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Monday, November 05, 2007

YouTube analysis of Carlos Vela's first Primera Liga goal

Carlos Vela was top scorer in the Under 17 World Cup as his Mexico team became world champions two years ago. Arsene Wenger was watching on and decided that Vela was someone he wanted in his future third-generation Arsenal squad built on acquiring the most talented youngsters in world football.

He was signed in November 2005 but due to work-permit restrictions for non-EU citizens was loaned out to Spain. He qualifies for a Spanish passport in January 2008 and at that stage Wenger should have the option of bringing the 18 year old to London to play for Arsenal work-permit free.

After spending last season at Salamanca in the Spanish second division he moved this summer on loan to Primera Liga side, Osasuna. And with one of his Mexican teammates, Giovanni Dos Santos, making his impact for Barcelona this season its great to see young Vela making his mark scoring the Osasuna's third goal against Real Betis. Check it out below:

Noticeable first up is the pass and move build up for the goal: right out of the Arsenal mould. Vela dribbles forward with pace, passes the ball swiftly forward to a teammate, and immeditately sprints into space to be available for the return pass.

Second is that when he gets the return pass his close control is instant and there is no disruption of his running stride: big qualities for the football that Wenger aims to achieve.

Third, there is no inhibition as he takes aim and strikes the ball when arriving at the edge of the 18 yard box shot: displaying a natural striker's instinct to fire when within 20 yards out.

Fourth, his striking technique and execution is impressive: a left-footed drive that flies past the keeper into the roof of the net.

So we see speed, tight dribbling ability, excellent first touch, awareness of teammates and space, decisive decision-making, and a natural striking technique: all good qualities to note for this future Arsenal player.

Wenger himself had this to say about Vela earlier this year:

"I like his intelligence and his pace. He scores goals but he can also create them. He's a special talent and I believe 100 per cent that he will make it at the highest level."

When Wenger is this certain about a young player I take notice. Personally, I have been looking forward to the day Carlos Vela takes to the pitch in an Arsenal shirt and joins an enormously talented under 25 years old forward line of van Persie, Adebayor, da Silva, Walcott and Bendtner. In the meantime I hope to see more Vela goals for Osasuna and further signs of what qualities he can add to this developing Arsenal squad.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You welcome for using my youtube clip. :)

11/05/2007 10:01 pm

Blogger T said...

Thanks anon for the clip.. keep up the good work and posting up Vela goals.. long may they continue!

11/05/2007 10:12 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

np, I hope we get Vela back in january when his spanish passport is sorted. He will be a great asset.

Wait till he comes here. He is gonna be a huge player. He is super quick and technically very good.

11/05/2007 10:17 pm

Blogger Farrukh said...

I heard that Vela won't be here in January because he gets his passport in March... I hope he comes though.

What number do you think he'll take? 12?

11/06/2007 12:37 am

Anonymous Anonymous said...

That strike reminds me of the Eduardo goal against Sheffield United...

11/06/2007 1:47 am

Blogger Peter said...

GunnerPete says...Yes Arsene only commits when he 100% and he is about this lad Vela, just as he was about Van Percie.

Sadly looking into the future (as we all like to do) I see this as the probably end to Adebajours career at AFC. Unless he can conert more this season, I see Bentner becoming the big front man with the rest as supporting acts. Obviously in most games the boss will pick VP & one other, but when we need some height and power...Nicklaus will be there.

Old Fergie is running scared right now (a) because he has seen our kids outplay Liverpool & his mob in one week...and (b) Somehow the pre match fear did not reach Mr Webb and he remained almost neutral??

Apart from the elbow in Hlebs back which led to their own goal, and the push + tiug on Hleb which should have been a penalty...Mr Webb did well.

Great to see old red nose going barmy, he only does that when his scared.

11/06/2007 9:43 am

Blogger T said...

Farrukh, thanks for the additional info about the possible delay in Vela getting his Spanish passport. Its definitely a situation to keep a close eye on.

Always respect your opinion GP but for me Adebayor is a very valuable member of the squad and I see him as part of the long term. His work-rate is immense; he is a very good team-player; he has excellent athleticism; he has obvious enthusiasm and desire to achieve; and although he is sometimes hit and miss for me he is a guaranteed double-digit per season goal-scorer.

I want to see more of Bendtner before coming to a firm opinion on him. I like Bendtner's arrogance/confidence and all-round-game but the way he slashed at the open goal at Anfield has placed a doubt in my mind about his composure. However his power-header against Newcastle was superb and there is no doubt that he has what it takes to put a lot of pressure on Adebayor.

What is fair to say is that with Ade and Bendtner in the squad we have two very good options for the front-man role - and that can only be a good thing!

11/06/2007 1:11 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

This goal is more like Denilson's goal against Sheffield Utd as it actually takes a wicked deflection off the defender if you watch carefully.

11/06/2007 3:54 pm

Blogger Skipper said...

There is no doubt about Wenger’s ability to spot talents. If Wenger signs a player you know what attributes that player would possess. T is spot ion that this striker appears to have the hallmark of a typical Wenger type player.

11/06/2007 10:59 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Old Fergie is running scared right now (a) because he has seen our kids outplay Liverpool & his mob in one week...and (b) Somehow the pre match fear did not reach Mr Webb and he remained almost neutral??"

Err, yeah, bullshit. Arsenal fans love to suck in the hype as you face teams already scared from the hype before you even play them. Not United, mate. The scousers are ripe pickings but I wont count them out yet and while you talk about 'outplayed', you got nothing in both games except for equalisers so where was your super duper football getting you other than a point?!!! And you 'outplayed' us? Wanker, and you know you are. We shut you out and should have won, you had nothing in front of your crowd while we had you at 2-1.

Gooners and youngsters go together like wood glue and chairs. Strong at first but eventually it will fall apart and you have to get new parts.

11/07/2007 8:15 am

Blogger Peter said...

GunnerPete says...Thank you for your intelligent contribution Anon 8.15! It was about the level we have come to expect from Man U supporters....inflamitory and insulting, and should not be printed on a quality site like this one!


The Arsenal kids were acknowledged by the unbiased journalists to have been the better team playing the better football in both 'BIG' games.

Man U supporters, unlike The Liverpool counterparts, have never learned the art of acceptance of the inevitable or the grace of respect for a better team & manager.

The Man U lead which was pegged back twice by the 'super' kids, was (a) an own goal following the usual dirt from Brown on Hleb...FACT! This after the whole Man U team had been kept on the back foot for 38 of the 45 minutes and lined across their own area like tanks trying to stem the tide. Even a lucky breakaway goal & a very bad bit of reffing ( by the Arsenal biased ref ??) were not enough to blunt the flowing football from the 'super' kids. Our equaliser came from pur football...not filth.

The second goal from a Man U breakaway ( all Man U moves were breakaways from being completely dominated) was a gift from our goalie, and you know it. One of your many over valued 'stars' Hargreaves, said it came from a beautiful move...actually it came from only the fourth Man U move of the match that wasnt a big boot upfield.

Your proudest boast was " we shut you out" funny I thought we scored two goals against two flukes?? one in football ever expects any Man U supporter to behave with the dignity & honour that Liverpool / Portsmouth / Aston Villa / Arsenal supporters do, but you and your like better get used to being 3rd fiddle soon mate, as Arsenes boys are on the march....and unlike your shocking chair analagy.....AFC will not be spending £200 million on repairs and debt.......ours are ongoing like the tide mate 'one wave replacing another.

11/07/2007 1:03 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Flukes, mate, you must wear glasses, the type that are filled with beer!! You had nothing of your so called 38mins and we got the goal, they all count, nice one Rooney, more goal scoring than Adebay-ee-aww and Ford Van Elsie and what about Fabregas-troenteritis, jammy goal with Rio on the line we were seconds away and you got a jammy jammy goal from gallas just didnt want to lose to us but wait and see when you come up the Theatre you're gonna be the main course

All I see here anyway are Gooners shite and scousers not one Utd support wheres the pics? We're better than anyone in the league so where's the pics? Oh yeah, hiding them to show us the Gooners next time Fabregastroenteritis wants to shout at Rio better be for help!! HEre's one for the Gooners 'Oi, you're in my place, mate!'

11/07/2007 5:08 pm

Blogger Abdul said...

Anon, all I can say is that you do nothing for your cause with your rants.

GP always good to hear from you. I would say that anon is not representative of all United fans. Yes United have moronic supporters, but so does every club in the land.

One point just to throw into the hat, the average age of the outfield players on saturday was 24.2 for the Arsenal Kids and 23.0 for United. Just a thought...

11/08/2007 12:52 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Another gooner, abdul? Jesus this sites full of them no wonder you all gas on about rubbish but doesnt matter we will be there in all competitions too strong for anyone now

11/08/2007 8:14 pm

Blogger Abdul said...

Anon, I'm not an Arsenal fan.

Factual error in my last post - Average age of Utd's outfield players was 25.3 compared to Arsenal's 24.2. My point still stands though I hope.

11/09/2007 12:05 pm


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