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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Rafa Benitez and Liverpool in crisis

In August, I wrote an article called "Why Liverpool may struggle this season". Now just over 4 months later, I wish I hadn't because Liverpool's season has been nothing short of a disaster.

Including the pre-season friendlies, their record as at today's date reads played 32, won 12, drawn 7 and lost 13.


I saw the whole game against Arsenal today and I was shocked at how bad Liverpool were in the second half. I have never witnessed a poorer second half performance - no shots on goal, no creativity, no passion, no commitment, nothing.

This is more than just a blip. It cannot be blamed on injuries. It cannot be blamed on bad luck. It cannot be blamed on not having a big transfer budget. It is not just about lacking in confidence.

Liverpool are in crisis and I cannot see a way out.


Blogger STRIKER said...

Something tells me Rafa is - sooner or later - destined to end at Real Madrid...

Regards to EFT!

12/14/2009 11:24 pm

Blogger RedsMan said...

Thank you, Striker.

It's a phenomenon. An enigma. oh, I've heard many stupid comments saying we would be 4th or out of the top 4 last season and we came in 2nd, 4pts off the title. No one saw it as Arsenal being the one to fight for the top 4 place. Remember how AV was then, last season, until they became stuck in a rut and they didnt even finish 5th? No one saw that.

Now, we do not have the consistency we had last season, and why is that? Arbeloa and Alonso going? Or just one of them? When you consider Arbeloa, he was a versatile defender, across the back, came down on the right attacking, was found defending well under attack. Johnson can measure up to Arbeloa and then some attacking-wise. Defending, Johnson needs to sharpen up.

Alonso has gone too. We have had Leiva as a replacement for the interim. I would love to give him the chance to prove himself but he is now not right or fit for a regular place. He needs to go on loan elsewhere to beef himself up. He is in the Brazil senior squad but that is little aid to us. Of course we have Aquilani to come in for Alonso regularly and he looks keen and eager to do so. Rafa may well need to blunt him in gradually but his presence is a lift when compared to the intermittent Leiva.

But that is only two players out, and replaced. What about the rest? Gerrard, injured, Torres, Riera, Babel, Skrtel, Agger, Johnson, Aurelio....too many injuries at crucial times that have hampered us and I dont think the players are confident of making it with the wretched timing of them. Still, having typed that, you have to wonder of the fit XI, how many are actually 100% fit?

I'm hearing too the countless wind-ups of how we're going to be another Leeds Utd or Newcastle, debt overriding, poor performances.....just so unreal. What the blazes do these stupid commenters know about LFC?? They think they do but they dont, clearly. We were meant to be beaten by Utd last season, did the double. Chelsea too, did the double. Just drew way too many games to consistently hold the points needed to get the title. Howis it we're good enough last season and then terribly poor this season, which hasnt even ended?

There must be some unease in the dressing room. Is it that Rafa has to change his ways or the players have to dictate to themselves? Had we taken the chances we created in the first half, we may have held a better advantage against Arsenal than the one goal. Remember Arsenal playing at OT? They did the same, half time 0-1 lead, came out a different team 2nd half and conceded twice, one from an own goal, oddly enough.

There is a lack of confidence, edginess for some reason that has crept in from pre-season. Players know what to do, theymust do it now, score goals, keep out players, the lack of creation has come in like a bout of arthritis crippling our ability. We have to get going before it gets within us too far for a recovery. Players need to step up and take the game themselves, and not worry about others.

The difference between LEeds and Newcastle, and then us, is we've had the pedigree for years of a top team. We have the financial backing if need be, even outside the club. We have the belief and the former players who still look in on us. On the contrary, we, LFC, are too big to go down. And we've been underestimated before, time and again.


12/15/2009 10:21 am

Anonymous playmaker said...

Good luck Rafa!

12/29/2009 5:33 pm

Anonymous Marty McFly said...

How out of date is THIS??? NewsNow's clever algorithms must have had a nerd + geek moment all rolled into one. Perhaps a 'girl' got to close to the desk of one of the spotty little minions and something unknown to them stabbed the keyboard.

Kenny is back again now for all those doing 88mph in a delorean. So don't get more confused than you need too. Let the good times roll this season (the year of our lord two thousand and eleven). Our lord being KK of course.

9/01/2011 8:57 am


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