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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Ronaldo - Goodbye and thank you for the memories

In the last few days, hundreds of column inches have been dedicated to Cristiano Ronaldo’s imminent record breaking transfer to Real Madrid; articles about the rights and wrongs of the transfer, the second coming of the “Galacticos” era, who United will buy to replace the irreplacable. What I have really taken an interest in though is the reaction of the Manchester United fans.

Most United fans have been saying that the team can cope without him, that in the last few months the tactics of the team have detrimentally been skewed to accommodate his talent (the Champions League final being case in point) and that Sir Alex Ferguson can build yet another great team but this time based around the mercurial Wayne Rooney. I would agree with all those sentiments and feel that they need to be aired. However, what has largely been missing is the expression of thanks to Ronaldo for his six brilliant years of service to United.

Ironically, Ronaldo arrived in the wake of the transfer of another Old Trafford superstar, David Beckham, to Real Madrid. I will never forget his debut against Bolton where he electrified a pensive crowd with a dazzling substitute appearance, all step overs, tricks and electric pace. It was clear that a superstar had arrived, and a humble, brace wearing one at that.

Over the years his petulance and tantrums may have come to the fore, but so too have his extraordinary skills and (like my fellow EFT contributor has pointed out in another article on this site) his undoubted bravery. Put simply, Ronaldo has been the most effective player in club football for the past three years.

My favourite Ronaldo moment was his last minute winning goal against Fulham at Craven Cottage in the 06/07 season. He ran the length of the field with the ball seemingly glued to his boots to score a sensational and crucial goal in a game United should not have won. In many such matches, Ronaldo has pulled United through.

Whatever anyone says, Ronaldo will be missed by United and by English football. He bought flair and skill, the like of which we may not see on these shores for a long time to come. Ronaldo may owe a lot to United for developing him into the player he is today, but the club owe him an even bigger debt for the trophies he has helped them win. So I hope United fans will join me in thanking Ronaldo for his great service to the club and wish him luck in La Liga.

Sorte e adeus!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ok, out of courtesy, I thank him, bit it is far from heart felt thanks, as he has never been a true United player.

6/13/2009 1:35 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a player, can command the quality that finishes other teams, his free-kicks, his shots, his heading, his assists, he dazzled others in his wake. Bit of a show pony on the other hand, dives blatantly and cheats. Will we miss him? Probably not, get other players to join in and give something into the game now instead of watching Ronaldo. Games wont hinge on his abilities, rather on the team's abilities. No secret he was missing at the scouse why Utd couldnt win a kewpie doll, even with Tevez, Berba-huff and Rooney playing. In fact utd were rubbish at the start until Ronaldo came back. Liverpool are a two-man team but when Utd play, Ronaldo and Rooney are the same as. If Ronaldo aint playing, Rooney struggles and it will happen this season. Chelsea aint going to make it because they dont look at the squad, just ££££ players. Arsenal could do it actually, with Arshavin, Van Persie, Adebayor, Fabregas, Bendtner is going, and if Walcott can actually think before he goes like Blly Whizz. When he does he gives quality assists, when he doesnt he goes up blind alleys and gets shut off. I'm a Gooner so I'm biased but I think we will go for it and the scouse. Something tells me now they are goign to go for blood, Torres, Gerrard, Kuyt, Babel may be off or getlast chance, Riera, and that Benayoun looking strong. When Barcelona want three of your players, you're looking strong mate. They keep going for Fab4 and it's like 'no!'. so cya CR, would like to be ya as you shagged Ms Hilton, dont come back.

6/13/2009 2:51 pm

Blogger STRIKER said...

Hi Guys.

I am worried for the boy! I see CR over Madrid & Maradona races into my head with his stay at the city of Barcelona were he "met the devil himself" that lead to vice.

Madrid is full of temptations, dangerous temptations...not to mention the enormous pressure that fans, media, Clu & the World will place upon CR shoulders.

We know that the kid thinks more with his dick than with his head & he likes the occasional party spend be it in champagne or women. Lets hope Uncle Florentino Perez looks after the boy well. We wish to see here the player explode even further & give us more pure magic.

We do not want to see an Inter Milan Adriano ( or Maradona) type situation arise here. I ( we all) are keeping our fingers crossed

Cheers guys

6/13/2009 3:44 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ronnie won't fall into that trap - He is too dedicated to being the best.

And yes Ronaldo has been great for Man Utd and we have made a shed load of cash from the deal. Thanks for your contribution to the cause Ronnie. Thanks and good luck. As long as we keep winning the league on a regular basis I don't mind if he wins Spanish league with Real. It's his dream. I hope he only ever has one Champions League medal though and that will have Man Utds. name on it.

6/13/2009 8:27 pm

Blogger T said...

Good stuff Abdul!

Interesting angle Striker. My perception of Ronaldo is that he won't let temptations affect his football - and I hope this turns out to be true... you never want to see someone take bad directions.


6/14/2009 10:42 pm

Blogger Abdul said...

Thanks for all the comments. Striker, I would agree with T and the anon above. Much like Beckham, Ronaldo doesn't appear to jeopardise his professionalism in spite of his champagne lifestyle. He wants to be the very best footballer on the planet and doesnt let anything affect that side of him at all. I'd be surprised if that changed at Real.

6/16/2009 10:37 am


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