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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Andriy Voronin – Is he good enough to play for Liverpool?

Voronin has revealed this week that he is loving life at Liverpool. I can’t quite make up my mind about this striker.

Voronin, who has scored four goals in 17 appearances so far for the Reds has featured regularly in Rafa’s plans. I like the work rate of Voronin, he chases the ball with a real desire and passion. He also shows great acceleration over the first 10-15 yards. However, he lacks the killer instinct in front of goal and often shoots when a simple pass would suffice.

We all know Rafa like hardworking strikers, sometimes he opts for this over and above natural goal scorers. Crouch, Kuyt and Voronin; I wouldn’t describe either of these as natural goal scorers, but Rafa always speaks so highly of them.

What do you think of Voronin?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Personally I don't rate Voronin, he is a good hard-working striker, but I don't think he has the class required to play for this great club. Torres and Crouch definitely have the quality to play for this club, but I'm still quite undecided on Kuyt. I think that we should sell off Voronin and either bring in a top class player to replace him, or stick Babel upfront, he looks very dangerous there. And then sign a new winger.

12/15/2007 12:31 pm

Blogger RedsMan said...

Now is not the time to question Liverpool players, the focus is on Sunday where we all have a duty to push the team. Kuyt and Voronin are hard working, moving players who work to earn the team their chances very determinedly. Who seems lethargic one match can be a matchwinner the next. Currently Sissoko is off-form and some have called for him to leave but the season is a long one and his services could be equally vital to our cause.

Voronin started well for us pre-season and initially and given a striker's role with one other can bring his qualities out. I dont feel he has had that fundamental role fully recently but I sense he is better paired with either Crouch or Torres, the same with Kuyt. Voronin and Kuyt can work but it's not recommended by myself.

On the wings there are Kewell, Aurelio, Riise, Leto perhaps on the left coming through. On the right we have Benayoun, Pennant, Babel has appeared there, seems comfortable with that role and is good coming off the wings for goals, El Zhar is useful on the right for the reserves.


12/15/2007 12:50 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Voronin's game intelligence is outstanding.

He tends to do better against the lesser teams, as he showed with excellent performances versus Fulham and Besiktas - his goals coming against Toulouse, Sunderland, Tottenham and Derby too.

He won't be first choice, but he'll be very important. When people pop up questioning Voronin and then Kuyt, as one person has, it should shows to me that because they're not prolific goalscorers then people can't acknowledge their great play. The only reason they're being questioned. Statistically, Kuyt is our best all-round striker.

I can't stand Crouch and Torres together - in theory it's fine, but in reality we're much better with either Kuyt or Voronin pairing either of them. The latter two strikers shouldn't play together either, really. Not to get the best out of our striker's.

12/15/2007 1:25 pm

Blogger SKG said...

I think Voronin is a useful player but clearly he is 4th choice behind Torres, Kuyt and Crouch. It will always be 'who plays with Torres' and unless Kuyt and Crouch have a good season i can see Rafa buying a new striker next season and offloading Crouch.

12/15/2007 10:14 pm

Anonymous shah said...

I think voronin is good enough to play for liverpool, he is hard working but still doesn't seem to have the end product. Kuyt is also like voronin but probably has better finishing. Those who haven' forgotten the blackburn game might not agree. Kuyt missed good chances that day that could have won us the game. I like players who run at their opposition and we have that in torres and voronin, they attack defenders and give them hard times, they also hold them off with their strength. Crouch and Kuyt play very defensive however, Crouch gives defenders more problems than Kuyt with his size and aerial ability. If Voronin doesn't start improving and scoring then we have to look at selling one of the three strikers(Crouch,Kuyt and Voronin) and replacing them with a striker who will get goals regularly. Overall i prefer Voronin as number two or three, but i do get frustrated with him and i think skipper does as well.

12/15/2007 11:37 pm

Blogger RedsMan said...

I think Benitez has uses for Crouch and perhaps Kuyt, Voronin was brought to score goals and failing to do that, whatever the match, will lead to him being offloaded. Kuyt needs to add to his tally, and by working hard to create it is keeping him in the manager's eye. I dont see Crouch going anywhere, Benitez molded him further from his other clubs, made him an international.


12/16/2007 12:20 am

Anonymous Lefty said...

From my standpoint I think Voronin needs more time to settle in and adjust to the Premier League. He has good attributes but he looks overweight and quite immobile.

I call Kuyt a 'defensive striker' because he puts in a lot of work harrying the opposition midfield. His first touch also isn't that great - especially compared to Crouch who has good control and distribution.

12/16/2007 7:51 pm

Anonymous shah said...

I am really angry about todays loss to ManU! We lost just like we always do against them, by a single goal from a set piece, ManU only had one other clear chance with Rooney during the match wich went wide. We had most of the possession and yet we couldn't do anything with it. The team had no confidence in them, Torres, Gerrard and sometimes Kewell were running at the ManU defence also babel when he was finally brought on. Kuyt was not playing good at all for me, we had two strikers today on the field and unfortunately one of them looked like a striker, Kuyt the other "striker" didn't attack the ManU defence once, everytime he got the ball he looked for other players to pass to and would turn his back from the goal, he did carry out a few flick on's but that lead to nothing, why does he play like a defender/midfielder most of the time? Sir Alex said they were "the better team" after the game. Well as much as I disagreed when I first heard him say that, I realised that he was right, they defended really well and dealt with everything we threw at them(which wasn't much anyway)and then they took their chance, Rooney should have put away his only chance but thank god he didn't. Next up is Chelsea, I think we should put out a decent team and win at Stamford Bridge, we are so close of winning a trophy this season, we should take it seriously. As far as the title challenge goes for Liverpool they must take three points away from ManU, Arsenal and Chelsea, all of them away from home, obviously we need to to match their results throughout the season as well. But im not confident about us beating the big three away from home, I really do hope that we do, but do we have enough special players in the squad to get the right results? I don't know. Does anyone have any transfer sugesstions for January?

12/16/2007 10:37 pm

Blogger T said...

Hi Shah, thanks for your comments.

You may want to copy and paste them on the latest article written by SKG on the Liverpool v Man Utd match.

12/16/2007 11:19 pm

Anonymous alex butterfield said...

We have 4 strikers only 1 can score goals. We need another, I'd raplace Kuyt:

Voronin is okay against bad teams. He has a bit of skill and creativity but he's too slow to have an impact against top sides. This kind of player is important to a squad. You need reserves who are happy to sit on the bench and voronin says he's happy at Liverpool whilst he's doing that.

Kuyt, even against lesser teams can't score. I know he works hard and there's more to performing than scoring but we need hard workers who have end result too.

I'm coming round more and more to the idea of Babel partnering Torres, he has pace and guile and a strong shot. He's dissappointed me as a winger by failing to create anything at all, and although his goals have only come so far at times when we have already won games he has still scored them. I think we should look to sell kuyt and replace him. Keep babel as an option for pace, crouch as an option for height, but buy another first choice partner for torres.

Maybe adriano is worth the gamble. I want villa but that's a daydream, other than that its a difficult market. I don't know who is out there- benny mcarthy might be worth a chance.

12/18/2007 4:43 am


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