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Saturday, November 24, 2007

After the aftermath of Croatia, another new era for England??

The FA decided to dismiss Steve McClaren for England's failure to qualify for Euro2008. McClaren said himself he should be judged on results and in his post-match interview with Sky Sports on Wednesday he said he would not resign. So he deservedly received the boot many expected for not showing the dignity in resigning for what is considered frankly a laughing stock of a showing when England had two good results last Saturday to help them. One out of two results needed to qualify and we went and pinched a third from nowhere, and McClaren would not resign. I would, because I would be so devastated it would be the right thing to do to show how much I am upset for the fans. They come to watch, to support, to cheer and I would have given them and the nation nothing in return.

From the moment McClaren showed he was upset with the media with his short few seconds during the post-match conference after the Andorra away match, I felt he was secretly an imbecile. Pressure, it comes with the job, comes with many jobs but people are expected to show and still produce a day's earning. McClaren felt relived England won, scored well and he had to come through the barrage of abuse at half time. He wanted to shout back in anger but could not do so to the fans, so he chose the press and marched off. What he should have done was answered the media after a better second half, though I suspect he felt he could not cope with the ominous questions despite the win.

Steve McClaren. Assistant manager to Alex Ferguson, manager of Middlesbrough, England coach, and I don't think he was ready. Already the whispers yell out that we regret sacking Sven Goran-Eriksson. I don't. Choosing talent from around the world is different to dealing with the selected numbers of English players. Martin O'Neill, Sam Allardyce, Alan Curbishley have ruled out being England coach and they all have enough pressure raising their respective domestic teams. To be a successful coach for England, you need to be relatively successful yourself before you take the reins.

Jose Mourinho has been mentioned. He wanted Steven Gerrard with Frank Lampard at Chelsea, could he see something with that partnership that McClaren and Eriksson failed to nurture? Could he then do it for England as coach? I have always said those two can work together but it is to get it to work.

Fabio Capello. Took Real Madrid to the title last season, just, and was fired. It is said he was not into making friends at The Bernabeu, meaning he would drop whoever if he felt he needed to. That is something definitely needed from our next coach.

Harry Redknapp. Would the next England coach need an assistant? Harry Redknapp and former captain Tony Adams, as they are at Portsmouth. Another English partnership prospect. But could Redknapp work our current squad, encourage more from the academics in rearing local talent? Appeal to the youngsters that in the current climate where foreign players appear either to be less expensive to search for or provide instant response upon arrival, that they (the English youngsters and reserve players) must knuckle down and graft harder to be more noticeable and earn first-team selection?

Who is waiting in the wings for England: Leighton Baines at left back along with Nicky Shorey. Joleon Lescott for central defence, Stephen Taylor for central defence, Mark Noble for central midfield, Nigel Reo-Coker was U21 captain, David Bentley for right wing, Matt Derbyshire and Gabriel Agbonlahor for striker, Theo Walcott for striker, James Milner for either wing, Michael Johnson for central midfield, David Wheater for central defence, Scott Carson, Rob Green, Ben Foster for keeper. Names amongst the up-n-coming potential for the senior squad, some already have made it. The next coach would need to analyse the prospects of these players making it and holding a place in the squad as well as others. Contemplate whether the current selection needs speaking to, or disbandment, come in with a complete new structure or tinker with certain areas.

In the light of Wednesday, I do believe at the least someone needs to come in and not appeal to the seniors' seniority. Someone not bothered about what Gerrard, Lampard, Rio Ferdinand, John Terry, Joe Cole and the rest of them are about. Someone interested in who wants to play for England similarly as if it was a recruitment for honest labourers and tradesmen to do the job properly. It's not a ride. I don't want to hear players coming out saying they play with passion, I want to see it and if I don't you will hear it. Talk is cheap, results simply count. Scrutinise the other nations' teams. The likes of The Czech Republic, Holland, Spain, Croatia, Portugal make it their priority to qualify with enough pride to do it. It almost comes as a formality for England int hat if they turn up, the game is won. Enough of that, it is now about getting to the core element of doing exactly what you are suppose to do.

Keeping possession, short and long passing, shooting from within the penalty box, crosses, saves, penalties, firm ball control (not this learning to hold the ball behind your neck or your calf that the youngsters seem more concerned about that when it comes to a match they cant learn to move off the ball or provide three simple consecutive passes or they overhit the ball), firm tackles, heading, offside, moving on command at once, defending,etc,etc. England showed they need a revamp, a new coach would need to think about that before saying yes. My money is on Redknapp.



Blogger Skipper said...

I don’t think the FA will go for another English manager. In my view, the current crop of English mangers lack the credential to manage England. I agree with T, we should go with Capello.

11/24/2007 9:03 am

Blogger Skipper said...

Clive Tyldesley in the Telegraph today:

"It is probably like coming home to your spouse after a turbulent fling on an international business trip.

From Hereford to Hartlepool, thousands of England football fans will return to the bosom of their clubs this weekend and be hugged. Their favourite seat will be waiting, along with a warming cup of Bovril. The teams we married may not win any beauty competitions, let alone any trophies, but at least you know where you are with them. With England, you don't any more."

This was an interesting read for me.
Here is the link to the rest of the article:

11/24/2007 9:25 am

Blogger RedsMan said...

I will add that after seeing the conclusive showing on Football Focus, I found another summarise of Wednesday. FF said after having backed Robinson, why change at the last minute? 4-4-2 was fine, why break it and why do so for 4-5-1? And why at 0-2 down was McClaren more worried about getting wet holding the umbrella when you had Slaven Bilic in suit and jacket?


11/24/2007 1:52 pm


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