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Friday, November 30, 2007

English Premiership Predictions: Skipper v Lawro

Liverpool legend Mark Lawrenson does a weekly prediction of the Premiership scores. I have decided to take him on. You are all welcome to send in your own predictions.


Chelsea v West Ham

West Ham will put in plenty of effort but I can’t see nothing but a convincing home win.

Skipper Predicts: 3-1

Lawro’s Prediction: 2-0

Blackburn v Newcastle

To my surprise, Blackburn lost so heavily against Villa. I am sure Hughes will fire the players up. The Toons are in an awful form

Skipper Predicts: 3-0

Lawro’s Prediction: 2-0

Portsmouth v Everton

Portsmouth are in super form as are Everton. But Pompey are very difficult to beat at home.

Skipper Predicts: 2-1

Lawro’s Prediction: 1-1

Reading v Middlesbrough

Borough are not playing well, Reading are bit of a hit and miss. This is a tough one to call. However, Reading are usually solid at home against poor opposition, sorry Borough fans.

Skipper Predicts: 2-0

Lawro’s Prediction: 2-1

Sunderland v Derby

I have watched fair bit of Sunderalnd this season. I have been very impressed with them. I think they will win this comfortably.

Skipper Predicts: 3-1

Lawro’s Prediction: 2-0

Wigan v Man City

New manger will bring renewed optimism for Wigan. City have been sensational this season. I think this may end in a draw.

Skipper Predicts: 2-2

Lawro’s Prediction: 2-1

Aston Villa v Arsenal

I think this will be a tough game for the Gunners, especially without their talisman. I fancy Villa to win this.

Skipper Predicts: 2-1

Lawro’s Prediction: 1-1


Liverpool v Bolton

Liverpool can’t stop scoring at the moment. They should win this quite comfortably.

Skipper Predicts: 4-0

Lawro’s Prediction: 2-0

Tottenham v Birmingham

This will be a tough game for Birmingham. Spurs seem to be improving. It’s also about time Berbatov scored some goals.

Skipper Predicts: 2-0

Lawro’s Prediction: 2-0


Man Utd v Fulham

United always do well against Fulham. This will be a comfortable victory for the home side.

Skipper Predicts: 3-0

Lawro's Prediction: 3-0


Blogger SKG said...

great stuff skipper. i hope your predictions become a regular item on the eft. its about time lawro was given a run for his money!

11/30/2007 9:16 pm

Blogger Abdul said...

Skipper, some spot on predictions. I'm impressed!

12/01/2007 10:35 pm

Blogger T said...

Fantastic prediction on the Liverpool result!!

And I'm happy you were wrong on the Arsenal match!!

12/02/2007 6:50 pm


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