who have played at the top level and provide a much more entertaining programme. In fairness to Michael Owen, I sincerely believe that he loves his old club and was inching to get out on the pitch. All credit to the Liverpool fans for creating a memorable atmosphere one that will live in the memory of football history for years to come. Good look to Liverpool and the final and lets hope the do it, and well done to Chelsea for the PL triumph.

5/07/2005 1:43 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not to mention the bias again Liverpool in ITVs choice of group stage matches.

5/07/2005 2:05 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

General commentary was biased as usual, but I don't agree they cut out the fans singing on purpose. They had the adverts on the same time they always do every single european match. Shame though cos it was spinetingling!

As for Michael Owen, he looked so proud of his former colleagues. You could tell he was so made up for them. Not a sign of envy at all. Just pleasure for them. Good to see in my opinion.

5/07/2005 2:38 pm

Blogger RedsMan said...

Yes, overall, I wasn't too content with ITV's coverage, felt the goal could have been established further on another channel, like BBC1.

It's ironic that Owen left to have more of a chance of playing in the Champions League, and as soon as Liverpool get further than Real Madrid. But seeing him here to watch Liverpool, I feel that he still has allegiance.


5/07/2005 4:32 pm

Blogger SKG said...

ITV have always been dreadful in providing football coverage. Sky have definitely improved whilst the BBC will always come out on top with not having to broadcast adverts.

ITV are just a bunch of glory hunters. They will always be in the corner of the team that are the best that season.

5/08/2005 11:28 am

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Its a surprise that ITV has only shown one live Liverpool game before the Chelsea game (against Juventus) instead concentrating on the so called 'Big Three'.

Michael Owens face at the end was priceless - the guy was hurting inside and it showed.

5/09/2005 3:32 am

Blogger Abdul said...

ITV are contractually bound to go to advert breaks so I dont think they can be blamed for that.

But agree that it was surprising that not one of Liverpool's group games made it to ITV1.

I'm sure the coverage of the Final will be better than the semi's.

5/09/2005 2:11 pm


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