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Friday, May 01, 2009

The spirit of football

I came across this:

"Newcastle tea lady Kath Cassidy, who has spent over 40 years serving cuppas to the great and good at St James' Park, has her own ideas about how to motivate the players in their battle against relegation.

"I might go into the dressing room before a game with my picture of Jackie Milburn holding his medals. I'd say to the players 'Get your finger out, look what he won for £20 a week.""

When players in the English Premier League really do appreciate who they play for, for they are in the top tier of English football, how much they are paid, and what is expected from them in every game, then we as the fans and supporters can go to games and/or watch them on TV and watch such appreciation emit from their football.

Players actually playing thoroughly, with more focus, more accuracy, more determination, more aforethought, more grit, more ability, would be what the EPL would simply stand for globally. Players of Milburn's ilk did so, a good chunk for the payment, and probably an equal chunk or more for the love of the game. It would make the EPL much more competitive, at the top, in the middle, and around the bottom of the league.



Blogger T said...

Hear, hear!

5/02/2009 10:40 am


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