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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

What do Liverpool need to do to bring the Cup home?

All you Liverpool fans must be waking up this morning after a sleepless night where your dreams turned into nightmares and then nightmares into ecstasy. You are probably counting down the hours with vision of triumph, victory and joy. How many times have you visualised Gerrard scoring? Cisse speeding past the aging Milan defence? Carragher’s last ditch tackle? Rafa’s beaming smile as he holds the cup aloft?

I can assure you that the Milan fans have also been having the same dreams, and that is the beauty about football you always dream of victory, defeat is never in your contemplation. But something has to give, someone has to lose, who will come out victorious and how will it be achieved?

It is difficult to see any weaknesses in the Milan side, they are strong all over the pitch, but that in itself can be a weakness, never underestimate the underdogs.

Cast your minds back to last Thursday, for those living in the UK it was a horrible day, rain, wind, cold not the ideal setting for a game of football on a gravel pitch with stones scattered all over it. But as I cycled back from work I was taken back to see nine individuals battling it out in atrocious conditions . So I stopped and witnessed an epic encounter one side had 4 (team A) the other had 5 (team B).

Team A were losing 7-5, but I could see the determination on their faces, they fought for every ball, they tackled like their lives depended on it, they pressurised the opposition so much that they could barely breath. I could see the hunger and the desire, I could see the rage in their eyes they just never knew when they were beaten and sure enough all the effort and commitment paid off they won the game 10-7. At the final whistle, they were on their knees, they ran so hard that they could barely walk off the pitch, team B were totally demoralised.

If Liverpool show the hunger, desire and commitment that I saw in this game then I have no doubt that they can bring the cup home. They have to play the final like their lives depends on it.


Blogger T said...

Thanks Skipper for setting the scene for tonight.

Liverpool possibly deserve to win on the basis of their support- their whole city places football at its forefront as my visit their showed me. The scenes after the Chelsea win were fantastic!

Milan possibly deserve it on the basis of their domestic consistency in the past few years.

My four players to watch in the Milan team are:

1. Shevchenko. He has real pace and finishing ability- unlike the defeated players of Juve and Chelsea [who were without Duff and Robben]- that should scare the Liverpool defence.

2. Kaka is a big game player in the mould of Rooney [minus the sheer strength and bad language] and has already earned a place in my World Cup fantasy team.

3. Seedorf. I rate his workrate and overall teamplay.

4. Dida. A superb keeper and one of the most underrated footballers in the world.[I've probably put the mockers on him now].

Enjoy the occasion Pool fans!

5/25/2005 6:15 pm

Blogger Abdul said...

I guess Liverpool were Team A last night!

I am absolutley sure there will be more on THE greatest final comeback of all time on EFT so I wont write any more here.

5/26/2005 9:24 am

Blogger Berry said...

I am still finding it hard to describe how I (like many Pool fans) felt last night. In football sense, after what happened last night if someone said to me your time is up, I would be happy to go with a smile, thinking “we had some good times”.
Skippy mentioned Milan are such a strong side and that could be their weakness. In the first half they showed what a great side they are, brilliant one touch football, attacking with precision and defending whatever came at them. They won all the battles on the pitch. So, when they came out in the second half with a 3-0 advantage, they probably felt they just need to see out the next 45 minutes (for the formality) before they lifted the cup.
But like Team A last Thursday, Liverpool fought hard and against all odds…

5/26/2005 3:57 pm


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