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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Liverpool's Steven Gerrard: criminal or victim?

Steven Gerrard has been charged with assault occasioning actual bodily harm and affray following an alleged nightclub brawl. He was charged along with two other men who had also been arrested after a "disturbance" outside a late-night bar in Southport, Merseyside in the early hours of Monday morning. The venue's DJ, a 34-year-old local man, required hospital treatment after suffering facial injuries. Gerrard will be appearing at North Sefton Magistrates' Court on 23 January 2009. He is currently on police bail pending further enquiries.

Gerrard has always had a squeaky clean image. He has never been in this sort of trouble before and considering he put in a man-of-the-match performance just a few hours before this incident, it makes this whole story a lot more surprising.

Gerrard could be the victim of a stitch-up. He is an easy target. I just cannot believe that he could do such a terrible thing.

Last season Liverpool's season was blighted by the American owners' continuing arguments with each other. I hope this season isn't affected by Steven Gerrard's charge.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a load of CRAP!!!

12/30/2008 2:03 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

On the Grapevine. Someone had thrown a glass at Gerard earlier in the evening.

12/30/2008 2:05 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

totaly agree cse were top of the league aint in his nature great roll modle for the young kids im discusted wiv the club and its owners if hes ment to b a regular there then why now ??????? cse its crap up the steveie G, behind u all the way fella mark and the buhda lfc for the title

12/30/2008 2:07 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The dj is a well known Manc - obviously put there by Sir bobby's helpers.

12/30/2008 3:45 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

jail him for this............typical of lfc fans to make excuses for him. He cheats on the pitch and has shown the world he's a typical scouse thug

12/30/2008 4:13 pm

Blogger RedsMan said...

"jail him for this............typical of lfc fans to make excuses for him. He cheats on the pitch and has shown the world he's a typical scouse thug"

Remain anonymous.

As for Gerrard, we will have to wait and see. I can't say for certain but he has maintained his image and himself off the field to avoid such headlines and particularly any trouble. Family man, top footballer, he knows one toe-poke out of place will wind up his name on the front pages and within major headlines of many a media.

Thing is what a timing. Just as we maintain our position in the league, out comes a major headline of some proportion about one of our star players, the captain. I feel like someone finally got to him. But it wont get to LFC. And of course we stand by him, thick and thin.

Let's wait and see.

12/30/2008 5:06 pm

Anonymous Danny said...

Look, none of us know what happened, I dare say that 95% of the people in the club at the time know what happened, so lets just wait and see what comes of this story. We can't say if Gerrard has committed this crime or if he is only guilty of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Let all the Mancs and the Chavs and the bitter Blueshites jump down his neck before the full story is revealed. They never needed an excuse to do it when he hadn't done anything wrong.

12/30/2008 9:55 pm

Anonymous Striker said...

Lets hope - I´m nearly certain - that he will get off with a fine if worst , or free of charges.

In most of these cases ,more than 50%, the celebrity is provoked . Mixed with alcohol, Steven may have reacted defensively...he is human after all. Insults added & one will react.

I was not there obviously - I´m 2000 kms away - but I´ve seen this locally in Spain before with other public figures.

Lets keep our fingers crossed for England´s finest midfielder.


12/30/2008 10:14 pm

Blogger T said...

Lets simply hope justice is achieved for all parties through a fair trial where all the evidence is heard and the right verdict is reached.

I agree that it doesn't appear in line with what we see of Gerrard's demeanour on and off the field - I can understand your disbelief SKG.

1/01/2009 7:22 pm

Anonymous Ian said...

Don't make me and most other non-biased people laugh!

Steven Gerrard is a criminal - deal with it.

Oh, wait, he PUT A MAN OF THE MATCH PERFORMANCE ON!!! Sorry, I made a mistake, he's completely innocent. How on earth does this make a difference? Alcohol and arising circuimstances leave such reasoning - as silly as it might be - out of the equasion. Christtt.

1/10/2009 6:21 pm

Blogger RedsMan said...

"Don't make me and most other non-biased people laugh!"

We dont have to, you are a joke in yourself. Don't know why you raisd about 'non-bias', you clearly are.

When has Gerrard been convicted of a criminal offence? If you can't produce the facts for that answer, I suggest you be quiet and leave talking to sensible people.

MOTM performance has what to do with this? Gerrard has been teetotal, much less involved in any fracas. He'd be the first to step away from any potential trouble. So I await the pending court appearance to find out what has been fully alleged.

I would also suggest you do the same, but you don't sound reasonable enough to understand, much less listen.


1/10/2009 8:45 pm


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