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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Steven Gerrard is staying at Liverpool - official!

More on this from myself, and no doubt everyone and anyone else, later - when I eventually come off the ceiling!



Anonymous Stevie stay or Stevie go..? said...

Did we not learn from Istanbul that even when everything seems lost we can still come back and win? With Liverpool FC, anything is possible!

There was no reason for Stevie to leave. Chelsea are NOT a better team than Liverpool. Just look at our strike force - A Euro Championship golden boot winner, a French top scorer with electric pace and a man once valued at about £76million!

In midfield we have the best spanish midfielder in Alonso, we have goal-scoring Garcia, we have England's best midfieler in Gerrard, and we have great options down the left in a fit again Kewell and a superb J-A-R.

We also have two top quality keepers in Dudek (good enough for us to win Euro cup!) and Reina (best spainish goalkeeper).

Okay we could do with a little bit more pace in defence but Rafa will sort that out.

And then we have all the new additions...

There is no reason for Stevie to go, and there is NO reason why we cannot win the league this season.

7/06/2005 9:34 am

Blogger LFC-er said...

I can imagine if I was an old witch I would be pulling out Stevie's hair and gouging his eyes out, the sod. Will he, won't he... and for how long has this gone on? Oh yah, in the Yahoo! soccer page, one hyperlinked title said Stevie had a change of heart and right above it another title to a story saying Chelsea was expecting to make another bid. And here I was gutted Liverpool fan not knowing which of the items to believe.

Guess that's our Stevie. All these "tantrums" are probably because he is more of an emotional man than a thinking man (wonder what his astrological sign is). And that's probably what makes him such a special player, because his football oozes from the heart.

Just wish he'll realize his emotional swings have a domino effect on millions of redmen across the world.

7/06/2005 9:38 am

Anonymous raju gorania said...

this is not good for my health.only the miracle of istanbul tops this for drama.

is it going to be like this every July?

7/06/2005 9:49 am

Anonymous Anonymous said...

So the farce goes on. :-(

I had such relief last night that it was all over, he'd finally made a decision. However, we remain an unstable club, dependent on the form and the whim of whether one player is staying, or going.

The newpapers will be happy, they can carry on publishing their will he/ won't he go headlines.

I hope he's not staying because of the negative reaction of a few fans. He should stay because wants to, not because he's afraid to go.

We've missed a chance to take a huge step forward.

All this may change tomorrow of course, as we remain unstable.

7/06/2005 11:55 am


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