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Friday, July 15, 2005

EFT statement on offensive comments

Good morning,

Firstly, some of the replies to the article on Vieira, here on EFT yesterday, were too offensive to remain on the site. EFT cannot and will not condone the use of profanity, racist and nationalist remarks, and where we felt it occurred, we had to delete it. A number of the replies were good and they remain. On our frontpage, we have the legendary Pele and Bobby Moore in their famous exchange after the Brazil v England 1970 World Cup match in Mexico. Underneath that is our statement:

"EFT operates a 'respect your opponent' policy in keeping with the masters of the game."

We enjoy and thrive on the replies, and we encourage all who have an opinion on football to participate. We at EFT are immense football fans, and we differentiate in regards to the teams we individually support, so even between us here, we have disagreements about opinions to our clubs, other clubs, other situations, events, but we are passionate enough about the sport not to become too animated, or excited to the degree of insulting or offensive dialogue.

Please keep the exchanges to a controlled level where the only offensive issue in the replies is that someone has the bravery to support another team other than your own!!

RedsMan, TS, Abdul, SKG, Berry, Skipper


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