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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Gerrard's statement on leaving - Rubbish!

"The last six weeks have been the toughest of my life & it is the hardest decision I have ever had to make. I fully intended to sign a new contract after the Champions League final but the events of the past 5 or 6 weeks have changed all that. I have too much respect for the club and the people at it to get involved in a slagging match."

My esteemed colleague, TS, who is an avid Arsenal fan, equated the Gerrard situation to that of Patrick Vieira and Real Madrid, and stated so in a reply to a blog on this site:

'As an Arsenal fan I've seen this all before with Vieira. Pat is a top player, and was tempted by the challenge, opportunities, and change in lifestyle of playing for a team with the history of Madrid. However, when push came to shove, Pat realised what he was leaving behind and could not take the plunge. When Stevie looks back at what he will be leaving will he feel the same way? He has been playing in a Liverpool team that has only once genuinely challenged for the league title in his time at the club.

He has particlularly been frustrated that in the last three seasons his team has been way of the pace in the title race. Its not about money for Stevie because he has millions in the bank. It is about guaranteed genuine championship challenging opportunites every year. He is after medals. We all know that Stevie doubted Liverpool's chances to win in Europe by his remarks before the Leverkusen game. This displayed a lack of faith in his team. Despite winning the champs league these doubts may not have left him. In the cold light of day he might see Istanbul as a one time wonder.

His agent has a financial interest in Stevie moving. SFX will stress the advantages of a move for Stevie's career opportunities. With all this on his mind, Stevie is confused. There are advantages in staying, and advantages in leaving. It will all come down to the moment when push comes to shove. At this moment it will dawn on Stevie what he will be leaving behind if he leaves. He is the main man at Liverpool. He will just be another player elsewhere.....'

In conversation with TS yesterday, I stated that I had had enough and now wished for Gerrard himself to speak tomorrow (today) and finally say with utter conviction whether he will stay or go. If it were not to happen tomorrow (today), then deadline, for me , would be Thursday morning. Seems that I spoke very soon but at least we have an official guidance on Gerrard's intentions.

Bearing that in mind, Gerrard has been contemplating how successful will Liverpool be, say, in the next five years? Then compared that to Chelsea, Man Utd, and Arsenal, Real Madrid. These teams are regularly in the running for their respective titles. Two of them have registered their interests publicly, one has already submitted a bid. The lure is too much, a bigger wage and realistic chase for more honours.

Gerrard fully intended to sign after the Champs League. He said he is 100% committed to signing for the club. He said he is ready to sign for Liverpool on camera twice. Yet between the final and now he states that something has happened that changed his mind. What was it? No clue. Nothing in the statement, perhaps he'll wait until he moves and tell all to the News of the World when he gets there, out of Merseyside. What could have happened to have deterred Gerrard from signing for the club he wants to sign for and who wants him to sign? It cannot have been Rafael's intended signings, since Gerrard was prepared to sign after the final.

"....too much respect for the club and the people at it to get involved in a slagging match."

No, that is not Liverpool Football Club, not Rick Parry, not David Moores, not Rafael Benitez. The club does not air dirty linen in public. The reactions by Gerrard and that of SFX have blown the situation completely like an atomic bomb. Where and how did the rumours of Gerrard going to Spain start? Certainly not from LFC. Someone wishes to make Liverpool the scapegoat for Gerrard's departure, and their attempt is very hollow. First, releasing that the club wish to force him out and now that something has happened in the past 6 weeks that has put him off signing. Indicating that he wishes not to get involved in a slagging match implicates that the 'events' had something to do with the club.

Gerrard has made a mockery of my prediction yesterday. He's allowed the mockery of our club. He was an idol at Anfield and the fans will not accept the club were negative to him. We wanted him to stay, he wanted to stay, the club wanted him to stay. What event could be that drastic to have changed his mind? Saying he has respect for the club and the people there has made no sympathy for him. Why did he bite the badge when he scored that time? It meant nothing. Frank Lampard kisses the badge when he scores. Let's see if he does that at Upton Park.

Gerrard said he wanted to sign, made it sound so definite, and now he has taken the decision to leave. He shouldn't have said yes in the first place. As for his destination, anywhere but Chelsea. After Mourinho's 'sssshhhhshh', that would be rubbing it in our faces.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is the state of football today poisoned by greedy players and money grabbing agents.

One club players such as Maldini are a dying breed and that kind of loyalty is rare indeed.

Liverpool FC lost Michael Owen last year and they won the Champions League.Losing Gerrard is no big loss, maybe the £30M+ will help bring in world class players.

The sad thing is that Gerrard is only 25 and he will become a better player, sadly not at Liverpool.

I hope the Liverpool fans can forgive him and remember the good times. Sadly, Liverpool fans will never forget the betrayal.

7/05/2005 6:36 pm

Blogger SKG said...

when michael owen left we feared the wprst - our champions league win was therefore very sweet.

I hope that gerrard goes to chelsea because believe me if we were to beat chelsea to the title, it would be the sweetest ever victory even more so that the champions league win.

we don't need gerrard - we proved that last season. i hope rafa is already making a list of the players he will bring in when gerrard goes - we might not come out of this too badly.

7/05/2005 7:29 pm

Anonymous Ciaran said...

I agree, when will professional footballers learn that it is simply unacceptable to say you will do A and then you end up doing x instead...gerrard never has been the sharpest of men, but if he's too dumb too realise that he's simply a pawn as part of another SFX quick buck maker, he really is quite dim. He's got the world at his feet at Liverpool, admiration, trophies and most importantly for HIM, money! Just to remind Stevie Greedy that chelsea are not a real football club, there simply the media's current obsession and as for Real madrid and the lure of winning trophies there and competing, I think Gerrard should take a look at the Spanish League table over recent seasons...he'd be surprised to see there far from the club they once were, but I'm assuming Struan Marshall forgot to mention that to him. Steven Gerrard you were an icon at Liverpool, the talisman for the world's most passionately supported club, and while you may sell a few jerseys at your next port of call, they'll be jeering you as quick as they were cheering you.

Professional footballers are just not that bright, they seem to live in a fantasy land where the grass is always greener on the other side...well Mr G loyalty is the most important thing in this world and it's the quality above all others that you lack...Liverpool have met all your 'demands' (he has some neck to have demands in the first place!) and yet you still want to leave...Why?Why?Why?...I think I could live to be 1,000 and not understand but then again I love Liverpool Fc and it's a pity the same can't be said for all Liverpool 'fans'. Rafa I for one believe in you and what your trying to do at the club, but for some people football isn't about building a dynasty, it's about their selfish and ignorant belief that they deserve to be winning every trophy in the land...Mr Gerrard you've no God given right to win things, winning takes guts, discipline and hard-work and I'm not sure you know the meaning of these words, but thankfully Rafa does...YNWA!

7/05/2005 7:38 pm

Anonymous Paul Casey said...

couldn't agree any more...gerrard is a mixed up individual who has been fed one too may old wives tail about 'what's out there'...well I'll tell you what's not out there Gerrard-it's called one million fans celebrating the biggest club trophy success of all, a team that you had just captained and led to victory...the only place where this happens is Liverpool FC but then again how are ignorant people to know...only 30% of Americans have a passport, they couldn't tell you where Europe is most likely...perhaps someone should check Gerrards passport, he seems to of forgotton where the only place is in the world where he can ever truly be part of something special...Liverpool FC. Well Gerrard I may be willing to forgive many millions of Americans for not knowing what goes on outside their backyard, but your a bit old now Gerrard to be letting an agent treat you like a puppet...but I'm aware history is the only judge of these things, but something tells me this could well be the dumbest thing ANY footballer has ever done!.....Viva La Rafalution!

7/05/2005 7:58 pm

Blogger RedsMan said...

Can I add to this, gentlemen? I was watching Sky Sports News when the bulletin came in and I was initially stunned. But now he wants to leave, made that clear, we will accept a sensible bid and build and move on. As Rick Parry said, upwards and onwards.

I'm not crying over bad blood. Gerrard faked about signing and allowed SFX to speak for him. That's how he wants to end it, so be it. Don't want him back and that's final. Where else could he be part of a 3-0 drubbing at half time, in the Champ s League final, and hear and see the inspiration that turns the deficit into a comeback and an eventual win??

Indded, Gerrard, how could you leave after that??

Make your choice. We will be watching.


7/05/2005 9:40 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Steven has blown it - he had the chance to be a legend and that will be gone forever - unless he scores the winner in the world cup final - he'll just be another highly paid player - frnakly i dont think he's really the man to lead liverpool - he is a misery and goes missing in the big games _ dont think I have ever seen him dominate a game like roy kean - I would be more worried if Xabi was leaving

7/05/2005 9:41 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm glad Steven Gerrard has finally made a decision.

While I don't think that the dragging of Liverpool FC through the gutter press will stop, at least we can focus on the future without the constant distractions, of will he/won't he go.

While I don't know what Liverpool or Gerrard and his agents have been upto behind the scenes, I think the move to call his bluff was very good move by the club.

The hard part now is trying to get the most money possible for him. I hope it's all concluded quickly, though I doubt it will be, as the potential suitors try to lower the price they're willing to pay. I trust that the manager has plans in place for every eventuality.

Thank you Steven Gerrard, without you we would possibly not have won as many cups as we have done recently. We would definitely not have won the Champions League.

If you don't want to play for Liverpool though, it's time to go, don't let the door hit you on the way out.

7/06/2005 12:47 am

Blogger RedsMan said...

I find the last reply compassionate and welcome it as an opinion. But as I type this morning and watch the constantly repeated scenes of Gerrard scoring for us, in the Champs League, in the final, after the final and the statements he made regarding signing and staying, I feel a sense of betrayal and it will not go.

For Gerrard should now read 'Judas'. He didnt fancy our chances, joined in when we fought without him against Bayer and was there when we made it. He said after 'wait' and we waited. We delivered, OK he was part of it but his heart wasn't in it until after the Bayer game, and before then he had more or less made up his mind, waiting for a Liverpool exit as a suitable point to use for an excuse. It didn't come and must have been a spanner in the plans for agency.

So he waited until he saw how far we got and we surprised him. He was in the final and he knew he had to put his effort, the holding of that trophy was his main objective, he was spurred on with that in mind. He didnt do it on his own, he did it collectively. Now he has what he wanted, he can barter. Well, that is, SFX can.

One site has stated that because LFC didn't swiftly begin talks after the final and then asked what terms he wanted in his contract instead of offering an extension, Gerrard became incensed and then said he wanted to go. Again, something alleged that does not sound feasible. You look at RAfael and Rick Parry, their faces, and tell me they were negative with him.

Consider they offered the opportunity for him to sign three times, and he didnt want to commit until he saw where Liverpool got to in the CL. Suddenly we have won and he wants to quickly begin talks after the final. He was the captain but he must wait until the club was ready, not when he is ready. And why not wait? If he eagerly wanted to sign so much, wait. LFC are not going anywhere, so Gerrard must have been going somewhere himself, why he was in a hurry. Maybe he wanted to quickly sign to beat off the offers SFX kepted informing him about.

But if he wanted to sign so much, then time, pen and paper, table, room, chief executive, manager, player, done. No more needed. Extension or improvement, wouldn't matter, he was signing for Liverpool FC. Most would kill to sign for the club they WANT to sign for.

The ball wasn't in LFC's court; SFX wanted to know how badly LFC wanted him to sign.

"Life after Steven will be the greatest test for Benitez" reads one headline this morning. No, not a test. Another chapter.

Walk on, LFC.


7/06/2005 8:21 am


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