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Sunday, July 24, 2005

Inter Milan paving the way forward in defiance

Inter Milan have, it would appear once again, changed their minds in regard to their pre-season tour of Leicester, Crystal Palace, Portsmouth and Norwich, in England. To do otherwise and not come over would have shown a frightened beacon to the darkness of the terrorism that we are currently dealing with at present, and I sense the security situation here is being put under control as much as anywhere else where terrorism has struck, if not more so. People still continue to go about their lives, they do so in Madrid and they certainly should do so here. And as the emergency services and volunteers aid in the clearance and investigation of the bombings in Egypt's Sharm el Sheikh, the British remain defiant and head-strong to deter being frightened away from their everyday life.

Our Sports Minister, Richard Caborn, is said to have had talks with his counterpart in Italy, Mario Pescante, who was in contact with the president of the Italian Football Federation, who in turn spoke with Massimo Moratti, Giacinto Facchetti and Roberto Mancini, owner, president and coach of Inter respectively. Inter seem positive in a solution in continuing with their tour.

Since the events of 9/11, flying to the US was severely hampered but numbers of travellers managed to pick up, though security has been bolstered to a much more sensitive degree. The British are no different, Inter should feel comfortable in the arrangements for their stay during the tour. Save for when lives were at risk during the Heysel and Hillsborough tragedy, football should never be cancelled, and those who follow the clubs in the Inter tour are also prepared to come out and stand up not only for their respective clubs, but for the name of unity against terrorism.



Blogger T said...

I couldn't have put it better Redsman.

Internazionale's cancellation of friendly matches in England was not only a disproportionate reaction, but sent out completely the wrong message to the public.

After the recent terrorist attacks we all must be vigilant, but equally we should not change our ways due to these atrocities. Otherwise the criminals succeed in their aims.

Well done Inter for admitting their error and committing to playing football in England.

7/24/2005 8:53 pm


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