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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Arsene Wenger - sign up Saha for our strikerless team!

Watching Arsenal play Man Utd was a lot like watching Murray play Federer in the Australian Open final. Playing the strongest in your sport are the times when your weaknesses are highlighted, and cannot be covered up. Deficiencies will be exploited. Flaws will be capitalised upon. There is less opportunity for a second chance.

Murray found today that although he is very good, against the best he needs to have the best shots to take crucial break and set points; and he isn't quite there yet. Similarly, Arsenal playing against Man Utd today without a recognised striker, found a fatal limitation in their game that can't be covered up like when playng against the likes of Bolton or Portsmouth.

With the lack of a lethal finisher, the chances that were created early on were not taken. Meanwhile, Rooney - playing the best football of his young career - scored the killer second goal for a Man Utd side that thoroughly deserved their comprehensive win. How Arsenal would have loved a striker of the quality of Rooney in their team today!

It will be a real shame if Arsenal's determined challenge this season in the league and champs league was to falter because of the lack of a top quality striker to convert chances against the best teams: the teams you need to beat to win trophies. But, with Wenger saying he is unlikely to get a striker by the close of the transfer window tomorrow, that may well be the case this season.

If I was part of Arsene's back room staff I would demand that we buy a striker to aid the team. In particular, I would say that we go all out for Louis Saha (who is out of contract in the summer). Eligible for the champs league, a natural striker, a good goal-scorer, has big team and big match experience, is relatively cheap: we should give Moyes an offer he can't refuse.

A strikerless team is just not good enough when it comes to competing against the best of the best. Its quite an obvious statement - and hopefully it won't become the headline of our season.


Anonymous bilal said...

you say sign a striker...who do you exactly say that to? Mr Wenger has lost logical thinking to human reasoning. A week ago he said that Gignac is a very good striker but may be too expensive and would cost arount 20 million pounds. But then he trashed Adebayor for 25 million pounds which for him was not immense quality. So he would still benefit from a deal with Gignac. His theory is unbelievable. I totally respect his ability to make young talents...but sometimes when a need arises one has to buy a ready made player who is tailored for the club. Gignag was one of them who could have been bought but no he was very expensive for Mr Wenger. Now 4 vital points dropped has yet again brought us back where we were 4 seasons ago. Its also too late to sign now. I hope the current players could just pick themselves up for the game at Stamford Bridge. A win there is our last hope for Title Glory.

1/31/2010 11:42 pm

Anonymous Pritpal said...

adriano is the man we need not saha!

2/01/2010 12:34 am

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let's wake up here. Arsenal is good enough for the top 4 because of psychology - teams are beaten before they enter the ring. They stand around while Arsenal plays around them, making it too simple. Same with Man Utd, Man City the other day stood still as Man Utd players took shots at goal and scored.

Now the false dawn is the winning covered up the cracks, and those cracks are that without a consistent run with Van Persie and Fabregas, there is no one to help Arsenal, particularly against the big guns. Arsenal started good enough but then they allowed Man Utd to play. Fabregas was restricted, Arshavin wasn't focused, up blind alleys, wouldnt construct with Nasri and Fabregas, chances went.

Mark my words carefully when I say if Arsenal was to play Man City, Everton, West Ham, even Liverpool, without those two - they would falter and drop. Right now, I think it's possible for them to drop to 4th, once other teams suss out their play at home.

You guys tell me - Villa held off for 60mins and then it needed Fabregas to come on then come off; Everton held Arsenal off, Bolton went 0-2 up then ran out of gas, Man Utd and Chelsea scalped them (way too strong), and then there's the other results: went to Liverpool and just about won after beign held off 1st half, same with Bolton, and a draw at Burnley and Stoke in the FA Cup.

You're not as invincible as you think you are, you guys believe the hype why you dont look back. Think that's how craven you are for a trophy. I've had many an Arsenal fan talking about trophies, but you're as bad as Liverpool, two real good players without whom you would depreciate.

Well, you're out of the domestic cups, no league title because Chelsea will be way too strong at home to give you mercy. You fancy yourselves at home with Liverpool but I don't know whether you guys do your homework with Benitez. He might look open and vulnerable, when he's at his worst. Stifle your game, having watched Man Utd do it, and then bring on his attackers to sneak a few points.

You have good little players who only see things when others are playing. Why have Arshavin a lone striker with Bendtner available? The deflected goal was a minor consolation, you hadnt created anything of worth outside of the first 15mins.

If you think Everton are just going to open up and respect you enough to release Saha after they have just purchased him, then good luck. Everton will look the bigger fools as they need him. You get them to let him go, you'll have a good player on your hands. Provided he remains fit enough, and I dont see him holding on for long with his fitness. You should invest in a younger fitter striker you can mold, your boss is good on that.

2/01/2010 1:10 am

Anonymous Anonymous said...

To see the highlights from the game:

Cmon gunners, lets win next game against chelsea!

2/01/2010 4:27 am

Anonymous Anonymous said...

How can you put the link for the highlights?? Arsenal were ripped off almost like they do to lesser teams. Meant to be a dominant force in the EPL, you're third because other teams cave in for you like Bolton. Win at Chelsea? That is begging!!

2/02/2010 4:58 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

arsenal now has the best propsect looking ahead in what is left in the title race! they have the easiest run in to the end of the race. they have played all the big4. whats left in the 12 games are the lesser teams. I dont see why chelsea and united will not drop more than 5 points.

but United have the experience to handle such pressure while chelsea has always broke down when under pressure.

it will be united & arsenal down to the end. season may be decided on Goal diff.

2/13/2010 10:49 am

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm reading the above during my breakfast - good entertainment. Chelsea always break down under pressure?? You're having a laugh, mate. Arsenal went for it already and ol' Gally went crying - season over. Tried it again before that - season over. Even the scousers went nearer than you and they're rubbish! Gooners dont have a chance - what, you think Ashley's out you can step in? hahahahah Man Utd might go on but Rooney goes down, Owen cant play and Berbatov is a lazy fat fuck so they wont take us and Arseall dont have the players and guts to continue - might look easy but your' gonna have to fight and win mate remember you guys got done over twice by hull last season so you think its easy go ahead

2/13/2010 11:59 am

Anonymous Anonymous said...

To the to anoymous twats talking about Chelsea's 'excellent' form and what not and how the Gunners are gonna end up 4th. You can just go stick it cos as I'm typing this right now Chelshit have just been knocked out of the Champs League by their own reject and you guys have just scrapped a draw with Fat Sam's team. So in the words of Bart Simpson, 'HA HA' =P

3/21/2010 7:54 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's obvious to all Wenger has lost the the plot. After beating Spurs, he said Arsenal could win the epl.I did a quick search through the records and found no team 14 points behind end Nov has ever won the the epl or Division 1 title.
There are many flaws in his game plan. For starters he is obssessed with attack. Therefore he packs his team with an offenisve streak.So when it comes to defence,they can't cope.
Arsenal better be careful with this fm.His policies have failed the last 7 seven years and no more time shd be given to him .
The senior team is the priority. If he were to get kids it will really show he has lost all sense of judgement when the present is of utmost importance,

12/02/2012 10:06 am


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