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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Mutiny: What the blazes is gong on in the England camp?!!

So John Terry comes out in conference, undermining Fabio Capello's authority. I have listened to the full conference he gave and I still can't find the words he said that were bad, nonetheless he shouldn't have done it. If there is anything to be said regarding the players, it's the current captain, Steven Gerrard, not the former one.

There are a few questions to be asked:

1) Why did Terry step forward with these 'concerns'? Why didn't he convey them to Gerrard, as captain of the squad, and let Gerrard speak out? Does this then undermine Gerrard's role as captain?

2) Was this a case of someone on behalf of the FA sanctioning Terry to speak, and nothing to do with Capello?

3) If he felt he was being honest, why apologise? And whose idea was it for Frank Lampard to appear, as if to provide a blanket over it all?

4) Did Terry anticipate his move would bring nothing other than a push to apologise? That Capello would not drop him, like most other coaches would, because Capello needs him for tomorrow?

5) Does this now mean there still exists 'player power' that will come out like a union, and is it a positive movement?

What the blazes was Terry doing?? He complained about tactics and the 'conditions' the players had to endure in between training and games. He mentioned Joe Cole should start, and it was Cole he emerged with firstly onto the training pitch this morning. If Terry starts doing things his own way, then it will set off fireworks. And he will get burned.

We know what he did wrong, so does Terry. You would think he would keep out of the headlines for wrong reasons, and yet here you are. Capello had to come out immediately and quell the rumour-mongers hungry for gossip and exclusives. Capello will step down if we don't qualify, and between Terry's All Bold move and the Slovenia game, all parties have come together and spoken together amicably, which is crucial. We can't have this negativity at all, much less hanging around us with 24-48 hours to go.

I've already stated what Capello should do for the win. Here, I'm hoping all has been cleared, it leaves the players feeling much better and gives them that flexibility to go out and play as they do for their clubs. Because something appeared to be holding them back in their two games.



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