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Monday, August 01, 2005

The one who regrets is Mourinho

Not only has Peter Kenyon stoked the fire by speaking out against Manchester United and Arsenal, not only has Chelsea contributed to severing relations with Arsenal over the Ashley Cole affair, not only has Jose Mourinho poured scorn over the club's relations with Arsenal by stating that he has no feelings towards them, not only has Mourinho upset Arsenal by inferring their vice-chairman David Dein may have influence within the Football Association (where Arsenal's fixtures are concerned), Mourinho now states that Steven Gerrard will rue not joining Chelsea this season.

"It will be a loss for him, for his career. He can say 'I was European champion at Liverpool' and that is correct,.....[b]ut I can say to him in the next 10 years we will compare trophies at Chelsea and Liverpool. And he'll lose.

[I]t is Gerrard's loss more than Chelsea's."

What Jose Mourinho fails to have understood is that Gerrard didn't stay because he expects to win more achievements with Liverpool. He stayed because he is Liverpool. He stayed because he is passionate about the club. He stayed because he knew how much we wanted him to stay and how much he wanted to stay. At one point it seemed he wasn't sure that the board wanted him to stay, but we did and he did. If the player loves the club so much that despite interests from elsewhere, even from the top of the league, they remain with the club, then there is more to his life than more money and being with another, more competitive club.

Gerrard has won the FA Cup, League Cup, UEFA Cup, Charity Shield, European Super Cup, and Champions League, so he is more than a European champion. Domestically, he needs the title. Internationally, he needs the European Cup and World Cup. More importantly, he wants to do these as a Liverpool player. It is Mourinho who is upset because he didn't manage to coax Gerrard away, despite big monies and big plans of football domination. That is Mourinho's vision, fair enough. It just wasn't exactly Gerrard's.

This season could be the one where Benitez emerges further than others would bet on. Arsene Wenger and Sir Alex Ferguson are Mourinho's prime rivals, the top three, so focus is aimed towards their respective camps and preparations. But while Chelsea may mainly look over at Arsenal and Man Utd, they could do with a look out at Liverpool too.

It is easy to say "....Chelsea have good solutions; a good team with the conditions to improve and a club that will be one of the best in the world in a short period of time." When you have £200m+ to spend on players, you are expected to buy the best, be the best, beat the rest. Rafael Benitez didn't and doesn't and still spirited his team to win. Perhaps if Mourinho wanted to manage a player of Gerrard's calibre, he should have informed Anfield of his interests instead of Stamford Bridge. I have said before that a true test would have been managing in the Premiership without such a budget, instead relying on team spirit, graft, fitness, talent and tactics.

I am aware of Mourinho's achievements, a treble with Porto 2003; a double in 2004 including the Champions League; and the Premiership double this year. The Premiership is a new ball game to many of Europe's leagues'. You don't need multi-million budgets and star players to win, even Mourinho witnessed that with Porto.



Blogger SKG said...

Chelsea are really going down in my estimation, ok not football wise but certainly as sportsman. Mourinho and Kenyon have turned into a bunch of moaners. I'm thinking there must be a clause in their employment contracts with Abramovich saying they must offend people at least once a week!

8/01/2005 1:32 pm

Blogger Ole said...

The great thing is that, as an outsider, I rarely hear anything from Mourinho that isn't a) honest, b) forthright, and c) accurate.

The sad thing is that football fans, with their blinkered views, are unable to see that. How is it a moan to say that it's Gerrard's loss? He's right, from a footballing point of view. Chelsea, based on how they played last year, will probably win the title again this year. Certainly, they'll be a pace-setter. Liverpool are miles away from that. It's nothing to be ashamed of. It's just true.

8/01/2005 1:43 pm

Anonymous Alan said...

What Mourinho doesn't understand is loyalty. Just because he can buy anybody (he thinks) he gets confused when players turn him down. Gerard stayed because he LOVES Liverpool and so did Thierry Henry who loves Arsenal. Henry said he didn't need more money and he loved Arsenal so why move? Mourinho doesn't understand that attitude. He walked out on Porto to take the Russian's money and if someone were to offer him even more he'd walk out on Chelsea.

8/01/2005 1:48 pm

Anonymous Alex said...

yes, yes, yes. Stevie Me stayed because he loves Liverpool so much. I will not argue that he loves Liverpool but he has been willing to walk out on more than one occasion, i think the reason has more to do with Chelsea not willing to match the £100,000 a week offered by Liverpool as he expected they would.
And as for Chelsea stirring up relations with Arsenal, it takes two to tango baby and the big guns have been mouthing off for years, now it is Chelsea's turn.
And money? give it a rest, change the record. Yes we have spent alot in a short period of time, but we have not jsut gone out and bought every top player, we have been buying mostly young hungry players and alot of the time been shafted on transfer fees as we are Chelsea. I suggest also that you look at the spending record of Liverpool over the last few years, it isn't small. And what about the difference between the spending of Chelsea v Liverpool, or say Liverpool v West Brom, do they bitch about how you unfairly have advantages over them as you can 'buy anyone'? didn't think so!
so how about you stop bullshitting and lets just watch some football, see you on the Kings road victory parade next May

8/01/2005 2:07 pm

Anonymous Shabs said...

I would like to point something out to OLE... Mourinho is a lying wind up artist. Two things spring to mind...

1. He denied categorically that he was at the meeting with Ashley Cole... Accurate and honest?

2. He only managed to show how much of an inaccurate whinger he was when he said that David Dein had influenced Arsenal's fixtures... Firstly, both Chelsea and Utd have had 'friendlier' post-european fixtures and also premiership fixtures has nothing to do with the FA.

I would agree he can be forthright... but he and Chelsea as a whole like to break the rules and buy their way out of it like the mercenaries they are. Just an opinion, forthright and honest...

8/01/2005 2:09 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

alan said it deffo. and as for mourinho, if he stopped whinging all the time and used the money that he gets from his russian pimp wisely then maybe his "halucinations" of football domination would come true.

8/01/2005 2:12 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am not sure on what basis Ole can arrive at his conclusion that Moaniho is the man of integrity!!!

Come on OLE even in these days of media spin and soundbites on more than a number of occassions his "provocations" sorry statements carry more than a whiff of disingenuity.

Good coach and manager - very much so! Misunderstood and man of honour, come on......

8/01/2005 2:26 pm

Anonymous albo2002 said...

mourinho seems to think that any one other than chelsea fans have any respect for what he is and will achieve at chelsea.

winning one league in two years having spent nearly £750 million on players, wages, training grounds, buying out contracts, paying off debt etc is not an achievement, it's the bare minimum.

All this russian project has done is show how much it costs to buy the premiership, not how good mourinho is or how stupid gerrard is for staying

8/01/2005 2:26 pm

Anonymous Abdul said...

Actually the person who I think acts most irresponsibly is Peter Kenyon. Managers always try to wind each other up, be it in the Premier League or any other league in the world. Jose Mourinho is not wholly different from other vocal managers in this way - only Chelsea are now almost always in the spotlight.

I totally agree with David Gill today who said that enmity betwen clubs rarely extends to board level where generally people just try to get along. Kenyon seems to be an exception to this. He has gone out of his way to make sure that he is always in the papers with controversial soundbites. I think Chelsea, the Premier League and football in general could without this.

8/01/2005 2:27 pm

Blogger RedsMan said...

Saying that Liverpool had spent so much goes back to Houllier's days, surely. £128m+ was spent and it proved that money alone does not buy you success. Be that as it is, then we should then bring in Gianluca Vialli and Claudio Ranieri and review their spending. I don't think it is worth it.

If reference is made to our current signings, Benitez has clearly not spent as much as Mourinho. Comes back tot he same point again, could Mourinho have changed Chelsea into a title-winning side without the huge budget?

Real Madrid, wealth of talent and finances and the past two seasons have brought no trophies. List of players that other teams would droll to have one player off.

There wouldn't have been a comment had Mourinho used more subtlety. Chelsea are clear favourites to retain the title, not absolute definites. Why mention Gerrard? Why not mention Chelsea's record to Liverpool, why not Benitez? Both coaches joined at the same time.

But the thing is Mourinho goes on as if total domination will suffice. I can see Q instructing 007 as I type. For me, the title is enough.


8/01/2005 2:40 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The fact remains that Chavski are still miles and many titles away from being considered on the same scale as Liverpool, Arsenal and Man.United. One thing that seems to escape the current Brige brigade is that you cannot buy class. The clubs otherwise mentioned here are institutions and not football teams caught up in the crooked Russian's billions. The will never be a member of football's elite because they have pissed too many people off along the way. I hate Man. United but credit where it is due and they still got massive crowds in the old 2nd division. Chelsea averaged around 12 thousand so the question that must be asked is where have all these bandwagon jumping morons come from???

8/01/2005 2:49 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

What the heck is wrong with Chelsea? Eversince the three amigos of Roman, Kenyon and Jose came, the club's PR went down the drain. Suddenly they have become big headed just because they've won the EPL.

Chelsea have to remember that they are the one who need a lot of catching up to do. Not Liverpool, Man U or Arsenal. In ten years time or so, if they can equal Liverpool's 5 Euro titles, then be my guess, boast all you want. But for now, the big talk means nothing. Just hot air Jose.

8/01/2005 2:50 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

mourhino is just a sissy who is starving for attention. offer him that.

8/01/2005 2:54 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

What Mourinho really trying to say is, he regret not having Stevie in his side.

8/01/2005 3:06 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The thing with moanrhino he still hasn't understood even with all the russians money he still cant attract top top players can he? This year he's got a £21 million pound slightly above average winger. In the past he's spent nearly £20 million on an average centre half, £24 million on a forward who is nowhere near being world class, his best players are those that were acquired prior to his arrival. Terry, Lampard, Duff Robben and Cech and before all you chelski fans say anything the last two deals were done whilst Ranieri was boss. All moanrhino manages to do is overspend on better than average players at best not WORLD class. Just imagine chelski fans if you had a bit of history, stature and a decent management team you would get anyone you wanted not money grabbing second raters.

8/01/2005 3:33 pm

Anonymous Riki The Gooner said...

Of course Bore-inho knows nothing about Stevie G's loyalty. This is the man who said that he will never equal Fergusmoan's trophy hall as he doesn't expect to stay at Chelsea for very long.

Oh and Chelscum fans: 16 titles behind the Scouse, 13 behind ManUre and 11 behind the mighty Gooners. For some reason I don't think Rich Roman will be around that long. Judging by the mystery of his money I think he'll be doing time in Siberia.

Oh, Chelscum have equalled Sperz's massive tally of TWO titles!

8/01/2005 3:49 pm

Blogger madgunner said...

This discussion has branched into many ways. Let me post my opninion which would be fair to everyone.
Ranieri was the best coach at Chelsea. He was always nice and respecful to all the other EPL clubs. He had respect for the History that Arsenal, Man U , and Liverpool had. I think that he would have won the EPL last year had the team kept him. He brought in some amazing players and he was the one that built the spirit at Chelsea. Wenger admits that when he first came to the team, he inherited great players that helped him build the succssesful road. Mourinho will never accept the fact that it is Ranieri who made Chelsea. SWP might be a good player, but in my opinion 21Mils is toooooooo much. I personally rare Pennant more then him. It is a shame that Pennant had all those problems that got him out of Arsenal. SWP will never be better then Ljungberg or Christiano Ronaldo,,,,,,,,,Never. Chelsea reminds me now of AC Milan in the last decade when they started failing because of going after high profile names instead of good players. WENGER, FERGUSON, and BENITEZ are mature managers who have an eye for a good player. They buy young players with no name , only potential and make great stuff happen. Ferguson was famous for his Academy that brought in bright players like beckham, Giggs,,,,,,,,,,,, . Arsene brought in players who were heating benches and made world class players out of them. Henry, Vieira, are only 2 examples of many. All Arsenal Players are much better than Chelsea players. Chelsea will have setbacks and they will run to one solution which is spending more money, this will lead to more unsatisfied players and more failure. Arsenal have a young team that will try to achieve what MANU achieved through the past 10 years. Mourinho if you want to show us that you are a good manager, try to manage a team with a limited budget. Try making your own players instead of buying others. At least try to win the title next year......NEVER

8/01/2005 4:02 pm

Blogger Kim Stian Ervik said...

Wenger > Mourinho

8/01/2005 5:23 pm

Blogger T said...

The worst thing about Mourinho and Kenyon is that they stir up enmity between football clubs through unprovoked digs at opposing players, teams, officals, fans etc.

To any visiting Chelsea fans, let me state that I have a lot of respect for your squad. Ranieri and Mourinho deserve credit for the spirit and efficiency of play. I'm sure I speak for a lot of football fans when saying this.

However, the achievements of the playing squad are constantly overshadowed by the comments and actions of their backroom staff.

In particular, I share Abdul's view on Kenyon. He annoy's me as someone who is willing to put Chelsea before truth.

I say this based on:
1) His refusal to admit allegations of illegally meeting with Ashley Cole;

2) His dubious evidence at the hearing to the extent that Cole revealed huge inner-problems at Arsenal (who would open up to such an extent on a first meeting?!);

3) Name-call Arsenal and Man Utd on the premise that they these clubs are conducting a negative campaign in the media against them (something that I must be blind too because I have been unaware of such a campaign).

Ashley Cole had this to say about Kenyon:
“I was appalled by remarks by Peter Kenyon, who unbelievably claimed I was unhappy at the way some of my Arsenal teammates, particularly the French players, were treated by Arsène Wenger. For the record, I never criticised any French players. I made no comments about any of my teammates, French or otherwise, and I never would do so.”

He added: “I can only think that Peter Kenyon was making a bit of mischief.”

This appears to sum Kenyon up. Bad for the game.

8/01/2005 5:58 pm

Blogger Football Commentator said...

Nice article.

8/01/2005 7:35 pm

Blogger RedsMan said...

As I said before, Chelsea are prime favourites for the title, because they have a squad of known talented players, who, if Mourinho did not have the budget he has and had, wouldn't be there. A comment previous stated that Benitez, Wenger and Ferguson have bought in a way of blossoming a little known into a hugely potential star for the clubs. Clearly they, and other managers, have to focus on the durability of their budget.

Why had Mourinho said he has the hardest job in the Premiership? Partly because he wants to bring top class players who will cost much more than most, yet clubs know of Chelsea's finances and insist on more than they would have otherwise?

Mourinho said it himself that he is lead to bid more than he would wish to because of this reputation. Whose fault is that? Prepared to break the British transfer record with £32m and then chases another player whose president insists on the same value AND a player thrown in as well? The rumour is such a deal would involve Tiago. One moment you are part of a title-winning side, no problems, the next you're a potential choice to move on with practically little protest of any worth from yourself to prevent it? I wouldn't be comfortable.

Anyone who had £128m to spend in the six years Houllier was at Liverpool would certainly look to be wise with it, that kind of money isn't chickenfeed. Mourinho may wish to be blunt in expressing himself but risks upsetting others, making himself least popular. The PR machine have already played him as a dashing husband and father, romantic and helpful carrying his wife's shopping. But when he makes comments, coupled with that made by Kenyon, it makes their efforts within the club take a temporary back seat.


8/01/2005 11:13 pm

Blogger RedsMan said...

To add further, to Alex's comment, Houllier bought several players, 28 of them, spending £128m+ in six years, while Chelsea have spent £200m+ in two seasons, over approximately 10 players. houllier clearly overspent with a lack of judgement. If Benitez had £128m, he still wouldn't have spent it on just a few players. Spending £20m or £30m on a player does not guarantee success.


8/02/2005 10:30 am

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Over the last seven years Arsenal have played 53% of their games at home on the weekends following Champions League fixtures, while Man United have played 54% of their games at Old Trafford and Chelsea 55% at Stamford Bridge.

The full figures are as follows...

Arsenal: Played 64 - 34 home, 30 away. Percentage: 53%
Manchester United: Played 87 - 47 home, 40 away. Percentage: 54%
Chelsea: Played 40 - 22 home, 18 away. Percentage: 55%

What was Moaniho saying....???? honest? eh? And Kenyon is a truly appalling man...

8/02/2005 12:05 pm

Blogger RedsMan said...

Thank you for those percentage statistics. I trust they are accurate and as such display that Mourinho really had little a case to protest. That would go further to say that Mourinho should have thoroughly checked the facts before speaking, and further emphasises he should otherwise kept such comments to himself.

Peter Kenyon considers himself in a complete bubble, away from those below him, like a Roman in a palatial paradise, looking down on the Gauls as mere peasants. He doesn't consider how things can go down as well as up, usually after one considers himself higher than he actually is.


8/02/2005 2:16 pm


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