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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Chamakh needs a massive boost of confidence only a big-match goal can bring

Arsenal will go into tonight's Champions League qualifier against Udinese with Marouane Chamakh up-front. He showed at Bordeaux that he is a striker with fearlessness and goal-scoring prowess. He then began his Arsenal career with good promise as his name regularly featured in the goal-scorer's column.

So what has happened to him in the first eight months of this year?

Chamakh's body-language on the field currently appears devoid of aggression and goal-scoring will. When I watched him on the field in pre-season he looked to me like a man with terribly low self-confidence. He seemed lost on the pitch and his touch appeared to have deserted him.

Chamakh has scored only one goal for Arsenal in the calendar month of 2011: an FA Cup replay goal against Leyton Orient back in early March. Perhaps it is the lack of goals which is having a destructive effect on his performance? Whatever the cause, it appears painfully apparent that the Chamakh footballing game is being adversely affected in a significant way.

With Chamakh in his current state I am concerned that too heavy a burden will be placed on Van Persie to score the goals needed to challenge in competitions.  This is the main reason why a resurgent, goal-scoring, full-of-confidence Chamakh would be a tremendous asset for Arsenal to have this season.

I hope tonight will see the return of the Chamakh who excelled at Bordeaux and promised much in the first few months of his Arsenal career. For me,  a big-match goal from Chamakh would be a fantastic sight to watch because it could herald the re-birth of his confidence, power and direction on the pitch.

Good luck Chamakh and come on AFC!


Anonymous GunnerPete said...

You are so right but why is he so low? As a Gunner I am sure it comes down to Arsenes coaching methods ie; Players arrive with great potential (like Chamakh , Nasri, Ramsey etc) Rosicky too! The latter was famous in Germany for shooting from every angle, as was Nasri, who can forget to 2 against manure in his first season? Now think many SHOTS can you remember have any of these players taken before 15/ 25 passes has led nowhere?? Please think!
I think if Arsene ( who to me is God but a fading one ) can, he will turn all players of each level at AFC into first thought you all have when you get the ball is look to who you can pass to...DO NOT SHOOT !

It is a sad fact that other teams may look poor against us but they never look worried any more!

8/16/2011 5:03 pm

Blogger T said...

Good to hear from you GunnerPete!

I understand completely what you mean about Arsene's coaching methods.

But I don't think that can fully explain why Chamakh has faded. I truly hope it is only a temporary issue - not permanent. I trust that Wenger is giving his all to repairing whatever has gone wrong with Chamakh.

And I do think a goal in a big match like tonight would do a lot to restoring Chamakh to his best... here's hoping...

8/16/2011 7:23 pm

Anonymous GunnerPete said...

Hi T...I thought you had packed up because of the lack of articles on Newsnow? Nice to talk to you all.

Sadly I was correct abot Chamakh. His performance wasa disgrace last night and as you know I do not criticise players often. No amount of loss of confidence can explain not only the amateur attempts he made to hold the ball but along with Rosicky he/they looked good enough only for Barnet.

After watching the Emirates Cup and Toon plus Udinese, I am quietly confident that we will not miss Cesc & Nasri half as much as the press think we will. After all, Cesc showed very little appetite for our games for the past 18 months and he was constantly injured. Nasri , well, he played a blinder for six months then as soon as his agent got tapped up by City & manure he did not want to know and he plus Chamakh plus bad injuries were the main factors in our slide to 4th.

Now I think its time for Arsene to show that our faith ( I am an Arsene knows man) in him was justified and bring in the great players he must have lined up in January this year. If he does not then I really beleive that AW will not be with us soon after January next year.

Finally, how sick is it that for the sixth season running we will face Manure with half a team? When is this going to end...well I think ontly when AW adds enough character & strength to the squad.

8/17/2011 5:49 pm


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